Corn spinach veg burger recipe

How to make corn spinach veg burger | veggie burger recipe Easy veg burger can be at home with less ingredients from your kitchen. This nutritious corn spinach burger is good for the health of growing kids.
Both corn and spinach has full of nutritions which you can included into your kids diet with this beautiful burger recipe.

In this corn spinach burger recipe you need corn( preferably American or Mexican) and spinach (palak) leaves.
First boil the corn till fully done on medium flame heat. Similarly blanched the spinach leaving the hard stems. Drain them and remove any excess water from them 
Roughly chopped them and saute with olive oil, garlic and spices. For binding agent you can either use boiled mashed potato or grated paneer.
In this recipe, I have used Paneer ( cottage cheese) as it is more nutritious and beneficial for growing kids or children.
You can include paneer to your growing kids and children's  diet by giving them a healthy paratha.... Healthy paneer paratha re…

Mutton masala

Mutton curry recipe | how to make lamb masala

This mutton masala recipe is a very easy to make at home within an hour. Below you can read the step by step method with photos and video for mutton masala recipe at home.
To make soft, tender and succulent mutton masala, you don't need to wait for long hours. Learn how to cook mutton in cooker easily in a short period of time to impress your family and friends.
In this recipe I haven't used curd( yogurt) to marinate the mutton ( lamb) pieces. You can used it but use a low sour curd. 
As in mutton masala recipe we use tomato, so it can make the gravy more sour. So I prefer to use any one of them while making this recipe. If you like to cook them in slow cooking then it is better to use curd to marinate them.
As you know that mutton pieces needs more time to cook to become soft and tender. Slow cooking is a traditional method for this and it may take more than two hours.
So I love to cook mutton in a pressure cooker to save time. P…

Easy Chicken curry recipe

How to make chicken curry
Chicken curry recipe with step by step method with photos and video. This Chicken curry recipe is made using one pod cooker.
You can easily make this recipe at the comfort of your kitchen with very less ingredients. Perfect for working class people and bachelors.
This is a chicken curry recipe made from scratch with step by step so that you can understand better.

What is Chicken curry
Chicken curry is a dish originated from Indian subcontinent. It is  chicken stewed in tomato onion gravy and flavoured with varieties of spices. Bone in chicken pieces are simmered in a onion tomato gravy ( sauce) with ginger garlic paste and other spices till cooked.
Chicken curry is a comfort food with rice and it is one dish that always brings some old memories.
Who can forget a chicken curry made my their mom? Hardly any one there. The taste of that homemade chicken curry can not compare with any other curry.
My mom use green chili paste instead of red chilli powder while ma…