How to make moong Dal halwa step by step

Moong Dal ka halwa | Recipe for moong Dal halwa

Serving moong Dal halwa
Moong Dal halwa

Moong Dal halwa is a traditional Indian dessert is made using split moong lentils. It is rich and loaded with lots of ghee and nuts.

Traditional dessert like moong Dal halwa need little bit More passion and continue stirring to bring the best result from the lentil.

Tips to make best moong Dal halwa

These traditional desserts like gulab jamun,kala jamun and moong Dal halwa when made using a perfect ratio based measurements always yields perfect results.

Traditional Halwai who regularly made these desserts prefer to use the ingredients in a ratio based. For Halwai style moong Dal halwa recipe

For moong Dal halwa the ratio is 1:1.25:1.25 where if you are using 1 kg Dal then take 1.25 kg sugar and 1.25 kg ghee.

You can read the recipe for Delicious kala jamun where Ingredients are also taken in a traditional ratio based measurements.

As I said earlier moong Dal halwa requires a lot of ghee to yields a perfect smooth texture. If the amount of ghee is less then the texture of halwa become hard .

In this recipe I have decrease little amount of ghee and sugar for less sweet moong Dal halwa. You can adjust the amount according to your taste. And also this moong Dal halwa recipe without milk.

Moong Dal halwa with jaggery

To make moong Dal halwa with jaggery you need to replace the sugar with jaggery. Heat a pan add jaggery with water. Let it melt then stain to remove all the impurities. Pour this in place of sugar syrup in the halwa as mentioned below. Rest of the steps are same.
Always try to use organic jaggery from a trusted source as it may contain harmful chemicals.

Rajasthani moong Dal halwa

In Rajasthani moong Dal halwa pure Desi ghee is used to cook and roast the moong Dal (yellow lentils) paste till golden. Then milk with sugar is poured and cooked till the halwa become golden brown. There is no use of khoya or jaggery in Rajasthani moong Dal halwa.

Moong Dal halwa without khoya

You can use khoya to make moong Dal halwa but it won't taste as same as the traditional moong Dal halwa. Below is the moong Dal halwa recipe without khoya.

Moong Dal halwa without milk

In traditional method milk is used with sugar to make the halwa. But we are making moong Dal halwa without milk .  In place of milk we used water with sugar to make sugar syrup.

When the halwa become golden pour the sugar syrup into the halwa mixture and stir to cook further.

Ingredients :-

(1)  200 gm moong Dal ( mung lentils)

(2)  1 teaspoon green cardamom powder

(3)  200 gm Ghee (clarified butter)

(4)  200 gm Sugar

(5)  1/2 teaspoon gram flour (besan)

(6)  1 teaspoon cashew nuts

(7)  1 teaspoon raisin

(8)  Few saffron stand ( optional)

Method of preparation :-

Step by step method for moong Dal halwa recipe

Step 01
Soak the moong Dal (lentils) with adequate amount of water overnight or for 4 - 5 hours.

Step 02
Now drain and grind the soaked moong Dal into a fine paste using water as required.

Moong Dal paste for moong Dal halwa recipe
Moong Dal paste

Step 03

Make sugar syrup in a deep vessel pan or kadai mixing around 300 ml water with the sugar in slow flame fire. Keep the sugar syrup remain warm in slow fire.

Step 04
Take a heavy kadai or a non stick pan and heat around 50 ml ghee in slow flame. Add the gram flour and cook for around 10 seconds.

Roasting Gram flour besan for moong Dal halwa recipe
Roasting chickpea flour (besan)

Step 05
Now pour the moong Dal paste in the pan and stir continuously. Cook the ground moong Dal till become warm in slow flame fire. This is the most hardest step while preparing the halwa as it get stick to the kadai or pan. So keep stirring the Dal for 2 to 3 minutes.

Step 06
Slowly pour the half of the remaining ghee into the moong Dal paste and keep stirring. The halwa starts breaking down and now it become little easy to stir. Break down if there is any lumbs in the halwa.

Pouring ghee into moong Dal paste for moong Dal halwa recipe
Pouring ghee

Step 07
Again pour the remaining ghee into the halwa and stir . Now it become smooth to stir and the halwa start to brown.The ghee slowly start to separate.

Golden roasted moong Dal for moong Dal halwa recipe
Golden brown moong Dal halwa

Step 08
Now pour half of the warm sugar syrup into the halwa mixture and cook till evaporated. Again pour the remaining sugar syrup and cook further. You can notice a fried aroma of the moong Dal and the ghee get separated. The halwa become golden.

Pouring sugar syrup into moong Dal halwa recipe
Pouring sugar syrup

Step 09
Add the cashew nuts, raisin and cardamom powder and mix well and cook for another one minute.

Mixing dry fruits for moong Dal halwa recipe
Mixing dry fruits

Step 10
Switch of the gas and remove the halwa in a serving bowl and serve topping with almond and pistachio flakes.

Moong Dal halwa recipe video :-

           Nutritional value ( per serving)

Calories :-  556 kcal

Fats :-  27 gm   |  Fiber :- 7 g

Carbohydrate :-  72 g  | Sugar :- 47 g

Protein :- 12 g  | Iron :- 3.2 mg

Is moong Dal halwa good for health?

Moong Dal is packed with protein and low in Carbohydrate and recommended as vegeterian superfood. Moong Dal has plenty of health benefits as well.

But when made halwa with lots of ghee and sugar it lost many of its benefits.

Moong Dal halwa is not a healthy option for diabetic person. Not recommend for cardiac patient and weight lose.

     Recipe notes

(1)  You can  use milk as well for the recipe. Replace water in sugar syrup with milk and use it.

(2)  Don't use all the ghee at the beginning to roast the ground moong Dal. Otherwise lumbs are formed and it would become hard to mashed them.

(3)  Gram flour or besan ( chickpea) helps the halwa not to stick on kadai or pan . So if possible use it as mentioned above.

(4)  You can keep moong Dal halwa up to 15 days refrigerated. Before use add little milk and microwave.

You can read more recipe made using moong Dal like Vegetables Dal khichdi recipe made using moong Dal.


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