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How to make Tandoori masala, tandoori masala paste recipe at home

Tandoori masala is a very well known masala in the subcontinent of India, Bangladesh, Nepal , Pakistan and Afganistan. People of these regions love  to eat tandoori food items. And most of the tandoori foods are made by marinating with this tandoori sauce or masala paste.

This  tandoori masala is also known as tandoori red masala paste in hotels and restaurant.

To make this tandoori red masala you need Kashmiri chilly paste.  Without this paste you cannot get the red colour like the one you get in restaurants kababs and tikkas.

In India we make tandoori masala as a paste with hung curd or thick yoghurt. All the ingredients are mixed with the curd and mustard oil is mixed with the masala.

Difference between  Tandoori masala and Garam masala 
  • Tandoori masala is used to marinate food items that are cooked in a tandoor. While garam masala is used in a cooked food to give it an additional flavour.
  • Tandoori masala is a mix of many masala where garam masala is also used but in garam masala some whole spices are used to make it.
  • Garam masala comes in a powderand form whereas Tandoori masala comes in both powderand form and paste form.
When it comes to tandoori food's, tandoori masala is very important as almost 80% of all tandoori foods are prepared with tandoori masala.

Tandoori food's like chicken Tikka, tandoori chicken, fish tikka and paneer Tikka  are all cooked using tandoori masala.

These foods are cooked basically by a traditional cooking method, the most popular one is ovalclay charcoal tandoor.

You can read some delicious recipes made by using a charcoal tandoor.

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Tandoori food items are very tasty and healthy as foods are prepared using open fire. Less amount of oil is used to make them and the food get cooked in its own juice.

Tandoori foods are Crispy, juicy and very soft in texture. So to make a perfect and tasty  tandoori food items , you need a perfect Tandoori masala.

A perfect and  an authentic tandoori masala paste  is simple to make at home.

 Tandoori red masala recipe

Tandoori masala is a mix of spices used to marinate tandoori food's. Commercially it comes as a dry powder but at home or in restaurants you can make it as a masala paste with yoghurt.

Prep time      cooking time       serving
10 min             6 min                          2 portion
Author :- Mobasir hassan

  •  200 gm of Hung curd or greek yogurt  
  •  2 teaspoon ginger garlic paste
  •  3 teaspoon kashmiri red chilly paste
  •  1 teaspoon garam masala powder
  •  1 teaspoon cumin powder
  •  2 teaspoon red chilli powder
  •  3 teaspoon mustard oil
  •  2 teaspoon  cooking oil
  •  1 teaspoon chat masala
  •  1/2 teaspoon turmeric powder
  •  1/4 teaspoon black pepper powder 
  •  1 teaspoon lemon juice
  •  1/4 teaspoon rock salt or kala namak
  •  Salt to taste
   How to make the recipe

  1. In a mixing bowl take the yogurt and add the ginger garlic paste, red chilly paste, red chilli powder, garam masala, cumin powder, turmeric powder, salt, chat masala, black salt, black pepper powder.
  2. Using a whisk mix everything nicely.
  3. Pour the mustard oil and cooking oil and further whisk everything. You can use cooking oil instead of mustard oil as well.
  4. Mix for a minute so that the oil get nicely incorporated with the masala.
  5. Now add the lemon juice and give a final mix.i
  6. Tandoori masala is ready to use.

 Tandoori masala paste recipe video

Nutritional value
Serving size 10 g
Calories :- 30  |  fats :- 1 g
Recipe notes

•To give it the distinct red color appearance use Kashmiri red chilly paste. If you don't have the Kashmiri chilly paste then use a good quality red chilli powder or Kashmiri red chilli powder.

Below you can read the step by step method with photos to make tandoori masala for a better understanding...

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Method of preparation

1. The most important ingredient is the curd we use to make the masala. The curd should preferably be a hung  curd , overnight hung curd is perfect. There should not be any excess water in the curd.
2. Take a mixing bowl and add the hung curd.
3. Now add one by one all the above ingredients to the hung curd and mix well using a Whisk.
4. check the seasoning of the mixture.
5. Add the lemon juice to the mixture. You can also add Vinegar instead of lemon juice.
6. Mixing properly using a Whisk is important as every ingredients should mix properly.
7. Now its ready the Tandoori masala also known as Tandoori Red masala.
8. Mix this masala to your preferred chicken,fish or meat and cook.

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Important thing 

To give it a distinct Red color , Kashmiri chilly paste is used. You can avoid it. But the chicken Tikka and tandoori chicken are Red in color and you only get this type of color using the Kashmiri chilly paste.

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