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How to make paneer paratha

Paratha are everyone's favorite. And they especially for all the foodies and cooking enthusiast.
Paneer paratha is yummy, heathy and  versatile. And the best thing, it is extremely easy to make at home. Paneer paratha is one the post popular and preferred morning breakfast food item. Even goes well with a cup of tea as a evening snacks when we feel little hungry. If you are looking for a paneer paratha recipe which is healthy and easy to make, you have come to the right place. Here I bring you a step by step guide on how to make paneer paratha with photos and video.

Serving garnished paratha for paneer paratha recipe

What is paneer Paratha?

Paneer paratha is a stuffed flatbread with spiced paneer fillings inside a whole wheat flour dough. They are either cooked on a tawa (pan) or in a tandoor. Paneer known as indian  cottage cheese is mixed with different spices and herbs and then stuffed inside a dough ball. While cooking on tawa paneer paratha are greased with ghee or butter till become crisp golden.

Before we jump into the recipe, let us look at how healthy and nutritious paneer paratha is. Paneer paratha has many health benefits. It is made of whole wheat flour and stuffed with paneer. Whole wheat flour is excellent for diabetics.  They will not shoot up your blood sugar levels as they are low GI foods. Paneer contains high quality protein and calcium which aids in weight loss. It also contains Omega 3 fatty acids that promotes heart health.

Without any further delay, let us drive into the paneer paratha recipe.

Paneer paratha ingredients

Flour : Whole wheat flour (atta) 

Paneer : Take fresh and soft paneer. Homemade paneer are excellent for this recipe.

Spices : Easily available spices like garam masala powder, red chilli powder, turmeric powder.

Herbs : Fresh cilantro leaves and green chili

Ghee/butter : Good quality of ghee or butter to brush the parathas.

,Other ingredients : Salt, chat masala and cooking oil.


Paneer paratha can be made in many different variations. You can stuffed different types of  vegetables with paneer to make different types of paratha. Like
  • Aloo paneer paratha : add some grated or mashed boil potatoes with paneer fillings to make aloo paneer paratha.
  • Paneer onion paratha : add some chopped onions in the fillings to make it.
  • Cheese paneer paratha : add some grated cheese with the paneer fillings.
  • Cilantro paneer paratha : add fresh chopped coriander leaves in the fillings.
Aloo paneer paratha or cheese paneer paratha are very easy to make while you are making paneer paratha. You need to finely grate aloo or cheese first then mix with paneer fillings. Then take a small portion of the fillings and stuff inside a dough ball and roll. Roast on a pan till crisp golden on both sides. You can apply ghee or butter while roasting them.

Serving suggestions

This versatile paneer paratha can be served with many dishes. Some of the popular side dish for paneer paratha are
  • Yoghurt (curd) is the most preferred choice to serve with it.
  • Mixed pickles or chilly pickles 
  • Green chutney and tomato ketchup
  • Chole or chana masala also work fine as a side dish with paneer paratha.
Tips to make perfect paneer paratha
  •  Use fine quality paneer. It is good to use malai paneer or homemade paneer for the best taste.
  • Make sure there is no big chunks of paneer in the fillings. It is better to grate the paneer than to crumble.
  • To make the paneer paratha more crisp, cook the fillings in a pan with some ghee till all the moisture of paneer evaporated. Cool down completely and then stuff into the dough balls.

Steps to make paneer paratha

Dough making

First we need to make a dough using the wheat flour.  Dough should be like a roti or chapati type dough in texture.  The dough should not be a hard one nor a loose one.

In a mixing bowl take the wheat flour and mix with salt . Add water little by little and start to knead the dough . When finished kneading the dough, keep aside to set.

Wheat flour, salt and water for dough making for paneer paratha recipe

Dough for paneer paratha recipe

Apply cooking oil on the dough and knead further . This will help to make the dough  non sticky. Cover and leave for 5 - 6 minutes to set.

Making fillings

Take a mixing bowl and grate the paneer using a grater. It is better to grate the paneer than to crumble it. Otherwise there may have some small big chunks of paneer in the mixture, which  may break the paratha while rolling.

Grated paneer for paneer paratha recipe

Now add the turmeric powder, chilli powder, garam masala, chopped green chili, chat masala, salt and Cilantro leafs and mix well. Divided the paneer mixture into equal size small balls.

Paneer mixture ball for paneer paratha recipe

Stuffing the fillings

Similarly take the dough mixture and divide into equal size balls. Now apply little oil on both of your hands and flatten the dough ball and place the paneer mixture ball at it centre.

Paneer mixture at the centre of flatten dough for paneer paratha recipe

Gather the edges of the dough and pinch to centre and sealed properly. It would become like a round shaped stuffed dough ball.

Stuffed dough with paneer mixture for paneer paratha recipe


Dust it with flour and roll using a roller pin . Roll it according to your required size.

Rolling paratha dough for paneer paratha recipe


In mean time heat a non stick pan or tawa in medium flame heat fire. When become hot enough place the rolled paratha dough  on it.
13. Roast the paratha on both side till light golden in colour.

Roasting paneer paratha on pan or tawa for paneer paratha recipe

Now brush pure ghee on both side of the paratha and further cook for 1 more minute.
Remove the paratha in a serving plate. And repeat with the remaining dough and stuffing mixture to make more paneer paratha.

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 Aloo paratha recipe 

Punjabi paneer paratha

It can be made in different style of preparation like dhaba style paneer paratha , Punjabi paneer paratha and restaurant style paneer paratha.

In Panjabi paneer paratha amchur powder, ginger is used and is little more spicy compare to a regular paratha. Punjabi paneer paratha is roasted using more ghee and served with makkhan ( white butter) on top of it. The paratha are thick in size as well.

Dhaba style paneer paratha are made by using chopped onions and chopped ginger garlic in the fillings of the paneer paratha. Rest of the ingredients remain. Dhaba style paneer paratha are little bit spicy and loaded with ghee or makhan.

Paneer paratha recipe for kids and babies 

Paneer has many health benefits which are very essential for kids growth.
Paneer is a rich source of protein. 100 g of paneer contains 11 g of protein. It is one of best source of calcium which strengthen the bones and teeth
It is a good source of magnesium and potassium. Which play an important part In good heart health.
Paneer is also a rich source of folate which is crucial in red blood cells production.
So paneer paratha is a good heathy diet for kids and babies.

We need to take extra care while making something for our kids or babies. When making paneer paratha for them we will use very less spice ingredients.
We won't use any chilli or garam masala for them and will make the paratha  more soft while roasting .
For kids and babies , we use only turmeric powder , salt and chopped Cilantro leafs.
Mix salt , turmeric powder and Cilantro leafs with grated paneer and make round shaped ball.
Take a small wheat flour dough ball and stuff the paneer mixture little more inside it. We will stuff  more paneer into the paratha.
We make small size paneer paratha for kids
Using a roller pin , roll the paratha and roast it in a non stick pan . Apply little pure ghee on both side of the paratha.

Roasting paneer paratha recipe for kids

Roasting paneer paratha recipe for kids

Don't overcook or crisp the paratha for kids. Just cook it perfect and keep soft. Remove and serve them with tomato ketchup.

Small paneer paratha with tomato ketchup for paneer paratha recipe for kids

Today I am sharing the  easy and simple paneer paratha recipe that you can make at  home quite comfortably.

Paneer paratha banane ki recipe | Paneer paratha recipe

Serving paneer paratha with green chutney and tomato sauce for paneer paratha recipe

Paneer paratha is a healthy paratha recipe for breakfast and a popular recipe of Punjab. Spiced grated paneer is stuffed in a wheat flour dough and rolled and roast till crisp golden.

Prep time               cooking time      serving
10 min                     5 min                          2
Author :.                 Mobasir hassan


• 100 g paneer ( cottage cheese)

• 1/3 tablespoon garam masala

• 1/4 tablespoon turmeric powder (haldi )

• 1/4 tablespoon red chilli powder( cayenne)

• 1/2 tablespoon chopped green chili ( jalapeno)

• Pinch of chat masala

• Some fresh chopped Cilantro leaves

• Salt as per taste

For the dough

• 250 g whole wheat flour ( atta)

• Pinch of salt

• Water as required

• 2 tablespoon ghee for roasting

• 1/2 tablespoon cooking oil

How to make the recipe
  1. Take the wheat flour in a mixing bowl and add salt. Pour water slowly and start to knead to make palpable dough.
  2. Grease it with oil and knead again.  Cover and keep rested for 5 - 6 minutes to set.
Making the fillings
  1. Grate the paneer finely without any lumps.
  2. Mix it with turmeric powder, red chilli powder, garam masala, chopped green chili, chat masala, salt and chopped coriander leaves.
  3. Divide this mixture into equal size small balls for stuffing.

Making paneer paratha

  1. Divide the dough into equal size balls. Roll one ball with a roller pin to flatten about 3 inch diameter.
  2. Place the paneer filling ball at the centre of the rolled dough.
  3. Gather the edges of the dough and pinch to the centre and seal properly.
  4. Otherwise you can apply oil on your palm and flatten the dough ball and place the filling at its centre.
  5. Dust the stuffed dough ball with flour and roll to a diameter of around six inch. 
  6. Heat a non stick pan or tawa in medium flame and place the rolled paratha over it.
  7. Roast the paratha on both sides using ghee or butter till crisp golden.
  8. Similarly repeat with the remaining dough balls and roast them.
  9. Serve them hot with pickle, curd or raita.

Paneer paratha recipe video

                         Nutritional value
                         (Serving size 1 Paratha)
  • Calorie :- 320
  • Fats : 17 g
  • Protein : 11 g
  • Carbohydrate : 32 g
What to serve with paneer paratha ? Side dish for paneer paratha.

You can serve plain curd (yogurt) with paneer paratha. Mix pickle or chilli pickle can also be served with it.
A hot paneer paratha taste yummy with green chutney ( Cilantro mint sauce) and tomato ketchup.
Chole or chana masala are good options as a side dish for paneer paratha. 

                         Recipe notes

• It is good to grate the paneer for the recipe otherwise some lumps may present while crumbled it. And that may break down the paratha while rolling.
• While making the dough , it is important to keep the dough texture medium.
• You can roast the paratha without any ghee or oil .
• This paneer paratha can served as a Jain paneer paratha . As there is no use of onion and garlic in this recipe
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