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Skimmer or Jhara

Skimmer is a kitchen tool that is used to remove food ingredients, excess fluids, fats, particles and other items from the surface of hot oil, boiling water and foods being prepared.

The Spoon is very shallow and has a wide base with numerous small holes or  with a fine mesh wire for draining but not releasing the skimmed items

Skimmer is one of the most preferred and necessary utensils in a Hotel or Restaurants operations. I think no Chef would like to work his daily routine work without a Skimmer. It's a unique and has amazing capacity to perform in daily kitchen operations.

Also known in Hindi as Jhara ,the Skimmer has different types and size according to its uses.

Following are some different types of  Skimmer and their uses in daily basis  in a popular Hotels and Restaurants .

1. Large Skimmer ( Jhara) :-

When a large amount of Rice or Noodles is boiling then this type of Skimmer or Jhara is commonly used to remove the cooking items from the surface of boiling water.

  • Big skimmer jhara Nearme Hotels Restaurants
    Skimmer/ Jhara
It is widely used in kitchen operation for skimming  large amount of foods from boiling water or hot oil. Particularly used in banquet operations.

2. Medium Skimmer (Jhara)

This type of Skimmer or Jhara is use to skimmed Fry items from hot oil. Like French fries, papad.

Medium size skimmer jhara Nearme Hotels Restaurants
Medium Skimmer/ Jhara

You can also skim different types of snacks or small size appetizer using this type of skimmer.

Following are are some appetizer recipe where a Skinner is used to skim them from hot oil. You can check them :-

 Golden fried pineapple

 Best Crispy Chicken

Chilli paneer

3. Small Skimmer (Jhara)

This type of Skimmer or Jhara is commonly used in household utilities. Like  Puri making at home or deep fry some fish or chicken pieces in hot oil. It is very helpful.

Small size skimmer jhara Nearme Hotels Restaurants
Small Skimmer/Jhara

4. Big Skimmer (Jhara)  Also known as Chinese Spider

This one is commonly used in Hotels Restaurants kitchen operations. When large amounts of vegetables or Rice is boiling in hot water ,you can easily skimmed them  using it.

Hotels Restaurants Chinese spider  utensils skimmer
Big chinese spider Skimmer

5. Small Chinese Spider ( Jhara)

This small Skimmer Jhara is also used in household utilities. 

Small size Chinese spider skimmer Nearme Hotels Restaurants
Small spider jhara

6. Skimmer (Jhara)

It has very small mini size whole on its base. Commonly used to remove exesse fat or small particles from soups and Stew.

Small mini size whole skimmer Nearme hotels Restaurants
Another type of Skimmer

7. Boondi Skimmer (Jhara)

This type of Skimmer or Jhara is commonly used in Halwai kitchen, Indian sweet making  kitchen. It is used to make boondi or motichur laddu's  Dana, 

Boondi skimmer jhara Nearme Hotels Restaurants
Motichur laddu Jhara(Skimmer)

How skimmer is used in daily operations of a Hotels Restaurants kitchen.

1. Skimming French fries from hot oil.

Skimming French fries using a skimmer Nearme hotels Restaurants
French fries

2. Skimming Indian Pakodas from hot oil.

Skimming Indian Pakodas using skimmer Nearme hotels Restaurants
Pakoda fry

3. Using to make boondi for laddus.

Making boondi Dana using skimmer Nearme Hotels Restaurants
Boondi making

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