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Non Veg club sandwich
What is club sandwich?

Club sandwich also known as clubhouse sandwich is a dish of American origin, is basically a sandwich of bread(toasted) slice, cooked poultry or fried bacon, Lettuce, tomato and mayonnaise.

It was invented in 1894 at an exclusive gambling house in Saratoga springs, New York.

In club sandwich three toasted bread slices are used to make it. The extra slice work as a binder. It also helps to keep them fresh and slow down sogging of outer  bread slice.

It is called  club sandwich as it was invented in a clubhouse in New York. The "club" in club sandwich isn't an acronym for chicken lettuce under bacon or anything else.

A Non Veg club sandwich is one of the healthiest diet one can have to boost hunger in a healthy way.

It is very popular around the world and people of all ages love the club sandwich.

When we feel hungry at the evening time, it is always best to have a club sandwich instead of other stuff.

We always should eat a healthy diet to boost our health and vigor.

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It is very easy to make a club sandwich right on in your kitchen and you need some very basic ingredients.

So try this recipe and  make a healthy routine to come over your hunger.

Preparation time :- 15 minutes

Cooking time :- 5-7 minutes

Difficulty :- Easy

Yields :- 2 servings

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How to make Chicken club sandwich   

Ingredients for non veg club sandwich :- 

(1)  3 slices of bread ( white or brown) we used the white bread.

(2)  Boiled or roasted chicken ( boneless)

(3)  1 fresh Tomato

(4)  2 Eggs

(5)  Lettuce as required

(6)  2-3 tbs Mayonnaise

(7)  Salt as required

(8)  Small pinch of black pepper powder

(9)  1 tbs Olive Oil or any cooking oil

Three bread slice Food Recipe Dinner ideas
Bread slice

Method of preparation :-

Step by step instructions to make non veg club sandwich recipe 

Step 01
 First if you have boneless chicken preferably chicken breast piece then boiled it . For a better good taste you can roast it applying some salt ,pepper and oil.

A roasted chicken gives more taste and aroma to your club sandwich. We have used roasted chicken here in our recipe. You can go either with boiled chicken also.

Step 02
 Toast the bread in both side using a bread toaster or over a pan till it get brown in both side. Keep the bread aside

Three toasted Bread slice Food Recipe Dinner ideas
Toasted Bread
Step 03
 Make a fried Egg using one egg , applying salt and pepper in the fried egg.

Fried Egg in plate Food Recipe Dinner ideas
Fried egg
Step 04
Slice the tomato in thin sliced around 4 to 5 slices.

Shredded the chicken piece in a bowl and mix with one teaspoon of mayonnaise.

Shredded chicken mix with mayonnaise Food Recipe Dinner ideas
Chicken mix with mayonnaise
Step 06
Take the bread slices and apply mayonnaise in one side of each bread.

Mayonnaise spread on toasted Bread Food Recipe Dinner ideas
Mayo spread bread
Step 07
 Take one slice of bread and arrange Lettuce over it.

Step 08
Arrange the tomato slice over the lettuce.

Lettuce leaves tomato slice over toasted Bread Food Recipe Dinner ideas
Step 09
 Now pinch some salt over the tomato slice and arrange the Mayo mix chicken mixture over the tomato slice.

Step 10
 Place second bread over the chicken mixture and spread some mayonnaise over the bread.
Mayo chicken mixture over lettuce tomato on toasted Bread Food Recipe Dinner ideas
Chicken mixture over tomato
Step 11
 Place the fried egg over the second bread slice.

Step 12
Top the fried egg with the third slice of bread and pressed tightly to hold all the ingredients to set .

Three layer of bread Non Veg club sandwich Food Recipe Dinner ideas

Step 13
 Now cut the sandwich using a sharp knife from all four sides. Then cut it into triangle shaped  into four parts

Step 14
 Now it is ready to serve your favorite chicken club sandwich.

Cutting Non Veg club sandwich with fries Food Recipe Dinner ideas
Chicken club sandwich

                  Serving tips

* Non club sandwich is served with some fries. Generally French fries is served with it.

* Coleslaw is also served along with a non veg club sandwich.

                Nutritional value

Club sandwich with fries

Calories :- 969 kcal

Carbohydrate :- 113 g | fats :- 45 g

Protein :- 26 g

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