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Easy rasgulla recipe |Rasgulla banane ki vidhi

Serving white rasgulla for rasgulla recipe

Rasgulla recipe, learn how to make white rasgulla and orange rasgulla at home with easy method and a  rasgulla recipe video.

Rasgulla is a famous sweet dish hugely popular through out India. This spongy white rasgulla is believed to be originated from Bengal (west Bengal) by Nabin Chandra Das.

The authentic Bengali rasgulla is made purely from chenna. No corn flour or semolina (rawa) is used to make it.

A perfect spongy white rasgulla recipe depends hugely on two factors.

(1) The perfect sugar syrup and

(2)  The perfect chenna making.

Making perfect sugar syrup for rasgulla

Sugar syrup for rasgulla should be thin and  without any threads. Pure and clean like a glass.

Sugar syrup is important as the rasgullas are going to cook into it.So we need to make a perfect sugar syrup for spongy white rasgulla.

Generally impurities are present in sugar. So we need to clean that impurities.

 For that mix sugar with 1/2 litre of water and 4 teaspoon of milk. And  heat in low flame for around  20 minutes.

Milk will bring all the impurities on the top of the surface with a layer. Remove that layer with the help of a skimmer or stain the sugar syrup.

The resulting sugar syrup is pure and clean like a glass . We need these type of sugar syrup to make a perfect spongy white rasgulla.

Now mix around 3 litre water with the sugar syrup and heat in low flame. The resulting sugar syrup will be used for the rasgullas.

Remove around 1/2 litre sugar syrup in a container and mix 1 cup hot water.  Reserve this sugar syrup to use later to sink the rasgullas.

Perfect chenna making for rasgulla

This is the second most important factor for a perfect spongy white rasgulla. Always use Cow milk with full fats. Don't use toned milk or buffalo milk for chenna. If you used these types of milk then the rasgulla would become hard and would break while cooking.

It is better to use cooking vinegar to curdle the milk than lemon juice. After boiling the milk transfer it into another bowl and wait for one minute before pouring the vinegar.

If you curdle milk in very hot stage then the chenna will continue to cook resulting a dryness chenna.

Always mix water with vinegar before pouring into milk and keep stirring slowly.  The water will help to quickly cool down the chenna thus keep it soft.

Don't knead chenna too hard for long time. While you notice fats ( ghee)  on your palm, stop kneading further. Leave it to rest for a while.

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What is rasgulla made of ?

Rasgulla is made by curdling milk (full fat) with vinegar or lemon juice. Then separating the chenna ( paneer) by draining excess water in a muslin cloth. The chenna is then kneaded till smooth and rolled into small balls. These balls are then cooked in light sugar syrup till spongy and light. Cooked rasgulla are kept into light sugar syrup.

Is rasgulla made from paneer?

Yes rasgulla is made from paneer (Indian cottage cheese). But not with the commercially available paneer. Milk is curdled and the resulting Chenna is used to make the rasgulla. This Chenna is known as paneer.

Is rasgulla fried ?

No rasgulla is not fried . It is cooked in light sugar syrup by boiling the sugar syrup in high flame.

Can we make rasgulla with buffalo milk.

No we can not make rasgulla with buffalo milk. To make rasgulla we need full fat cow milk.
If you made rasgulla with buffalo milk or toned milk then the resulting rasgulla will be hard not spongy. And the colour will be grey not white.

Why did rasgulla break?

It is due to the too moisture texture of the chenna used to make it. Drain excess water using a muslin cloth from the chenna. You can press the muslin cloth with hands to remove water.
Watery texture chenna balls while cooking in sugar syrup often breaks.

Can you freeze Rasgulla?

Rasgulla can be freezed for more than 20 days. Cool them completely and place in a container with sugar syrup and seal . Store in freezer. Before use just remove the container and keep in room temperature for 4 to 5 hours and serve.

How many days rasgulla can be stored ?

You can freeze and store them for up to 30 days. And at room temperature you can store them for 3 days. Sugar act as a preservative and the rasgulla sugar syrup has high content of sugar.

Rasgulla sweets Ingredients :-

(1)  2 litre milk (cow milk full fat)

(2)  4 teaspoon vinegar or lemon juice

(3)  1 kg sugar

(4)  Water as required

(5)  Almond and pistachio for garnishing

Step by step instructions for rasgulla making :-

Step 01
Heat the milk in medium flame to boil. Keep stirring the milk to avoid getting burnt at the bottom. When the milk start to boil, switch off the flame and transfer the milk into a bowl.

Step 03
Mix the vinegar with one cup of water and slowly pour into the hot milk. Keep stirring while pouring vinegar. The milk will start to curdle. This is called chenna or paneer.

Curdled milk chenna for rasgulla recipe
Curdled milk

Step 04
Drain the curdled milk using a muslin cloth. Rinse the chenna  under water very well. This will bring down the temperature of the chenna as well as remove the tangy flavour from it.

Step 05
Now squeeze the muslin cloth with hands  very well to remove excess water from the chenna.

Step 06
Take the chenna in a bowl or working table and mash with hand to make soft and smooth. Stop mashing the chenna while you notice ghee comes on your hands from the chenna. . It will take around 2- 3 minutes.

Kneading chenna for rasgulla recipe
Kneading chenna

Step 07

Divide the chenna into equal size ball and roll them between your palms to make round shaped balls.

Rolling chenna between palms for rasgulla recipe
Rolling chenna

Step 08

Heat the sugar syrup in high flame and pour the round shaped chenna balls into the sugar syrup. Within a minute you can notice that the sugar syrup start bubbling and covers all the balls under it.
It is very important to bubble the syrup for cooking the rasgulla. If not bubbling to cover all the balls pour a pinch of all purpose flour (Maida ) into the sugar syrup. It will definitely start bubbling and covering the balls. Don't slow the flame, keep it steady for bubbling.

Cooking rasgulla in bubbling sugar syrup for rasgulla recipe
Cooking rasgulla in sugar syrup

Step 09
After 5 minutes you can notice that the balls are increased in size. Cook further 5 minutes under high flame. After that remove one rasgulla using a spoon from the sugar syrup to check if it is cooked or not. Press the rasgulla with your finger if it bounce back to its original size then it is cooked completely otherwise cook further.

Checking rasgulla if cooked for rasgulla recipe
Checking if cooked

Step 10
When the rasgullas cooked completely slow the flame and immediately pour around 2 to 3 cup medium warm water into the sugar syrup slowly as shown in the video. Switch off the flame immediately.

Pouring medium hot water into sugar syrup for rasgulla recipe
Pouring medium hot water

Step 11
Remove the rasgullas into the reserved sugar syrup container and let them to cool down completely. The reserved sugar syrup should be medium hot while pouring the rasgullas into it.

Removing rasgulla for rasgulla recipe
Removing rasgulla

Step  12
Refrigerate the rasgullas when cool down and serve garnishing with almonds and pistachios over them.

Garnished rasgulla with almond and pistachios for rasgulla recipe
Garnished rasgulla with almond and pistachios

Rasgulla recipe video :-

Nutritional value for rasgulla ( 1 piece
131 g)

Calories :- 120 kcal

Fat :- 1.8 g  |  protein :- 1.7 g

Carbohydrate :- 25 g

Cholesterol :-  5.4 mg

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How to make orange rasgulla :-

Serving garnished orange rasgulla for orange rasgulla recipe
Orange rasgulla

Orange rasgulla recipe :-

Ingredients :-

(1)   Orange skin

(2)   Orange essence or Orange colour

(3)   Rest of the ingredients are same as mentioned above.

Step by step method for orange rasgulla recipe :-

Step 01
Grate the orange skin finely or grind into a fine paste without adding water.

Grated orange skin for orange rasgulla recipe
Grated orange skin

Step 02
Chenna making steps are same as described above upto step 05.

Step 03
Mix the grated orange skin with the chenna and knead slowly till mixed and smooth.

Mixing grated orange skin with chenna for orange rasgulla recipe
Mixing orange skin with chenna

Step 04
Make small round shaped balls with the chenna and cook in sugar syrup as described above.

Chenna balls with grated orange skin for orange rasgulla recipe
Orange skin chenna balls

Step 05

Mix the orange colour or essence with the reserved sugar syrup and sink the rasgulla into it.

Orange colour sugar syrup for orange rasgulla recipe
Orange colour sugar syrup

Step 06
Leave to rest and cool down for 3 to four hours.

Orange rasgulla in orange color sugar syrup
Orange rasgulla sinks in orange colour sugar syrup

Step 07
Garnish them with almond and pistachios and serve the orange rasgulla.

Serving garnished orange rasgulla
Orange rasgulla

Rasgulla recipe using pressure cooker :-

 Spongy rasgulla require a high flame temperature to cook which is often not possible at our home kitchen gas stove.

So we use pressure cooker to give that temperature to cook the rasgulla.

Ingredients and chenna making methods are same as above for white rasgulla.

For cooking the rasgulla in pressure cooker take around half litre light sugar syrup in a cooker and pour the chenna balls.

Close the lid and increase the flame till first whistle come. Then slow the flame to medium and cook for another 6 to 7 minutes.

After the said time switch off the flame and remove the pressure cooker and cool down immediately.

Open the lid and remove the Rasgulla.

Is rasgulla good for health ?

Though rasgulla is a milk product, it is high in sugar content. High sugar content is high in calorie.

So it is not good for health for people having hypertension and diabetes. Also not good for weight lose.

Recipe notes for rasgulla 

(1)  A perfect spongy rasgulla needs high temperature . So you can place a lid over the cooking container. Or use pressure cooker if you don't have a high flame gas.

(2)  Use full cream or fat cow milk for the recipe.

(3)  Use refined sugar for making the sugar syrup. Otherwise clean the impurities as mentioned above method.

(4)  Always use light sugar syrup for cooking and storing the rasgulla. Storing sugar syrup temperature should be medium hot.

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