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I am a professional chef working with leading brand Radisson as a Sous chef. I have over 10 years experience in luxury hospitality business with leading hotel companies like Carlson Hotels , Radisson Hotels Group and JHM group of Hotels and resorts .

Sous chef Mobasir hassan

Multi-skilled, creative and innovative. Able to combine high quality fine dining experience and high end banquet operation. Strong leadership, training and team building skills in luxury hotels and very efficient in critical emergency situations.

I have a wide  range of food expertise especially in Indian recipes, kebabs,dessert and continental foods.

I love traveling, listening to music, reading books and ofcourse my passion to foods 

Chef mobasir Hassan

Here in hassanchef  you will get recipes about restaurant style.
  • Main course recipes
  • Sea food recipes
  • Kebab and tikka recipes
  • Desserts recipes
  • Soup and salad recipes
          About me and my family

I was born and brought up in Assam. My Mom is a house wife and I have a elder brother and a younger sister. I am blessed to have such a wonderful family, who have supported me in every decision of my life.

I live in Mumbai, Maharashtra, which is now my professional work place. I am married. My wife is the biggest influencer of my life and she is the women behind my jurney to a successful professional chef. I have a cute son named Ariyaan. These is my small world and I am very happy.

Wife and son of mobasir Hassan
 Recently we have a baby girl in our family and she was born premature and was under weight. But we come over from that, thanks to Allah, she is now healthy. We had a very hard time, there I learned more about the importance for baby care and their foods.  Here we are both now a happy father and daughter.

Nurvi and mobasir Hassan for hassanchef father and daughter
Daughter and papa

             Keeping in Touch

If you have any questions or just want to say hello, please write me, I would reply to you at the earliest.

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• mobasirhassan@hassanchef.com

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I am a professional chef working with leading brand Radisson as a Sous chef.
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