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Excellent Aloo paratha recipe

Aloo paratha how to make | spiced Indian potato flat bread | aloo paratha recipe

Garnished pieces of aloo paratha with sauce for aloo paratha recipe
Aloo paratha

Aloo paratha is a dish from Indian subcontinent and is widely used in morning breakfast.

Aloo paratha is a stuffed flat bread where outer layer is made using whole wheat flour ( atta) and stuffing is spiced potato (aloo) mixture.

Below a aloo paratha recipe with step by step instructions and photos and a small video about how to stuff the aloo mixture inside the dough ball easily without breaking down.

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Watch the slides for aloo paratha recipe

Aloo paratha recipe can be divided into three parts :-

       1. Dough making for aloo paratha

       2. Stuffing  making for aloo paratha

       3. Rolling and roasting for aloo paratha

Ingredients for Aloo paratha recipe :-

* 1 cup whole wheat flour (atta)

* 3 to 4 boiled potatoes (aloo)

* 2 teaspoon chopped onion

* 1/2 teaspoon chopped green chili

* 1/3 teaspoon ground cumin ( jeera powder)

* 1/4 teaspoon turmeric powder ( haldi)

* 1/4 teaspoon chat masala

* 1/4 teaspoon salt, as per taste

* 1 teaspoon fresh Cilantro leafs (dhaniya Patta)

* 2 teaspoon cooking oil or pure ghee

Wheat flour (atta) for aloo paratha recipe
Wheat flour (atta)

Boiled potatoes for Aloo paratha recipe
Boiled potatoes

Chopped onion and green chili for aloo paratha recipe
Chopped onion and green chili

Salt, turmeric powder, cumin powder Cilantro leafs for Aloo paratha recipe

Method of preparation for aloo paratha recipe


             1. Dough making for aloo paratha

* Take a mixing bowl and add the wheat flour , salt and little cooking oil and mix well.

Wheat flour, water and salt in a mixing bowl for aloo paratha dough recipe
Mixing water salt in wheat flour

* Now slowly add water and knead to form a medium smooth dough like chapati or roti dough.

Wheat flour dough for aloo paratha recipe
Dough for aloo paratha

* Grease oil over the dough and keep covered to rest for 10 minutes to set.

* You can mix Carom seeds (ajwain) in the dough mixture as well, which is very useful for digestion. Otherwise it is fine.

         2.  Stuffing making for aloo paratha recipe            ----------------------------------

You can make two different types of stuffing for aloo paratha.

                         First type of stuffing

* Peel the boiled potatoes and mashed them in a mixing bowl. It is better to grate the potatoes to avoid big chunks which may cause breaking the paratha while rolling.

* Add the chopped onions, chopped chilly, turmeric powder, cumin powder, chat masala, Cilantro leafs and salt . Mix very well. Taste the seasoning of the mixture. If required add more spices.

Adding chopped onion green chilli, turmeric powder,cumin powder with mashed potato for aloo paratha stuffing
Mixing all ingredients

Stuffing mixture for aloo paratha recipe
Stuffing mixture

* Chat masala is sufficient for the Tangy flavour of the paratha . You don't need to add amchur powder or lemon juice.

                      Second types of stuffing

* Heat half teaspoon of oil in a non stick pan, add  chopped or slice onions and few curry leaves. Saute for one minute. Add the grated potatoes , chilly, turmeric powder, cumin powder,chat masala and salt. Mix them very well. Switch off the flame and remove the potato mixture in a bowl . Let the mixture cool down completely.

Sauteing onions and curry leaves for aloo paratha recipe

Adding green chili, turmeric powder,salt , cumin powder in saute onions for Aloo paratha recipe

Adding mashed potato and green chili in sauteed onion mixture for aloo paratha stuffing

Sauteed mashed potatoes for aloo paratha stuffing mixture

* Curry leaves gives a aromatic flavour to the aloo paratha mixture. And it has many  health benefits also.

* This types of aloo paratha mixture is very popular in Maharashtra and southern regions of India.  This is a homestyle recipe for aloo paratha in these region.

           3. Rolling and roasting aloo paratha

* Take the prepared dough mixture and divide into equal size. Make round shaped ball of them.

Round shaped dough balls for aloo paratha recipe
Dough balls

* Similarly divide the potato mixture into equal size balls. Make sure that the potato mixture ball is larger than the dough ball.

* This is because more stuffing make better tasty aloo paratha.

* Now take one dough ball and dip in dry flour and roll into 3 - 4 inch diameter using a roller pin and board.

* Put one potato mixture ball on centre and gather the edges. Pinch it to centre and sealed properly.

Potato mixture at the center of flat bread for aloo paratha recipe

Sealing dough with potato stuffing inside for aloo paratha recipe

* Again dip it in dry flour and roll into 6 inch diameter around . Roll gently.

Rolled stuffed aloo paratha

* If there is little breaking while rolling the paratha then don't worry for that.  You can add dry flour in that part and roll again.

     Quick way to stuff a aloo paratha

Below I am sharing a video for  quickly stuffing potato mixture inside a dough ball. It is very easy and  you can quickly finish stuffing all your dough ball with potato mixture.

              Video for quick stuffing potato mixture for aloo paratha recipe

* Now heat a non stick pan or tawa in medium flame. When hot place the rolled paratha on it and cook for few seconds.

Cooking aloo paratha in a non stick pan

* Flip the paratha , you can see some brown cooking spot on the paratha. Cook the other side for another few seconds.

Brown colour marks on aloo paratha cooking on pan
Spot on paratha

* Flip again and apply some oil on the surface of the paratha. Repeat with the other side of the paratha as well.

* When the paratha become crisp golden on both sides remove from the pan in a serving plate and serve hot.

* You can serve the paratha  cutting into four pieces and garnished with tomato ketchup and mint Chutney.

Aloo paratha cut into pieces and serve with mint Chutney and tomato ketchup
Garnished aloo paratha in pieces

* You can cook the aloo paratha without using any oil and it taste good and healthy as well.

* In place of oil , you can use pure ghee or butter to cook the paratha.

* In some hotels and restaurants, aloo paratha is cooked in ovalclay charcoal Tandoor also.

 Cooking aloo paratha in charcoal Tandoor

Cooking aloo paratha in charcoal Tandoor
Cooking aloo paratha in charcoal Tandoor


* Aloo paratha is served traditionally with white butter on top of it .

* Yogurt (curd) ,  pickle and onion slice is also served as accomplishment with aloo paratha.

* Mint Coriander Chutney and tomato ketchup can also be served with aloo paratha.

* In some places aloo paratha is served with chana masala( chole) and with Dal makhani.

Some people ask how to make aloo paratha without breaking ?

The answer for making aloo paratha without breaking is as follows :-

* Firstly if you don't mashed the potato stuffing smoothly there is a chance of breaking of the paratha.

* Secondly if the used herbs like Cilantro,green chillies are not chopped finely then there is a chance of breaking the paratha while rolling.

* Thirdly if the dough mixture is not knead properly then there is a chance for that.

* So the potato should mashed smoothly so that there should not be any chunks in potato mixture. It is better to grate the potatoes for the stuffing mixture instead of mashing.

* Chopped the Cilantro, chilli and onion very fine to avoid breaking.

* Dough play an important part while making a good and perfect aloo paratha.

* Knead the dough mixture 2 - 3 times  to achieve elasticity texture. Keep the dough mixture medium smooth.


* In place of oil you can use ghee or butter while cooking the paratha .  For vegan aloo paratha recipe use only cooking oil. And if possible use a vegan butter for that.

* You can aloo paratha more nutritous by adding boiled and mashed vegetables like green peas, french beans, carrot and broccoli.

* It is important to mashed the potato finely. You can use a potato masher for that. Grating is the best option for that.

* If using seasoning potato mixture then cool it completely while stuffing. Otherwise the paratha may break.

* Chopped the onion , chilly and Cilantro finely .

      How to boil potato for aloo paratha recipe ?

*  It is easy to  boil potato in a pressure cooker. Just put the potatoes inside the cooker and add water so they are submerged in the water. Cook for 3 whistles on high flame.

* Let the pressure go down by itself then open the lid and remove the potatoes and let them cool down to touch.  Peel and mashed or grate them.

* If not using pressure cooker then take a deep vessel pod and place the potatoes. Add water so that the potato submerged in the water and cook for 10 minutes in medium flame.

* Check the potato using a fork or tooth pick if they are cooked or not.

Frequently asked questions about aloo paratha :-

1. Is aloo paratha healthy?

* Yes aloo paratha is healthy if we use whole wheat flour(atta) for making the dough. Or use multi grain flour (atta). A aloo paratha without oil is healthy. Like a aloo paratha cooked in tandoor is healthy.

* If you are trying to weight loss then a aloo paratha in not idle option for you. It contains high amount of calories.

 *Aloo paratha is a good option for those who want to gain weight.

* The calorie value for aloo paratha is more than 250kcal.

2. Is aloo paratha vegan?

You can make aloo paratha totally vegan by using vegetable cooking oil instead of ghee.
Even without using any oil can make your aloo paratha complete vegan recipe.

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