Chicken ghee roast how to make chicken ghee roast recipe

Restaurant style chicken ghee roast | Mangalorian chicken ghee roast recipe
Chicken ghee roast recipe with step by step photos and video. This is one of the most popular recipe of Mangalore, perhaps you can say the pride of Mangalorian Cuisines is chicken ghee roast.

I am sharing the recipe of chicken ghee roast in a restaurant style which you can easily make at your home . I have used chicken leg boneless as it get cooked quickly. You can use with bone chicken or chicken breast pieces  to make this recipe.

All you need to do is to marinate the chicken pieces with yoghurt, salt and chill powder for about 2 hours.

In this recipe Kashmiri chilly is used to give the red color to the chicken pieces and bekti chilly to make it spicy (hot).

In some typical Shetty kitchen's tandoori chicken is used to make chicken ghee roast. It taste much better as chicken pieces are marinated and roasted over tandoor and  then roasted with ghee and curry leaves.

You can read  how to make  Tandoori chi…

Bombil( Bombay duck) fry how to make Bombay duck fry recipe

Bombil rawa fry recipe | Bombay duck fry recipe
Bombil rawa(rava) fry or Bombay duck crispy fry  is one of the easiest recipe that you can try tonight.

Bombil fish is a very popular fish in Maharashtrian coastal region, goa and Bengal . In English bombil fish is called as Bombay duck. It got its name in the time of Raj, where it was transported by a iconic train whose name was Bombay Daak.

Daak is the Hindi words for mail. The term Daak was then bastardised to duck. Thus Bombay Daak become Bombay duck.

Once 13 tones of Bombay duck were eaten in the UK each year. In 1996 , European commission prohibited or banned fish imports from India other than from approved freezing and canning factories due to the discovery of a batch of imported seafood contaminated by salmonella.

Bombil crispy fry is my personal favorite which I often made in weekend whereas rawa fry is my wife's favorite. Crispy bombil fry is something like a fish pakora which goes well with my main course as a side dish.  …

Best homemade fry chicken recipe

Easy chicken fry recipe |Crispy chicken fry recipe
Who doesn't love those crispy bites of fry chicken pieces with a soft and juicy texture from inside. Fry chicken has a distinct flavours that can not be resist to taste.

It is one of the easy and simple recipe that is hugely popular through out the world . There is no extra efforts need to make this super easy recipe at home.

This crispy chicken fry recipe is very popular in North Indian states and  particularly in Delhi. One of best selling evening snacks across the city streets.

I have tried few version of this fry chicken recipe and selected the  best  recipe here to share with you. This chicken fry is totally dry and it is superb and juicy. You can also read some of best recipes like  Chicken Tikka Masala,  Chicken lollipop gravy , Tandoori Pomfret

Before starting to make fry chicken we need to understand some basic points to make a good crispy fry chicken which is soft and juicy from inside. Here are some points.

First point …

Chilli chicken recipe how to make chili chicken dry and gravy

Chilli chicken dry recipe | chilli chicken gravy recipe
Chilli chicken is a fusion recipe of Indo Chinese Cuisines which is spicy and little bit of sour.  It is not that too much hot or spicy,.

It can be define as deep fried batter coated chicken pieces stir fried with different sauces and vegetables. Red chilly sauce, soya sauce are used to make it.

Chilli chicken recipe can be divided into two parts :-

1. Chilli chicken dry recipe

2. Chilli chicken gravy recipe

It is said that during the year of 1975 , Nelson Wang invented this famous chilli chicken recipe.

Chilli chicken recipe Indian style is served in most of the restaurants and hotels and  you can easily make this delicious dish at home without any great effort.

Below I am sharing  how to make chili chicken dry recipe and Chilli chicken gravy recipe in restaurant style.

You can make chilli chicken at home quite comfortably just follow the step by step instructions as shown below.

Chilli chicken recipe video for gravy :-

If you l…

Healthy paneer paratha recipe

How to make paneer paratha |Recipe for Paneer paratha
Paneer paratha is a popular and healthy morning breakfast food item and goes well as a evening snacks also when we feel hungry with a cup of hot tea.

It can be define as a paneer or cottage cheese spiced mixture stuffed in a whole wheat flour dough and then roast on a pan or tawa applying ghee or oil over it .

Paneer paratha is easy to prepare at home with few ingredients.  You can even serve it in a tiffin box or lunch box for your school going kids.

You can mix different types of vegetables  to make it more delicious and healthy for your babies and kids.  you can mix potato or aloo with paneer to make paneer aloo paratha. Or with cauliflower or Gobi to make paneer Gobi paratha.

Add chopped onion with paneer to make paneer onion paratha. I often use cheese with paneer to make cheese paneer paratha for my son. He love cheese quite a bit more. So I have  to prepare a cheese paratha for him. I personally love to use processed cheese…

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