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Kodo millet nutrition health benefits and recipes

Kodo Millet and its nutritional benefits  Millet is a type of cereal grain that is widely cultivated and consumed around the world. It is a...

Mobasir hassan 19 March

What is a Tandoor

What is aTandoor A tandoor is a cylindrical clay or metal oven that is commonly used in South Asian, Central Asian, and Middle Eastern cuis...

Mobasir hassan 07 March

Red Sauce Pasta name

List of Red Sauce Pasta Name A traditional tomato based pasta sauce or red sauce is known as marinara sauce. Here are some popular types of...

Mobasir hassan 04 March

Dragon Chicken

Restaurant style Dragon Chicken Dragon Chicken is a popular Indo-Chinese snacks made with crispy fried Chicken strips. As the name sugges...

Mobasir hassan 14 October