Restaurant style corn cheese balls

Corn cheese balls recipe | cheese ball recipe

Corn cheese balls recipe at home is pretty easy. Do follow some simple tips given below while making it at home.

There is no doubt that corn cheese balls are most loved by our kids while visiting a restaurant or social events.

So just imagine if these excellent cheese balls can be made at your home without any great efforts. Your kids would certainly be happy.

You can use different types of cheese to make them. Use a single variety cheese or mix two cheese. I have used two different types of cheese to make these yummy cheese balls.

If you love corn cheese balls recipe then I am sure you would also love the recipe of Crispy cottage cheese fingers for your kids.

This is a restaurant version of corn cheese balls recipe, you can modified it according to your choice.

You can add green chili, different types of chopped vegetables or chopped bell peppers to make it more nutritious.

What is corn cheese ball ?

Corn cheese balls are like dumplings m…

Yummy chicken 65 how to make chicken 65 gravy recipe

Chicken 65 | how to make chicken 65
Chicken 65 recipe with step by step instructions and a video

You can make this easy chicken 65 recipe at home like restaurant style. We will learn how to make chicken 65 gravy recipe , chicken 65 dry and a keto friendly chicken 65 recipe.

What is chicken 65 ?

Chicken 65 is a spicy deep fried chicken dish from southern part of India.
Boneless chicken cubes are marinated in a yogurt based marination with red chilli powder, ground coriander, black pepper powder, curry leaves, ginger garlic paste and salt.

And then mix with beaten egg and flour and deep fried. It can be served as a dry seasoning with garlic , curry leaves and black pepper or as a gravy ( saucy) seasoning and tossing with yoghurt red chilli powder mixture, curry leaves , cumin seeds, mustard seeds and Kashmiri chilly whole.

Invention of chicken 65.( What is 65 in chicken 65)

There are many theories regarding its origin rumouring around. The most popular one suggest that in Chennai there w…

Fish finger restaurant style fish fingers recipe

Fish finger recipe | fish fingers with tartar sauce
Fish finger
how to make fish finger recipe restaurant style at home with video.

Who doesn't love those crispy bites of fish dipping into Tatar sauce. Yeah fish finger is one of such hugely popular dish that you can't resist to try.

Fish finger is a finger size fish strips(usually boneless) marinated in mustard base marination and crumbed and then deep fried till crisp golden. They are crisp from outside and juicy from inside.

You can use different types of fish fillet to make fish finger at home. All you need to boneless the fish and cut them into finger sized.

Salmon, betki, Pomfret, basa and seer are among few fish that can be used to make fish fingers.  Fish like Cod, hake, pollock works best for making fish fingers.

You can cut the fish fillet into strips approximately 6-8 cm long and 1-2 cm wide to make fish finger. You can follow the lines in the fish or just cut the fillet as shown below.

Fish fingers can easily be freez…

Galouti kebab mutton galouti kebab recipe

Galouti kebab recipe | Galawati kebab
Galouti kebab
recipe with step by step method and video. Learn how to make galouti kebab with roti recipe.

Galouti kebab is a melt in mouth kebab with a distinct flavour of cloves. Originally made with lamb meat mince with a tenderizer during the time of Nawabs in Lucknow. These Galouti kebab are marinated with some exotic spices and flavours and are given smoke flavour with cloves.

Galouti kebab is also known as Galawati kebab as it gets melt in mouth. Gala means melt and wati means mouth . So the name Galawati is given to galouti kebab for its melt in mouth texture.

You can substitute the lamb( mutton) meat with chicken to make chicken galouti kebab. Rest of the ingredients and methods are same as galouti kebab.

You can even made a vegetarian version for this kebab known as veg galouti kebab.

Mix vegetables are minced and mix with spices to make veg galouti kebab.  There is no use of papaya paste, brown onion paste in veg galouti kebab.

Smoke flav…

Rasgulla recipe how to make white and orange rasgulla

Easy rasgulla recipe |Rasgulla banane ki vidhi

Rasgulla recipe, learn how to make white rasgulla and orange rasgulla at home with easy method and a  rasgulla recipe video.

Rasgulla is a famous sweet dish hugely popular through out India. This spongy white rasgulla is believed to be originated from Bengal (west Bengal) by Nabin Chandra Das.

The authentic Bengali rasgulla is made purely from chenna. No corn flour or semolina (rawa) is used to make it.

A perfect spongy white rasgulla recipe depends hugely on two factors.

(1) The perfect sugar syrup and

(2)  The perfect chenna making.

Making perfect sugar syrup for rasgulla

Sugar syrup for rasgulla should be thin and  without any threads. Pure and clean like a glass.

Sugar syrup is important as the rasgullas are going to cook into it.So we need to make a perfect sugar syrup for spongy white rasgulla.

Generally impurities are present in sugar. So we need to clean that impurities.

 For that mix sugar with 1/2 litre of water and 4 teaspoon of m…