Best Prawns butter garlic recipe

 How to make Prawns butter garlic | butter garlic prawns recipe

Garnished plate of prawns for prawns butter garlic recipe
Prawns butter Garlic
Prawn is a important types of Seafood that consumed Worldwide and is very popular. Because of their many nutritional benefits, Prawns are considered by a variety of health expert to be among the Healthiest food in the world. Prawns are great source of high quality protein and provides some of the most important Vitamins and minerals that make up a healthy diet.

Today I am sharing one of best prawns recipe which is very healthy and easy to make. You needs some basic ingredients to make this delicious prawns recipe at home and can impress your guest as well.

Prawns butter garlic is basically a fusion recipe of Indo-Chinese Cuisines.

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Below is the step by step instructions to make one of the healthy prawns recipe.

Prawns butter Garlic recipe 

Preparation time :-  10 to 12 min

Cooking time :-  5 to 8 min

Difficulty :- medium

Yields :-  2 servings

Ingredients :-

* 6-8 medium size Prawns

* Diced Red , yellow bell pepper 6-7 pieces

* Diced Red , Yellow zucchini 6-7 pieces

* Few Chinese Cabbage leafs

*  1 tbs of Chopped Onion

* 2 tbs of Chopped Garlic

*  1 tbs of Chopped Spring onions

* 1/3 tbs of Aromatic powder or Seasoning powder.

* 1/4 tbs of White pepper powder

* 2 tbs of Fresh Cream

* 2 Butter cubes

* 2 tbs of Corn starch

* 1 tbs of Refined Flour

* A small pinch of Sugar

* Salt to taste

* Oil as required

Pieces of Prawns in plate healthy dinner Recipe
Chinese cabbage,diced Bell pepper and zucchini in small bowl healthy dinner Recipe
Diced vegetables

Chopped Garlic onions salt sugar and seasoning powder healthy dinner Recipe

Method of preparation :-

Prawns butter Garlic  Recipe:-

* Devein the prawns first, clean and wash it properly. Let it pat dry in a napkin or tissue paper.

* Now the most important and crucial part is to make the Batter.

* Take the Corn starch in a bowl and mix with the refined flour . Add little water,  Aromatic powder and salt and  stir properly and make a thick batter. Careful don't make the Batter thin as it won't code the Prawns properly.

Corn starch and all purpose flour in bowl healthy dinner Recipe
Corn starch and refined flour

Batter in bowl healthy dinner Recipe
Required Batter

* Deep fry the batter coded prawn in oil for 2-3 min until crisp and cooked.

Fried Prawns in plate healthy dinner Recipe
Fried Prawns

* Heat 2 tbs of oil in a non stick Wok in high flame and add Chopped Garlic and Onions and sauteed for 1 minute.

* Add the diced vegetables and sauteed for more 1 minutes.

* Add remaining aromatic powder,salt and white pepper powder and stir it continue.

* Now add fried Prawns and continue to stir, adding pinch of Sugar to the mixture.

* Add the fresh cream to the mixture and topped with chopped spring onions.

* Now it's ready to serve the hot healthy batter Garlic prawns.

* Garnish it with fried chopped garlic and spring onions.

Cooked Prawns in butter garlic sauce healthy dinner Recipe
Prawns Butter Garlic

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Eating prawns regularly will provide the following nutritional benefits :-

* Proteins, prawns has all the nine essential Amino acid  in right proportion.

* Low in calories

*  Contains three time more Omega 3 fatty acids

* Great source of vitamin B-6, B-12 and Niacin.

* It contains essential minerals Iron , phosphorus, magnesium, Zinc and Copper.

* Rich in Antioxidants

Quick video about cooking Prawns butter Garlic :-


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