Best Paneer recipes

 Paneer recipes|  dishes of paneer

The  best paneer recipes for dinner, lunch and festive season and holiday.

Paneer also known as cottage cheese  is a widely used vegetarian Ingredient in Indian subcontinent.

Paneer recipes are found in different forms either in a gravy , curry , semi gravy and dry preparation.

To make such wonderful paneer dishes you can either use a store brought paneer or make  at home with a simple method.

Below are the best different paneer recipes that you can make at your home for your family and friends and enjoy a dinner.

Paneer recipes list

Best paneer recipes paneer bhurji

Who doesn't love this yummy paneer bhurji with a homemade phulka or chapati. This is one of the best dishes of paneer that you can easily make at home.
Paneer bhurji is made using finely grated paneer with onion, tomato and other spices.

Best paneer recipes matar paneer

Matar paneer is a popular north Indian and Punjabi paneer curry or dish made with green peas and paneer  in a rich tomato onion based gravy with some other spices. You can make this matar paneer recipe either restaurant style or dhaba style. Serve with homemade chapati and phulka or tandoori roti or naan.

Serving paneer Tikka masala for best paneer recipes
One of the best recipes for paneer gravy hugely popular through out the world. You can make this restaurant style paneer tikka masala recipe at home with readily available ingredients at your kitchen. This Punjabi paneer Tikka masala recipe is made using roasted or grilled paneer cubes in tomato onion based gravy. Little amount of Curd is use while cooking the gravy. This is a vegetarian version of popular chicken Tikka masala recipe. You can read the full recipe for Chicken Tikka masala.

  Spicy Paneer Masala

Spicy paneer masala for best paneer recipes
Spicy paneer masala

Paneer masala is another popular paneer dishes which is widely used for dinner or lunch. This paneer recipe is a medium spicy paneer recipe.  Paneer masala is for those who loves little spicy foods. Green Chilli is tempered while making the gravy or sauce to give it the spicy flavour.

    Chilli paneer recipe

Chilli paneer for best paneer recipes
Chilli paneer dry

Another popular paneer recipe Chilli paneer, it is basically an Indo Chinese Cuisines recipe. You can make either Chilli paneer dry recipe or Chilli paneer gravy recipe according to the taste of your needs with this simple recipe. Varieties of sauces like red chilly sauce, dark soya sauce, tomato sauce and vinegar are used to make chili paneer recipe. Try this Chinese Chilli paneer gravy recipe tonight and surprise your family members. If you love Chilli chicken then you can read that full recipe of Chilli chicken recipe as well.

   paneer butter masala 

Paneer butter masala for best paneer recipes
Paneer butter masala

One of the most popular paneer dishes is paneer butter masala. This restaurant style paneer butter masala recipe is made using tomato onion cashew based gravy. Lots of butter(clarified butter) and cream is used to make this rich creamy sauce or gravy. Paneer butter masala is a non spicy paneer gravy or curry.

    Paneer ginger honey

Honey paneer for best paneer recipes
Honey paneer

This is another popular paneer recipe where paneer cubes are coated with spices and flour and then deep fried and tossed with ginger, honey and vegetables. An Indo Chinese Cuisines dish is served as an appetizer or snacks before your dinner. Try this mouth watering dish with healthy honey with ginger

 Paneer tikka

Serving paneer Tikka for best paneer recipes
Paneer tikka

This paneer dish or recipe needs no introduction. Perhaps one of the most loved vegetarian dishes of all time is paneer Tikka. Cubes of paneer are marinated in a spices yoghurt based masala also known as Tandoori masala and then roast or grilled in a charcoal Tandoor or in an Oven or over a non stick pan or tawa till crisp golden. Make this restaurant style paneer tikka recipe at home using a tawa or pan and serve with mint sauce or Chutney.

      paneer Paratha 

Healthy paneer Paratha for best paneer recipes
Paneer paratha

Paneer Paratha is another best healthy breakfast food item of paneer. It is made by using grated paneer mixed with herbs and spices and then stuffed in a whole wheat flour dough. Rolled and roasted and served with curd , tomato sauce or pickles.  Paneer Paratha is good for your kids and babies for their growth. Paneer contains varieties of heathy vitamins and minerals. You can even served it in the tiffin box or lunch box for your kids. You can even make different types of paratha for your breakfast. Read one of the most popular paratha recipe Excellent Aloo paratha.

     Palak Paneer recipe restaurant style 

Palak Paneer for best paneer recipes
Palak paneer

This restaurant style palak paneer recipe is another great way to surprise your family and friends. You can easily make this delicious palak paneer recipe at home.  Puree of palak( spinach) is tempered with aromatic spice and paneer cubes are simmered in it . Cream , butter or ghee are also used to flavour the dish. Best to serve with roti , chapati and naan

 Paneer fingers( kurkure paneer

Paneer fingers ( kurkure paneer) for best paneer recipes
Paneer fingers

Paneer fingers or cheese fingers are a well known paneer recipe in India. Also known as kurkure paneer is made by mixing paneer fingers with spices and flour and then coated with corn flakes crust or bread crumbs. Deep fried till crisp golden. A finger snacks hugely popular for kids. Try this paneer recipe at home for your kids

    Paneer Seekh Kebab

Paneer Seekh Kebab for best paneer recipes
Paneer Seekh Kebab
Seekh Kebab or kabab means juicy , succulent pieces of Lamb or chicken in a cylindrical shape Shewer. But this vegetarian version of paneer Seekh Kebab or kabab is another best recipe of paneer which can give tough competition to mutton or chicken Seekh kabab. Enjoy the Seekh Kebab experience with this paneer Seekh Kebab recipe at home . Make it over a non stick pan or tawa and enjoy. You can read the recipe of Lamb Gilafi Seekh Kebab  as well to differentiate how a non vegetarian Seekh Kebab is made and served.

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