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Kala Jamun recipe Diwali special dessert recipe

Kala Jamun recipe | Diwali sweets | Indian dessert

Garnished Pieces of kala Jamun
Kala Jamun

Kala Jamun is one of the most loved Indian dessert, which is very popular in festival sessions.,

Kala Jamun is derivative of Gulab Jamun. The difference between them is their colour and texture. Gulab Jamun is golden in colour while kala Jamun is slightly black dark in colour.

Gulab Jamun is soft in texture but Kala Jamun has hard outer layer and soft inside.
Due to long duration  of frying kala Jamun has little hard outer layer.

Kala Jamun and Gulab Jamun both are made using Khoya or Mawa in traditional cooking. Khoya is basically a dried evaporated milk solids. Milk solids are obtained by continuously cooking milk in slow flame till all moisture evaporated.

There are two types of of Khoya or Mawa is available in market. One type of Mawa is called Sada Mawa( plain) and another type is hariyali Mawa.

The later hariyali Mawa is used to make Gulab Jamun and Kala Jamun.

For best Gulab Jamun recipe you can try the best recipe from the below link :-

Gulab Jamun recipe with Manali

Sada Mawa is use to make halwa like gajar ka halwa and some other desserts like barffi and laddus.

Kala Jamun recipe can be divided into two parts.

1. Making balls and frying them.

2. Making sugar syrup for dipping.

How to make kala Jamun recipe using Hariyali Mawa (Khoya) :-

Preparation time :- 20 minutes

Cooking time :- 15 minutes

Difficulty :- Medium

Yields :- 2 servings

Ingredients :-

* 200 gm Mawa.

* 80 gm Paneer ( cottage cheese).

* 40 gm Maida (All purpose flour).

* 10 gm Corn flour.

* 3 gm Green Cardamom powder.

* 2 teaspoon sugar.

* Ghee for frying.

For sugar syrup of kala Jamun :-

* 800gm  sugar.

* 650 ml water.

* 1 teaspoon lemon juice.

* 2 ml Rose water(optional).

* Few strands of saffron.

There is a ratio for mixing Mawa ( Khoya), Paneer and Maida for Gulab Jamun and Kala Jamun in old traditional cooking by halwaii.

The ratio is  1000 gm of Mawa : 400 gm Paneer : 200 gm Maida : 50 gm Corn flour.

Mawa(Khoya) for kala Jamun recipe
All purpose flour (Maida) and Corn flour for kala Jamun recipe
Corn flour and all purpose flour (Maida)

Paneer (cottage cheese) for Kala Jamun recipe
Paneer (cottage cheese)

Step by step instructions how to make kala Jamun recipe :-

Method of preparation :-

* Grated the Mawa and Paneer separately in two bowls. The Mawa used to make kala Jamun is sticky in texture.

Grated paneer and Mawa Khoya for Kala Jamun recipe
Grated paneer and Mawa 

* In a mixing bowl , mix the grated Mawa and paneer . Add the all purpose flour, corn flour and cardamom powder. Knead very well so that there should not be any lumb in the mixture.

Mixing Mawa paneer Corn flour Maida cardamom powder for Kala Jamun recipe

* You don't need to add any water to the mixture as the Mawa we are using is sticky in nature.

* If the Mawa is not very sticky , you should add less amount of all purpose flour, Maida.

* Knead the mixture  well. Add 2 teaspoon of sugar to the mixture and knead  to form a dough like mixture. Leave it covering for some time to set down.

Dough Mixture for Kala Jamun Recipe

* Adding sugar helps to caramelized and brings the dark black ( kala) colour  quickly.

Sugar syrup for kala Jamun :-

* In a deep vessel pan, add the sugar and water and cook over medium flame. Stir continuously so that the sugar get dissolved.

* If the sugar is not clean then the dirt come out over the syrup. You need to add few teaspoon of Milk to  the sugar syrup mixture and cook further. Milk binds with the dirt and separate. Stain all the dirt using a stainer.

* Now add the saffron , rose water and lemon juice to the syrup. Lemon juice doesn't allow the sugar syrup to get crystalized.

* Cook the sugar syrup on medium flame till it get reduced and become sticky.

* Switch off the flame and let it to get cool down.

Making kala Jamun balls :-

* Divide the dough into equal size small balls. Roll them into round shape between your palms.

* Note that there should not be any cracks on the round shape balls.

Round shape dough balls for Kala Jamun Recipe
Round shape

* You can Stuffed nuts or pistachios inside the balls. I have stuffed chocolate chips into them.

Chocolate chips Stuffed dough balls for Kala Jamun Recipe
Chocolate chips stuffing

* Heat ghee or cooking oil  until low medium heat. To check ,  drop one dough ball in hot oil . If the ball slowly floats back on the top then oil is ready for frying.

* If the Jamun start to crack in oil, there are two reasons for that. One is that the oil is not hot  enough and second is the dough is not well mixed.

* Add 3-4 more teaspoon of all purpose flour (Maida) to the dough and knead well.

* Drop the balls in batches if you have small vessel otherwise if you have a large vessel pan or kadai , you can add all of them .

Cooking Kala Jamun balls in oil Kala Jamun Recipe
In low medium heat

*  It is better to cook the balls for one minute after removing the pan from the gas. These way you can reduce the chances of getting burnt the Jamun from hot oil.

* Bring the pan back to gas and cook on very slow flame. For kala Jamun, you need approximately 12-14 minutes of cooking to get the desired colour of the Jamun.

Cooking dough balls for Kala Jamun Recipe

* If you cook them in hot oil, your Jamun will not cooked completely. They will be hard from inside.

* Stir them slowly and continuously with a spotted spoon so that they get brown evenly from all sides.

* Check in regular intervals if the Jamuns
are cooked completely by pressing the balls between two finger of your hand.

* It become spongy and can be pressed completely between the Fingers when get cooked.

Dark brown coloured Jamuns after frying Kala Jamun Recipe
Dark brown

* When all the Jamuns get dark brown colour, remove them and dip into the sugar syrup.

Jamun soaking in sugar syrup for Kala Jamun recipe
Soaked in sugar syrup

* The sugar syrup should not be hot while dipping the Jamun. If you add them in hot sugar syrup then your Jamun will get uneven shaped and rigid after few minutes.

* It is okay if you add the Jamuns in cold sugar syrup. Just dip them completely with the help of a spoon and bring the sugar syrup to boil under slow flames. Your Jamun will be in nice shape and perfect. Remove them from gas flames and let to cool down . Cover and allow the kala Jamun to soak in sugar syrup.

* For beginner these the best method to dip the fried jamum in cold sugar syrup.

* You can use homemade paneer for good result. Your Kala Jamun will be more soft if you use homemade paneer.

* For better results soak the kala Jamun overnight in sugar syrup.

Garnished Pieces of Kala Jamun
Kala Jamun

Chocolate chips Stuffed Kala Jamun recipe
Choco chips

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