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Dragon Chicken

Restaurant style Dragon Chicken Dragon Chicken is a popular Indo-Chinese snacks made with crispy fried Chicken strips. As the name sugges...

Mobasir hassan 14 October

Tandoori Momos recipe

How to make Tandoori momos Make delicious and yummy momos marinated with tandoori red masala. Momos are every ones favourite. They are so y...

Mobasir hassan 28 August

Lauki in English and benefits

What is lauki  in english and it's benefits  Lauki a popular vegetable consumed heavily during summer season here in India.  Lauki come...

Mobasir hassan 17 July

How Your Dietary Requirements Will Change After Bariatric Surgery

How Your Dietary Requirements Will Change After Bariatric Surgery What is Bariatric Surgery Weight loss surgeries and gastric bypass colle...

Mobasir hassan 11 July

4 Essential Kitchen tools

Upgrade Your Kitchen With These 4 Tools Okay, so you’ve been cooking from home for a while now and mastered some  seriously good dishes. You...

Mobasir hassan 03 July

Squid fry ( masala squid fry)

How to make squid fry|squid masala fry Learn to make tasty and yummy squid fry recipe the way served at restaurant. A easy way to make deli...

Mobasir hassan 25 February