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Manchow soup chicken |Recipe for manchow soup

Serving chicken manchow soup with fried noodles for chicken manchow soup recipe
Chicken manchow soup
Chicken manchow soup recipe with photos and videos :-

Manchow soup is a popular fusion soup of Indo Chinese Cuisines , it is a hot and spicy soup made from mix vegetables with both vegeterian and non vegeterian version. Choice of vegetables are simmered with spices like ginger, garlic and chili and then seasoned with salt ,pepper and  soya sauce And served with crisp fried noodles.

Indo Chinese is a popular Cuisine in India with dishes like Chilli Paneer recipe and Ginger honey paneer  that you can try.

Chicken manchow soup is one of  the most popular soup in Indian subcontinent and is readily available  in every hotels and restaurants menu card.

Small cubes of chicken pieces are simmered with vegetables and  herbs like ginger , garlic , chilli and then seasoned with salt , pepper , egg and soya sauce.

 Manchow soup is  considered as one of the best soup for cold and flu. Alhough Hot n Sour soup is treated as a best soup for cold and flu remedies , manchow soup also have some incredible health benefits.

If you love some hot soup that can beat the winter chill then this the highly recommend soup for you. It can make your body warm within minutes.

What is difference between Hot n Sour soup and Manchow soup?

These two soups are both hot and spicy and has some similarities in their preparation. Both of them have almost identical appearance .

The difference between them is that in hot n sour soup , red chilly sauce , vinegar and red chilly paste are used to prepare it whereas in manchow soup these are not used.

Hot n Sour soup is comparatively more hot and spicy than manchow soup.

You can read the full recipe details for chicken hot and sour soup recipe :-

Hot & sour chicken soup recipe

You can prepare this easy and delightful chicken manchow soup at your home quite comfortably with easily available ingredients in your kitchen.

You can make both veg and chicken manchow soup with the same method of preparation .

In veg manchow soup , different types of vegetables like beans, carrot, cabbage , mushroom and tomato are used.

But in  chicken manchow soup in addition to the above ingredients  chicken and beaten egg are used .  Rest of the methods for both the soup are same.

Chicken manchow soup is best served with fried noodles.

I personally love chicken manchow soup  for extra proteins with lots of healthy vegetables.  Love those small pieces of chicken  with this hot spicy soup.

Chicken manchow soup serving with fried noodles
Chicken manchow soup

To make this soup you can use different types of vegetables like beans, carrots, cabbage, mushroom.

But today I am sharing with you the most popular restaurant style chicken manchow soup recipe. So lets learn how to make chicken manchow soup with step by step method with photos and video for it.

Chicken manchow soup recipe video

Chicken manchow soup recipe restaurant style

Ingredients for chicken manchow soup recipe :-

* 1 chicken breast piece

* 2 teaspoon finely chopped cabbage

* 1 teaspoon finely chopped tomato

* 1 teaspoon finely chopped carrot

* 1 teaspoon finely chopped button mushroom( optional)

* 1/2 teaspoon chopped bamboo shoots(optional)

* 1/2 teaspoon chopped ginger

* 1/2 teaspoon chopped garlic

* 1/3 teaspoon green chilli paste

* 1/2 teaspoon dark soya sauce

* 1/4 teaspoon White pepper powder

* 2 teaspoon Corn flour ( starch)

*  Salt as per taste

* 1 teaspoon cooking oil

* 1/2 teaspoon chopped  Corriander leafs ( Cilantro)

* 1/2 cup fried noodles for serving

Bamboo shoots benefits :-

*It is rich in vitamin B complex group of vitamins which are essential for optimum cellular enzymatic and metabolic functions.

* It is one of the very low calorie vegetables 100 gm of fresh bamboo shoots holds only 27 kcal. So it is good for weight loss.

* Bamboo shoots is rich in minerals especially manganese and copper. It isa excellent source for potassium. 100 gm contains 533mg . Potassium is a important components of cells and body fluids.

* It is rich in dietary fiber also.

Chopped cabbage and carrots for chicken manchow soup recipe
Chopped cabbage and carrots

Chopped tomatoes for chicken manchow soup recipe
Chopped tomatoes
Chopped ginger garlic Coriander leafs and green chili paste for chicken manchow soup recipe
Chopped coriander, ginger garlic and Chilli paste

Chopped mushroom and bamboo shoots for chicken manchow soup recipe
Chopped bamboo shoots and mushroom

 Chicken manchow soup recipe step by step  

* You can boil the chicken breast using water and cut into small cubes size pieces and use the water as stock . Or use directly after cutting into small pieces. I love to use the second one,  cook it while making the soup .

* Heat oil in a wok or a pan and saute ginger and garlic in high flame. When  light brown add the chopped tomatoes and saute further for one minute till the tomatoes become translucent.

Sauteing tomatoes ginger garlic for chicken manchow soup recipe
Sauteing ginger garlic and tomato

* If using raw chicken then add them and saute stirring continuously in medium flame.

Sauteing raw chicken with tomatoes ginger garlic for chicken manchow soup recipe
Sauteing raw chicken

* Now add the chopped carrots and cabbage mushroom and bamboo shoots and saute further. Add green chili paste and mix well.

Sauteing chopped cabbage carrots mushroom and bamboo shoots for chicken manchow soup recipe
Sauteing vegetables

* Add 1 cup water and simmer for a while then add salt and white pepper powder.

* You can use chicken stock or vegetable stock instead of water for the recipe.

* Simmer the soup for 1 more minute and  then add 2 teaspoon corn flour mix water.
See the thickness of the soup , if required mix half teaspoon more corn flour water mix.

Simmering vegetables with corn starch water mixture for chicken manchow soup recipe
Added corn starch water mixture

* Now add the dark soya sauce to the soup and mix well . Adjust the colour of the soup if necessary add little more soya sauce .

* Let it simmer for a while and then pour 2 teaspoon of beaten egg slowly into the soup by the side.

Pouring beat egg into soup for chicken manchow soup recipe
Poured beaten egg

* If you are using a boil chicken then add it now after pouring the beaten egg.

* Simmer and drop few chopped coriander leaves and remove in a soup bowl and serve with fried noodles.

Chicken manchow soup topped with chopped coriander
Poured chopped coriander

Serving tips for chicken manchow soup :-

*  Manchow soup is generally served with crisp fried noodles.

*  Soya sauce , vinegar and chilli water in small sauce bowl is also served along with chicken manchow soup.

Dipped fried noodles into chicken manchow soup
Dipped fried noodles

 Calorie value for chicken manchow soup

* It is 263 kcal  for chicken manchow soup.

  Recipe notes for chicken manchow soup

* You can use different types vegetables of your choice like beans , capsicum ,bell peppers.

* It is best to use raw chicken instead of pre boiled chicken pieces.

* Adding mushroom and bamboo shoots  are optional . But these two are important ingredients for a authentic chicken manchow soup.

* You can fry steam noodles in oil till crisp golden brown to make fried noodles to served with chicken manchow soup.

Benefits of chicken manchow soup

This soup has full of healthy vegetables and nutrition and protein so it is considered as a healthy soup .  Herbs like ginger , green chili and coriander leaves has many health benefits as well.

* Is manchow soup good for cold?

* What is the best soup to eat when sick?

* What soup is best for sore throat?

Manchow soup is a spicy and hot soup having ingredients like ginger  which  is a natural way to treat nausea , a common flu symptom. It has  anti-inflammatory properties as well. Ginger can reduce the effect of sore throat as well and it has been widely used for sore throat since old ages.

Chilli used in this soup  ensure that your nose start running and mucus starts moving. So it is good to have a chicken manchow soup for cold .

Manchow soup is also helpful to weight loss as for its low calorie value.

There is no problem if you take chicken manchow soup prepared at home during pregnancy. Although in restaurants , MSG is used in manchow soup preparation but there is no scientific research yet to confirm MSG's significant side effects.

The United States food and drug administration (FDA)  consider MSG to be generally recognized as safe. And requires manufacturer to feature added MSG on food lebels.

Chicken manchow soup is one of the best soup to eat when sick. Because it has protein in chicken and antioxidants in vegetables that can make antibiotics to kill harmful bacteria and viruses. A healthy soup also provides a easy way  to digest nutrients we need when we are sick.

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