Best Greek salad recipe

Greek salad recipe | how to make Greek salad recipe

Garnished Greek salad in serving plate
Greek salad

Greek salad is one of the healthiest and easiest salad  to make . Greek salad recipe with Greek salad dressing with step by step instructions is given below.

In Greek cuisine, it is also known as Village salad and Summer salad.

Original Greek salad can be distinguished by the absence of Lettuce.

Greek salad is among the most popular and sought after salad in the world.

It is very easy to make at home and has  full of health benefits.

Greek salad also comes under Mediterranean diet plan. So let's enjoy the Great Greek salad today.

Here some important things about Mediterranean diet you can check below link ...

One of the Healthiest diet in the world

Preparation time:- 20 minutes

Cooking time :- 10 minutes

Difficulty :- Easy

Yields :- 2 servings

Greek salad ingredients :-

* 1 peel Cucumber

* 1 Fresh big Tomato

* 1 Onion

* Fresh Lettuce ( Iceberg)

* 1/2 Green Capsicum

* 1/2  Red and Yellow bell pepper powder

*  5-6 Black and Green Olive

* 2 tbs Feta cheese

* 2-3 Lemon slice

* Small pinch of Sugar

* Salt to taste

*  3-4 ml Olive oil

* 1/4 tbs Dry Oregano

* 2 ml  Cooking White Vinegar

* 1/4 tbs Black Pepper powder

Cucumber onions bell peppers tomato capsicum for Greek salad recipe
Cucumber,onion,bell pepper, tomato,capsicum

Olive parsley Feta cheese lemon for Greek salad recipe
Olive,parsley,Feta cheese, lemon

Olive oil,sugar, oregano for Greek salad recipe
Olive oil, sugar, oregano

Salt, pepper powder, vinegar For Greek salad Recipe
Salt, pepper powder,vinegar

Few Iceberg lettuce For Greek salad Recipe

Method of preparation :-

Step by step instructions to make Greek salad recipe 

* First of all we need to prepare the dressing for the Greek salad. The dressing for Greek salad is called Vinaigrette dressing. It is simply easy to make.

Greek salad dressing :-

Vinaigrette dressing :-

Making Greek salad make sense when you drizzle Greek salad dressing on top of it. You can easily make the dressing and can freeze it.

* Take a mixing bowl and mix Olive oil, Lemon juice, Salt ,Sugar , dry Oregano,  Vinegar or red wine vinegar,black Pepper Powder and mustard paste and mix very well.

*We need to emulsify the mixture very well. These process of mixing is called emulsification. When the mixture get mixed well , add few fresh chopped parsley and olive.

Vinaigrette dressing in a bowl with olive, parsley for Greek salad recipe
Vinaigrette dressing

* Take the peeled Cucumber, slice it length wise then cut it into dice shaped.

* Cut the Capsicum, red and yellow Bell pepper into dice shaped.

* Cut the Tomato and deseed it then  cut it into dice shaped too.

* Cut the Olive into ring shaped.

* Crumble the Feta cheese and Iceberg lettuce.

* Take a mixing bowl and mix all the cutted vegetables.

Cut tomato cucumber onion Bell pepper in plate for Greek salad Recipe

* Now mix the above prepared vinaigrette dressing to the vegetables and mix well.

* Add the Iceberg lettuce and mix well slowly.

* Pour the crumbled Feta cheese above the prepared salad.

* Garnish it with fresh parsley and cherry tomatoes and serve.

Garnished Greek salad
Greek salad

Benefits of Greek salad :-

Greek salad has some amazing health benefits , it is low in calories and full dense of nutritions. It provides healthy dose of Vitamin A and Vitamin C as well as Potassium and Iron.

It also contains Phytonutrients and Antioxidants which reduces the  risk of health problem such as Heart diseases and cancer.

So let's start to eat healthy diet everyday and have a long life.

,Garnished Greek salad

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