Yummy Chinese Bhel recipe

How to make Chinese bhel Recipe

Crisp garnished Chinese bhel
Chinese bhel
You can get many recipe about Chinese bhel , but I think all have a different version of preparation of Chinese bhel.

The basic idea of making Chinese bhel is remains same in all recipes but our version has a unique concept regarding Health.

Health is the main thing for all of us and keeping that in mind our Chinese bhel recipe  has a Healthy  inputs .

Chinese bhel is fusion recipe and is very popular in India. It has a Tangy, Sweet and Spicy flavors.
One should must  try this fusion recipe once in a lifetime because your taste buds really going to enjoy something new in taste.

It is very simple to make in home and kids loves to eat Chinese bhel very much, so keep that in mind we put some healthy ingredients in this version of Chinese bhel.

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Easy step by step instructions to make Chinese bhel :-

Preparation time :- 20 minutes

Cooking time :- 4-5 minutes

Difficulty :- Easy

Yields :- 1 servings

Ingredients :-

1. Boiled Noodles

2.Cabbage, Carrots and Bell pepper

3.Onion, Capsicum and Cucumbers

4. Tomato ketchup

5. Schezwan Sauce

6. Chilly Sauce

7. Rosted Peanut

8. Chopped Spring onions

9. Chopped Coriander

Fried noodles for Chinese bhel Recipe
Fry Noddles
Slice onions capsicum , cucumber for Chinese bhel Recipe

You can choose the amount of the ingredients depending your requirement.

Mixed thin slices cabbage and carrots for Chinese bhel recipe
Cabbage and Carrot

Salted and roasted peanuts for Chinese bhel recipe

Schezwan Sauce for Chinese bhel Recipe
Schezwan sauce

Method of preparation
Chinese bhel :-

You need to fry the boiled Noodles first until it gets crispy and brown in colour. Then finely slice the Cabbage, Carrot and Bell pepper and keep it aside in a bowl. Next you need the Onions,Capsicum and Cucumbers to cut finely in slice. Chopped the Spring onions and Coriander , that's all you need . 
Keep ready all your Sauces and the Peanuts.

To give it a Healthy touch we didn't stir fry any of the vegetables . Beacuse when we stir fry vegetables it losses some of it's healthy Vitamins. So don't stir fry vegetables , keep it fresh as it is going to be Crisp in our mouth when mix .

Here is a quick video how to mix all ingredients to make a perfect Chinese bhel

Take a mixing bowl and  put the fried Crisp Noodles in it. Now put all the vegetables the cabbage,capsicum,carrot,bell pepper, cucumber and onion and mix well.
Next put all the sauces one by one the tomato ketchup, chilly sauce and schezwan sauce and mix well. Put Peanuts and garnish with chopped Spring onions and Coriander.

Here it's ready serve it and enjoy it .

Crispy fried noodles with vegetables peanuts for Chinese bhel Recipe
Chinese bhel

Using peanut gives it a very healthy plus point and all the raw veggies also.

Peanuts are also excellent source of vitamin and minerals.

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