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 Hot Dog sandwich recipe at home | hot dog recipe

Garnished hot dog sandwich with olive and parsley hot Dog sandwich recipe
Hot Dog

Hot Dog is a grilled or steamed sausage sandwich ,where the sausage is served in the partially slit hot dog bun. The condiments use includes mustard, mayonnaise and  tomato ketchup . And is garnish with olive, onion , lettuce,cheese.

Hot dog is one of the most popular and loved food item in America. The origin of hot dog has different types of facts and opinions. But these type of sausage and their sandwiches were culturally imported from Germany and become very popular in United States of America.

Thus Hot Dog become a working class street food and associated with American culture.

There are plenty of varieties of Hot Dog now available to explore different taste.
It is easy and simple to make at home.

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So I am sharing a easy and simple version of hot dog recipe ,which is very easy to make at home with some basic ingredients. I have added some salad and veggies to keep the high calorie count under control.

Hope you like it and can try at your home to enjoy with your family and friends.

Preparation time :-  10-15 minutes

Cooking time :- 10 minutes

Difficulty :- Easy

Yields :- 1 servings

How to make hot dog recipe ( sandwich)

Ingredients :- 

* 2-3 Chicken Hot Dog sausage or cocktail sausage

* 1 Hot Dog bun

* 1 tbs Mustard Paste

* 1 tbs Mayonnaise

* 1 tbs ketchup

* 1/2 slice tomato

* 1 Lettuce

* 1/3 tbs Red chilly flakes

* 1/4 tbs Paprika powder

* 1/4 tbs Oregano

* 1 tbs Olive oil

* Salt for taste

Hot dog bun Food Recipe
Hot Dog bun

Sausage mustard Paste chilli powder food Recipe

Chilli flakes oregano and mayonnaise Food Recipe

Lettuce leaves Food Recipe

Step by step instructions to make Hot Dog recipe

Method of preparation :- 

* Grill the Hot Dog sausages in a non stick pan  using olive oil , chilly flakes, oregano, paprika powder and salt.

* After grilling the sausage, cut each  into two parts.
Grilled chicken sausage sliced into two Food Recipe

* Slice the Hot Dog bun partially and toast it to goldren brown.

Slice hot dog buns toasted Food Recipe

* Now apply the mustard paste and mayonnaise to the inner part of the hot dog bun.
Mustard Paste and mayonnaise spread on Hot Dog bun Food Recipe

* Arrange Lettuce over the mustard and mayonnaise paste of the lower part of the hot dog bun.

* Now add the slice tomato over the lettuce and topped it with the chicken hot dog sausage.
Lettuce tomato on hot dog bun Food Recipe

Hot Dog bun layered with vegetables and sausage Food Recipe

* Close it with other part of the bun and pressed .

* Garnish it with olive, ketchup and serve immediately.

* Ready and enjoy the easy hot dog sandwich .

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Garnished hot dog with olive for hot dog sandwich recipe
Hot Dog


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