Methi paratha healthy and nutritious recipe

Recipe for Methi paratha | how to make Methi paratha
Methi paratha is a traditional paratha(flat bread) recipe of indian cuisine made for breakfast. This healthy Methi paratha is made by using whole wheat flour, spices and methi leaves. It is eaten with chutney, pickle, Dahi, Dal and gravy.,

Methi leaves known is also known as fenugreek leaves. The word fenugreek has its origin in the Latin language. It is commonly seen in the Mediterranean area of southern Europe.

This leaves has numerous health benefits and have used for ages. So we can include these herb in our diet by making this healthy Methi paratha.

Methi paratha is good for health. Due to the presence of Methi leaves in it Methi paratha can improve our health and wellness.

You can see how this paratha can help our health

 • These Methi leaves can control glucose metabolism and thus helpful in type 2 diabetes.

• It can also help in controlling cholesterol levels, heart health and blood lipids.

• Improve bowel movement

• It al…

Homestyle Pomfret fry

Pomfret fry recipe | crispy Pomfret fish fry

Pomfret fry recipe, how to make Pomfret fish fry recipe at home. This recipe will give you a crisp pomfret fry which taste yummy and delicious.

You can make this recipe of Pomfret with very less ingredients and within few minutes.

This fish fry recipe is my favorite as it can be ready within half an hour and my son love it with a plateof rice or any gravy. He doesn't love  spicy foods. So I use less amount of Chilli, you can increase the amount of Chilli.

Fish is very nutritious for growing kids and choosing best fish for them is also very important. Pomfret is one of such fish that can fulfill all the needs for your growing children.

Pomfret fish has no strong odor and aftertaste and can get cooked quickly. And thus it can be digested easily. It is a single bone fish and can easily be boneless.

You can get three different types of Pomfret fish :-
        • Black Pomfret fish

        • White Pomfret fish

        • Silver Pomfret fish


Mozzarella chicken kebab recipe

Chicken kebab recipe | How to make ketogenic mozzarella chicken kebab

 Chicken kebab recipe with mozzarella cheese. Step by step instructions and video  for making mozzarella chicken kebab recipe.

Make this healthy ketogenic chicken kebab recipe at home and impress your family and friends.

Chicken kebab is one of the most loved  kebab through out the world. Every section of people love chicken kebab. Chicken Kebabs are soft and juicy from inside and crisp from outside.

They are considered and treated as a healthy food because very little amount of oil is used to prepare them. And that too get burnt while cooking.

So these chicken kebab are heathy and for more benefits eat them with lots of vegetables and salads.

Kebab also help in weight lose. They are packed with protein, fiber, vitamins, loaded with micro nutrients and antioxidants. Kebabs are low in fats and can help in weight loss.

Kebabs are generally cooked over charcoal in a traditional cooking method using ovalclay tandoor. B…

Pomfret fish tawa fry recipe restaurant style

Pomfret masala tawa fry | Pomfret fish tawa fry Mangalorian style
Pomfret fish is one of the most popular fish that you can try for dinner. And with tawa fry masala it taste delicious and yummy. This restaurant style fish tawa fry recipe is so easy to make at home with very less ingredients.

We are using white Pomfret for the recipe, you can use any fish of your choice to make  fish Tawa fry recipe.

This fish Tawa fry recipe is very popular in  places like Maharashtra, Mangalore and most of South Indian states.

Prawns , king fish(Seer) are also good choice of fish to make this recipe. You can use either boneless or with bone fish for this

Curry leaves is very important for Tawa fry recipe as it gives an aromatic flavour.

Pomfret fish tawa fry is a recipe where pieces of pomfret are cooked in Tawa fry masala till done. Tamarind pulp is used to flavour the masala while cooking the fish with masala.

If you love the recipe of Pomfret fish tawa fry recipe then I am sure you would love the…

Homestyle jeera aloo recipe

How to make jeera aloo | dry aloo ki subzi
Jeera aloo
is a recipe of potato sauteed in cumin seeds. It is a dry preparation of potato  with very few ingredients and a quick recipe to make in a hurry.

You can make this jeera aloo within 10 minutes and serve. It is a good choice for bachelor or working person who have a busy daily life with no time to cook .

This jeera aloo recipe is a vegan and gluten free that you can try.

 Jeera aloo is often made by my wife at home whenever she had a busy evening with kids. I got to taste this yummy jeera aloo recipe after the first week of our marriage.

 I often come late at home and one night she made this wonderful recipe of jeera aloo with Dal , masala Omlette and chapatis.

How her jeera aloo is so different and tasty than others?

 She used perfectly boiled potatoes and then cut them into small bite size pieces. She use curry leaves to give aromatic flavour and tomato to give a little bit tangy flavours to the potatoes.

A perfectly balanced jeera…

Nutritious Dal khichdi(vegetables) in cooker

How to make vegetables Dal khichdi in pressure cooker

Vegetables Dal khichdi recipe
is one of the best and healthy comfort food one should try once in a week. Dal khichdi is one of the first solid food that babies eat in India.

The rice and lentil(moong Dal) combination in khichdi helps give the right mix of carbohydrate, dietary fiber and protein. It is gluten free vegeterian meal and had all 10 essential amino acids making it a complete protein source.

In this recipe Dal khichdi is made by using green peas, potato, soya beans, moong Dal and toor Dal.

Traditionally it is made with moong Dal( yellow lentils) with rice. But in restaurants Toor Dal is also mixed with moong Dal to make it.

Sometimes Dal khichdi is topped with a tadka. Which is made by using red chilli powder,jeera(cumin) and chopped garlic in hot oil.

Dal khichdi can be made by adding different types of vegetables of your choice.  Like beans , carrot , potato, soya beans and cauliflower. Adding vegetables make it more nu…