Healthy Dinner Recipe jeera Methi Palak

Jeera methi palak Recipe | healthy palak(spinach) recipe

Jeera Methi Palak food recipe
Jeera Methi Palak

Cumin infused fenugreek Spinach recipe 

Jeera methi Palak is a wonderful and highly recommend Healthy recipe for us. Not only it can boost our health and vigor but it can  give you an amazing taste .

If you love Healthy diet then you must follow one of the Healthiest diet plan in the world The Mediterranean diet.

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Mediterranean diet healthiest diet in the world

Methi also known as Fenugreek is a World wide famous vegetable which has some amazing Health benefits.

Fenugreek leaves Methi leaves healthy dinner recipe
Fenugreek leaves

Health benefits of Fenugreek :-

* Helps in Cholesterol level
* Helps in type 2 diabetes
* Helps in Bowel problem
* Heart problem and blood lipids
* Reduce skin blemishes
* Helps for long and lustrous hair

 step by step instructions :-

Preparation time :- 7-8 min

Cooking time :- 5-8 min

Difficulty :- Medium

Yields :- 2 servings

Ingredients :-

* 1  big cup Fenugreek leaves ( Methi patta)

* 2 cups of Spinach leaves (palak patta)

* 1 tbs Cumin (jeera) seeds

* 1/2 tbs of cumin powder

* 1/2 tbs of Chopped Garlic

* 1/2 tbs of Ginger Garlic paste

* 1 tbs of green chili paste

* 1/2 tbs of Corriander leafs

* Salt to taste

* 2 tbs of cooking oil

* 1 cube of Butter(clarified)

Green chilly, Coriander leaves salt , garlic Cumin ginger garlic paste healthy dinner recipe

Method of preparation :-

* Blanch the Spinach leaves in hot water, drain the water and keep it to cool down.

* Wash the Fenugreek leaves  and keep aside.

* Now make a fine paste of the blanched Spinach

* Deep fry the Fenugreek leaves

Spinach palak Paste and fry fenugreek leaves Methi leaves
Fry fenugreek and spinach paste

* Now heat oil in a Non stick pan, add Cumin seeds, Chopped Garlic and Ginger Garlic paste , cook for a while.

* Add the Green Chilly paste and stir well.

* Now add the Spinach paste and cook for a while.

* Add the fried Fenugreek leaves, Cumin powder and salt and mix well and  cook for 5 more minutes.

* Add small cubes of Butter  and keep it in a low flame for another 2 to 3 minutes.

* Now its ready switch off the gas .

* Garnish with chopped Corriander leafs and butter cubes.

Jeera Methi Palak in bowl healthy dinner recipe
Jeera Methi Palak

* Serve it hot with Rotis ,Naan or Chappatis

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Benefits of Spinach :-

Spinach leaves palak Patta healthy dinner recipe
Spinach leaves

* Helps in Weight Loss
* Anti Cancer
* Promotes Eye Health
* Maintains Healthy Bones
* Lower Hypertension
* Helps in Brain and Nervous functions
* Lower Blood pressure

These are the few benefits of Spinach, the list is long.

So lets eat healthy and live a long life.

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