Methi paratha healthy and nutritious recipe

Recipe for Methi paratha | how to make Methi paratha

Methi paratha is a traditional paratha(flat bread) recipe of indian cuisine made for breakfast. This healthy Methi paratha is made by using whole wheat flour, spices and methi leaves. It is eaten with chutney, pickle, Dahi, Dal and gravy.,

Methi leaves known is also known as fenugreek leaves. The word fenugreek has its origin in the Latin language. It is commonly seen in the Mediterranean area of southern Europe.

This leaves has numerous health benefits and have used for ages. So we can include these herb in our diet by making this healthy Methi paratha.

Serving Methi paratha with chutney, onion and cucumbers for Methi paratha recipe
Methi paratha

Methi paratha is good for health. Due to the presence of Methi leaves in it Methi paratha can improve our health and wellness.

You can see how this paratha can help our health

 • These Methi leaves can control glucose metabolism and thus helpful in type 2 diabetes.

• It can also help in controlling cholesterol levels, heart health and blood lipids.

• Improve bowel movement

• It also reduce skin blemishes and good for long and lustrous hair.

Methi paratha, a chapati with green vegetables, Methi can be so effective for our health and are richi n  Folic acid, Vitamin C and Vitamin A. These  leaves are storehouse of minerals such as calcium, iron and potassium.

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Making this paratha at home is very simple. You can make different shapes of Methi  paratha like round shaped, triangular Methi paratha and lachaha Methi paratha at home. You can even make stuffed Methi paratha as well.

How to store Methi leaves

Generally we buy Methi leaves in a bunch and end using only a part of it. And wrap up them in a new paper or absorbent and keep in refrigerator. This way we can store them for 2 - 3 days only.

But you can store them for up to 15 days by using another popular method.

First separate the leaves from the stem and wash nicely to remove any dirt. Pat them dry. After that you can directly fry them in hot oil for 1 minute. Or saute them in medium flame on a pan till moisture of the leaves absorbed. Remove and cool down completely.

Fried Methi leaves for storing
Fried Methi leaves

After that store in a air tight container and keep in freezer.


Methi leaves are little bitter in taste so you can blanched the for few minutes to reduce the bitterness.

I often use to fry Methi leaves and store them. And whenever want to make a Methi paratha just apply those fried Methi leaves on the dough and make the paratha.

Fried Methi leaves doesn't taste any bitterness. And it is perhaps the best easy method to make a Methi paratha quickly.

You can use boiled mashed potato while making the Methi paratha dough. This makes the paratha soft and more nutritious. You can take two paratha for a complete meal as well by these method.

Stuffed Methi paratha is another good option for you to try if you like more Methi leaves in your paratha. For that you need to make a fillings of Methi leaves with the spices.

For that heat oil in a pan and fry 1 teaspoon chopped garlic with 1/2 teaspoon cumin seeds. Then add the chopped Methi leaves and saute for 2 minutes or till the leaves moisture evaporated.

Add red chilli powder, chopped green chili and salt. When the mixture become dry remove in a plate and cool down completely.

After cool down, stuffed them in a dough and roll to make a paratha.

Similarly you can make besan Methi paratha also by adding besan( gram flour) with all the other ingredients as mentioned below.

Punjabi Methi paratha

If we talk about paratha then one place that come first is Punjab.  It has a rich heritage of foods in Indian cuisine.

Punjabi foods are rich in ghee, cream , butter and white makkan. So to make Punjabi Methi Paratha we need carom seeds, lal mirch powder, jeera powder, green chili, coriander powder. Mix all these ingredients with atta to make the dough for Methi paratha. Amchur powder is another ingredients that is used in Methi paratha in Punjab.

Roll the parathas and roast them on Tawa with ghee.

Serve these Punjabi Methi paratha topping with white makkan, Dal makhani or chole. In Punjab lachaha Methi paratha is very popular and made by roasting them in a clay tandoor.

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Methi paratha recipe

Serving Methi paratha

                          Methi paratha 

Methi paratha is a traditional paratha recipe from Indian cuisine made for breakfast and lunch box. Methi leaves gives an aromatic rich flavour to this flat bread. It is served with pickle, chutney, curd and dal.

Preparation time :- 15 minutes

Cooking time :- 10 minutes

Total time :- 25 minutes

Yeilds :- 2 servings

Author :- Mobasir hassan

Ingredients :-

   • 1 cup whole wheat flour ( Atta)

   • 1/2 cup chopped Methi leaves(fenugreek

   • 1/3 teaspoon red chilli powder

   •1/2 teaspoon carom seeds(optional)

   • 1/3 teaspoon cumin powder (jeera)

   • 1/4 teaspoon coriander powder(dhaniya)

  ,• 2 green chili finely chopped

   • 1/4 teaspoon salt or as per taste

   • 1/2 teaspoon oil kneading 

   • Ghee or butter for frying

   How to make the recipe


   1. Take the wheat flour in a mixing bowl           and mix with finely chopped methi 
       leaves, cumin powder, coriander 
       powder, chopped chilli and salt.

   2. Add little water and begin to knead to 
       make a soft roti like dough. Add water 
       little by little as required.

   3. Mix 1/2 teaspoon oil and knead again 
       again for a minute for smooth finishing.
       Cover and rest for 10 minutes.

   4. Divide the dough mixture into equal
       small parts and make round shaped 
       balls. Buy

Making the Methi paratha   

   1. Flour the rolling area and dust a dough
       ball with flour from both sides.

   2. Roll the dough into a round shaped
       paratha keeping slightly thick than
       chapati. You can give it a triangular
       shaped or make lachaha paratha.

   3. Make 4 - 5 parathas with the dough ball.
       Keep them aside.

   4. Heat a non stick pan or tawa in medium
       high flame and place a paratha on it.

   5. Tiny bubble will start on the Paratha
       then flip it and slightly press with a
       spatula to evenly cooked from all sides.

   6. Apply some butter or ghee over the
       paratha and flip to other side. Similarly
       press evenly and apply ghee to the
       paratha and cooked till light brown and
       done evenly.

   7. Similarly repeat with the remaining
       dough balls and keep them one over
        others to keep soft.

   8. Serve them with curd, pickles and
       salad or plain Dal.


       Video for Methi paratha recipe

 Nutritional value (estimated only)

    Serving size :- one paratha

   Calories :- 131 kcal

   Carbohydrate :- 25 g

   Protein :- 7 g | Fat :- 8 g

 Serving tips for Methi Paratha

• Methi paratha can be served with chutney, pickle, curd and Dal.

• Chole or chana masala and Dal makhani are also goes well with Methi paratha.

             Recipe notes

•  You can mix carom seeds in the dough to make the paratha as well.

• Mixing red chilli powder is optional but it gives a nice colour and balance the flavour of the Methi leaves.

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  You can read the step by step photos and instructions for making the Methi paratha recipe below with round shaped, triangular shaped and lachaha shaped Methi paratha recipe.


1. Mix wheat flour(atta) with chopped Methi leaves, red chilli powder, cumin powder, coriander powder, chopped chilli and salt. If you like can add carom seeds (ajwain) as well.

Mixing ingredients for Methi paratha dough
Mixing ingredients

2. Now slowly add water and knead everything well to make a smooth chapati like dough.

Dough for Methi paratha recipe
Methi paratha dough

3. Grease with oil and left to rest for 15 minutes.

Rolling Methi paratha

4. Make small equal size ball from the dough.

Making round shaped dough balls for Methi paratha recipe
Dough balls

5. Dust a dough ball with flour from all sides and roll evenly to make a round shaped paratha.

Rolling Methi paratha for Methi paratha recipe
Rolling Methi paratha

Roasting Methi paratha

6. Heat a tawa or non stick pan on medium hot and place the paratha on it to cook. When small bubbles start to appear, flip it and cook the other side as well 

Roasting Methi paratha on Tawa for Methi paratha recipe
Roasting Methi paratha

7. Apply ghee or oil over both sides and cook to light brown. 

Roasting Methi paratha till light brown on pan or tawa for Methi paratha recipe
Roasting Methi paratha

8. Similarly roast all the paratha and serve with chutney and salad.

Serving Methi paratha with garnished for Methi paratha recipe
Methi paratha

Triangular Methi paratha

9. After rolling the dough ball into round shaped apply oil or ghee over it.

10. Fold it to half and apply ghee or oil again.

11. Fold it again to make a triangle.

Triangular Methi paratha dough

12. Now roll it triangle wise slightly to make triangular shaped paratha.

Rolling Triangular Methi paratha
Triangular Methi paratha

Methi Paratha

13. After rolling the dough ball into round shaped, apply ghee on it.

14. Now start creating pleats by folding with the help of fingers.

Folding lachha Methi paratha
Folding lachha Methi paratha

15. Stretch the pleats dough as much as possible. Begin to roll the pleats dough like a swiss roll. And secure the end by pressing gently.

16. Now dust it with flour and roll to a thin circle like paratha.

17. Roast them on tawa till light crisp brown with ghee or oil.

Lachha Methi paratha
Lachha Methi paratha
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