How to make chicken rice dumpling salad recipe

Chicken Rice Dumpling Salad Food Recipe

Chicken rice dumpling with bell peppers Lettuce parsley cherry tomato Food Recipe
Chicken rice dumpling salad

Chicken rice dumpling also known as chicken rice flower dumpling is a healthy recipe. And loved by children very much for it's round flower shape looks.

This is very simple recipe and you need very less ingredients to prepare . You can serve it as an appetizer in your children birthday party or small group events.

But today we are going to prepare a healthy salad recipe using steam chicken rice dumplings.

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Healthy salad start with Green leafy and colored vegetables or fruits. Healthy salad also contains grain likes Quinoa or nuts. A healthy salad has a dressing that is not loaded with  large amount of oil , mayonnaise or any other type of fats.

Here in  this chicken rice dumpling salad we cooked the chicken by steaming and used lots of colored vegetables with a dressing called vinaigrette dressing.

Step by step instructions how to make the chicken rice dumpling salad food recipe

Preparation time :- 15 minutes

Cooking time :-  6-8 minutes

Difficulty :- Easy

Yields :- 3 servings

Ingredients for chicken rice dumpling salad  :-

* 200 gm chicken mince.

* 40 gm long grain basmati rice ( preferably Amira brand basmati rice).

* 1/2 teaspoon chilly flakes.

* 1/2 teaspoon chopped garlic.

* 1 teaspoon Fresh parsley.

* 1 - 2 olives.

* 2 teaspoon Lemon juice.

* 3-4 ml Olive oil.

* 1/4 teaspoon dry oregano.

* 2 ml cooking white vinegar.

* 1/4 teaspoon black pepper powder.

* 1/2 cup sliced Bell peppers ( Red, yellow ) and onion.

* 2-3 lettuce leafs.

* Small pinch of Sugar.

* Salt to taste.

Chicken mince Food Recipe
Chicken mince

Slice onions and Bell pepper food recipe
Slice onions and Bell pepper
Oregano vinegar sugar
Oregano vinegar sugar
Lettuce leafs Food Recipe
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Olive Oil salt black pepper
Olive oil salt and pepper
Lettuce leafs food recipe

Chicken rice dumpling salad recipe :- 

* First you need to soak the basmati rice for 15 to 20 minutes in water. And Amira brand basmati rice can make it easy for you .  Amira is world famous basmati rice brand.

* Next we need chicken mince. You can buy ready made  chicken mince from a store. Or  can make it at home using Mixer grinder or using a meat mincer machine.

* If you use chicken breast pieces then its easy to mince the chicken pieces using the mixer grinder. But if you use chicken leg boneless then you should use meat mincer.

* Take the chicken mince in a mixing bowl and add  salt, chopped garlic, chilly flakes and black pepper powder and mix well .

Chicken mince mixed with chopped Garlic chilly flakes food recipe

* Drain water from the soaked rice and keep it in a bowl.

Soak basmati rice food recipe
Soaked Amira basmati rice

* Take the chicken mince mixture and make small round shape ball using wet hands.
Make 10-15  balls from the mixture and keep it in a plate.

Chicken balls food recipe
Chicken ball

* Now roll the minced chicken balls on the soaked rice . Make sure it coated well with the rice. You can pressed with your palm to coat well.

Chicken ball mix with rice Food recipe
Mix with soaked rice

Rice coated chicken balls food recipe
Rice coated chicken balls

* Steam the rice coated chicken balls in a steamer for 10 minutes.

* But to give it a more healthy touch, I cooked all the chicken balls in boiling water for 6-7 minutes. In this way we can burn the extra fats from the chicken.

Chicken rice balls cooking in boiling water food recipe
Cooking in boiling water

Cooked chicken rice dumpling in boiling water food recipe
Cooked chicken rice balls

* You would lose some coated rice by this method but don't worry it's just very little.

Chicken rice flower food recipe
After steaming

* Keep the chicken rice ball in fridge for 5+8 minutes to cool down and get set.

Cooled chicken rice flower dumpling food recipe
After set down

* Now prepare vinaigrette dressing for the salad.

 *     Vinaigrette dressing :-

* Take a mixing bowl and mix Olive oil, Lemon juice, Salt ,Sugar , dry Oregano,  Cooking Vinegar and Black Pepper Powder and mix very well. We need to emulsify the mixture very well. These process of mixing is called emulsification. When the mixture get mixed well , add few fresh chopped parsley and olive.

Healthy Dinner Recipe food recipe Nearme Hotels Restaurants hassanchef
Vinaigrette dressing

* Bring out the chicken rice balls from the fridge and mix with the sliced Bell peppers and  lettuce leafs.

* Add the Vinaigrette dressing to the mixture and garnish.

* your healthy chicken rice dumpling salad is ready to serve.

Chicken rice flower with slice onions and Bell pepper Lettuce parsley cherry tomato Food Recipe
Chicken rice dumpling salad

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