How to make Veg Club Sandwich

Easy Veg Club Sandwich recipe | vegetable club sandwich with brown bread

Veg Club Sandwich with Coleslaw and fries food recipe
Veg Club Sandwich

Club Sandwich also known as clubhouse sandwich is a dish of American origin is basically a sandwich of bread ( toasted) layered with vegetables, mayonnaise and lettuce.

Club Sandwich can be divided into two types Non veg club sandwich and  a Veg club sandwich.

 You can check the recipe of Non veg club sandwich

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The best easy and healthy way to fill your huger is to have a club sandwich. It is easy to make and does not require any extra skills.

Club Sandwich is very popular around the world, people of all ages love to eat a club sandwich.

Vegetable club sandwich or veg club sandwich can be made using different type of filling inside the bread.

Today we are making veg club sandwich in a  restaurant style using brown bread.

Veg Club Sandwich food recipe with Brown Bread :-

Preparation time :- 10 minutes

Cooking time :- 5 minutes

Difficulty :- Easy

Yields :- 2 servings

Ingredients for veg club sandwich :-

* 3 Brown Bread slice.

* 1 Medium size Tomato(slice).

* 1 Medium size Cucumber ( slice).

* 2 Lettuce leafs.

* 4 teaspoon Mayonnaise.

* 2 teaspoon Caramelized onions.

* 2 teaspoon Coleslaw.

* Pinch of salt.

3 Brown Bread slice for veg club sandwich recipe
Brown Bread slice

Lettuce slice of tomato and cucumber slice for veg club sandwich recipe
Slice of tomato  cucumber and lettuce

Mayonnaise, Coleslaw and caramelized onions for veg club sandwich recipe
Mayonnaise, caramelized onions, coleslaw

Step by step instructions to make veg club sandwich recipe

Method of preparation :-

* First we need to prepare Caramelized onions for our veg club sandwich. It can be prepared in many ways . But we are going to prepare a tasty and easy Caramelized onions in a short period of time. You need following ingredients for it.

How to make caramelized onions for veg club sandwich recipe :-

*  2-3 large size Onions (cut into thin slices)

*  2 teaspoon brown sugar.

*  2 teaspoon Espresso based coffee drink       (cappuccino).

* Heat olive oil or any cooking oil in a pan in medium high flame,  add the onion slices and stir. After few minutes add the brown sugar and continue to stirring. You can see that the onions started to change it's colour.

* Add the Espresso mix and stir for another few minutes. Switch off the flame and transfer the Caramelized onions in a bowl to cool down.

Caramelized onion in heated pan for veg club sandwich recipe
Caramelized onions

* Now toast the brown bread in toaster and apply mayonnaise in one side of all breads.

Toasted brown bread for veg club sandwich recipe
Toasted brown bread
Mayonnaise spread on toasted brown bread  for veg club sandwich recipe
Mayonnaise spread

* Put lettuce leafs in one mayonnaise spread bread and layer it with tomato and cucumber slices. Apply little salt and pepper (optional) over the vegetables.

Lettuce over mayonnaise spread bread for veg club sandwich recipe
Lettuce over Mayo spread bread

Cucumber tomato slice over lettuce mayonnaise bread for veg club sandwich recipe
Cucumber and tomato over lettuce

* Cover it with second mayonnaise spread bread . And apply one more teaspoon of mayonnaise over the top of second bread slice.

Two brown bread with vegetables inside for veg club sandwich recipe
Vegetables under two breads

Vegetables topped bread slice cover with mayonnaise spread bread slice for veg club sandwich recipe

* Add the prepared caramelized onions over the Mayo spread top bread.

* Now cover the caramelized onions bread slice with the third mayonnaise spread bread. Lightly press with palm to set the ingredients inside the bread.

Caramelized onions spread over layered bread slices for veg club sandwich recipe
Caramelized onions over bread

Three layered bread slice sandwich for veg club sandwich recipe
Three layers of bread

*  Using a sharp knife cut the four edges of the sandwich and then cut the bread diagonally into four parts.

 Place the bread in a serving plate and serve with Coleslaw and french fries on sides.

Four pieces of veg club sandwich with fries and Coleslaw food recipe
Veg Club Sandwich

You can prepare veg club sandwich with Coleslaw mixture also.

* If you don't like to use caramelized onions in the bread just replace it with Coleslaw mixture.

How to make Coleslaw mixture for veg club sandwich recipe :- 

* To prepare Coleslaw mixture, you need

 1 -2 leafs of cabbage

 1/3  portion of a carrot

 1/2 slice of green capsicum

 1 teaspoon of mayonnaise

 Salt and pepper for taste.

Thin slice of cabbage and carrots for coleslaw for veg club sandwich recipe
Cabbage and carrot

Thin slice of capsicum for coleslaw for veg club sandwich recipe

* Cut them in thin julienne shape and mix with  mayonnaise and seasoning  with salt and pepper.

* Add the Coleslaw mixture instead of caramelized onion on your bread slice.

 Your veg club sandwich is ready with a Coleslaw mixture instead of caramelized onions.

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