Ginger honey paneer Food Recipe

 Ginger Honey Paneer Recipe | how to make honey paneer

Ginger Honey Paneer  with garnish Food recipe
Ginger Honey Paneer

This is one of the most famous Indo-chinese fusion recipe. Easy to make  and it is very healthy. Love by all and especially the kids loves these Ginger Honey Paneer to eat. It is basically an appetizer or snacks but goes well with Rice or Noodles .

The recipe is very healthy as all the ingredients used to make it have full of health benefits. The Ginger,the Honey and also the paneer(cottage cheese).

The main ingredient of the recipe is Paneer also known as  Cottage Cheese has amazing Health benefits and is widely used through out all section of the society. Cottage Cheese is one of the few  items that has a high consumption rate in our country and is very popular in all section of people.

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Health benefits of paneer :-

* Rich in protein

* It strength bone and teeth

* Maintain blood sugar levels

* Good for heart health

* Improves digestion

* Rich source of folate

* Boost weight lose

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Ginger has amazing Health benefits :-

* It's an anti inflammatory

* It relieves muscle pain

* It can help reduce blood sugar

* It help prevent heart disease

* It reduce cancer risk

* It eases menstrual pain

Benefits of Honey :-

* It acts as an antioxidants

* Helps suppress cough in children

* Promotes burn and wound healing

* Good for heart health

* Improves cholesterol levels

* Lower blood pressure

How to make Ginger Honey  Paneer food Recipe:-

Preparation time :-  10 to 12 min

Cooking time :- 8 to 10 min

Difficulty :-  easy

Yeilds :- 2 servings

Serves :- 2

Ingredients :-

* 200 gm of Cottage Cheese (paneer)

* 2 tbs of Honey

* 2 tbs of Ginger

* 2 tbs of Chopped Onion

* 1 tbs of Chopped Garlic

* Chinese cabbage few leafs

* Bell pepper Red,Yellow and Green

* Zucchini Green few pics

* 2 tbs of  Chopped Spring onions

* 1/2 tbs of Aromatic powder(seasoning powder)

* 1/4 tbs of White pepper powder

* Corn starch (flour) of 3 tbs

* Salt to taste

* Cooking oil as desired

Pieces of Paneer cottage cheese Food Recipe Dinner ideas
Paneer pieces
Diced onion zucchini Bell pepper food recipe dinner ideas
Diced vegetables

Chopped ginger garlic onion spring onions Food Recipe Dinner ideas

Salt White pepper seasoning powder food recipe dinner ideas
Aromatic powder, white pepper,salt

Method of preparation :-

Ginger Honey Paneer food recipe

Quick video :-

* Cut the paneer into dice shaped and mix with 2 tbs of corn flour  properly and deep fried it .

* Cut the bell pepper,zucchini and onion into diced shaped. Keep aside.

* Make a mixture using corn starch and water.

* Now heat a non stick wok with few tbs of oil and sauteed the chopped onions ,Ginger, and Garlic for one minute.

* Now add the vegetables the diced shaped onion, bell peppers and zucchini and cook for  2 to 3 minutes adding water .

* Add  Corn flour mixture to the vegetables.

* Add Aromatic powder, white pepper powder and salt and stir properly

* Now add the fried Paneer pieces and  stir slowly for 1 minutes.

* Pour 2 tbs of Honey and chopped spring onions.

* Switch off the flame and serve the hot and delicious Ginger Honey Paneer in a plate.

Ginger honey paneer in garnished plate food Recipe Dinner ideas
Ginger Honey Paneer

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