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No. 1 banquet | marriage hall in Navi Mumbai Thane

Banquet hall , marriage hall in Thane, Navi Mumbai | banquet hall in Thane

Wedding stage setting banquet country Inn & suites by Radisson Navi Mumbai

The big day of your dreams comes near to you. It's your wedding. Family and friends all are excited to be a part of your unforgettable moment of life. You want your wedding to be perfectly planned and organized.

A successful wedding celebration depends upon the choices you make. In between tones of things, you are required to  filter the wedding venue, the banquet hall.

The wedding venue or the banquet is the most crucial element, which requires careful attention.

Of course there are thousands of wedding halls and Banquets available around the city but choosing the right venue is one of the most crucial decision you have take.

A perfect wedding banquet should fullfil all your needs, take care of your guests and gives you a satisfactory breath.

You can also check for the benefits of wedding in a hotel from the below link :-

Top 5 Reasons for wedding in a hotel

So here I am sharing a brief description about the best hotel for wedding venue in Navi Mumbai and Thane, banquets in Vashi,  which takes care everything for you and makes your wedding a memorable events for life.

 Banquet(marriage hall) Navi Mumbai, Thane

Country Inn & Suites By Radisson gives you more number of choices to choose for your grand event.

They are the  best to  offer you the best class of hospitality in the industry.

There are five  banquet halls in country Inn & suites by Radisson Navi Mumbai.

This is the perfect venue for upcoming events and marriage ceremony with all modern amenities and facilities.

All the banquet and marriage hall are fully air conditioned.  Below are some brief description about the banquet and marriage hall in country inn .

1. Lotus Imperial and Regalia

It has a capacity of around 200 plus number of guests.

Wedding banquet at country inn & suites by Radisson Navi Mumbai
Sitting and stage

2. Splendor.

These hall is for a small group  having a capacity of 25 plus number of guests. Best for your personal  family birthday party or a cocktail  event of friends.

3. Grande and Royale (wedding halls in Navi Mumbai)

It is for your big events can accommodate around 400 plus number of guests.

Wedding banquet stage and sitting at country inn & suites by Radisson Navi Mumbai

4. Poolside.

This venue can accommodate around 100 plus number of guests.

Poolside wedding banquet at country inn & suites by Radisson Navi Mumbai

5. Zenith.

The open sky venue has a capacity of around 300 plus number of guests.

Zenith wedding banquet at country inn suites by Radisson Navi Mumbai
Zenith roof top

Below are some good reasons why Country Inn & Suites by Radisson should be your ideal choice for your wedding venue (marriage hall) corporate events and other social get together in vashi , Navi Mumbai, Thane district.

Marriage hall  at Thane

Reasons to choose a wedding banquet halls in Thane :- 


 The banquet halls in country inn & suites are very spacious and conceived to entertain a large number of guests. 

You should have a fair idea about the number of guests and the kind of gathering you are having whenever searching for a banquet hall.

At country inn & suites, we take care everything for you and your guests. If your number of guests increases , don't get panic we will take care of it and manage everything for you.

Sitting arrangements in wedding banquet at country inn and suites By Radisson Navi Mumbai


All the banquet halls are well furnished, clean , well appointed and modern. 

* All halls are fully air conditioning.

*  High class Wash room.

* Free WiFi.

* Charging station.

* Parking.

Interior wedding banquet at country inn and suites By Radisson Navi Mumbai

You will get all these facility at country inn & suites by Radisson, Navi Mumbai.


We have highly skilled and qualified staff from the industry for your service.
They understand their job perfectly and are capable of handling any situations easily. They are always by your side to offer you a world class friendly  services. They take care all your needs at a single call.

Dinner buffet in wedding banquet at country inn and suites By Radisson Navi Mumbai


Food is the central factor of your occasion and if it is not up to the mark then it can  ruin you event.

At Country Inn & Suites,  we have some renewed professional Chefs from the Culinary industry. They are highly skilled and hygenic .  You can experience some of best Global cuisine as well as regional. They are experts in providing you the best dishes of your choice.

Dinner buffet in wedding banquet at country inn and suites by Radisson Navi Mumbai


Country Inn & Suites by Radisson is situated at the heart of your city.  It is very close to Thane, Vashi and Kalyan.  Your guests can easily drive here and can enjoy your events.
 plot no. x 4, 5 - B,
 Shilphata road, TTC
 Industrial Area, MIDC, Mahape
 Navi Mumbai, Thane


* They have 98 number  of  luxury rooms . You can booked them for your out station relatives for the occasion.

* One multi cuisine global restaurant Mosaic which is 24×7  open to serve your needs.

* One speciality restaurant Oasis which serve you some best of the regional cuisines.

* Spa services.

For more details about Mosaic restaurant in Country Inn & Suites , see below link :-

Mosaic multi cuisine global restaurant

Selfie section in wedding banquet at country inn and suites By Radisson Navi Mumbai
Selfie section

Selfie point in wedding banquet at country inn and suites By Radisson Navi Mumbai
For selfie

                 LUNCH BOX FOR PARCEL

AT COUNTRY INN AND SUITES BY RADISSON NAVI MUMBAI , you can get a lunch box for corporate events, meetings and small function and meetings.

You can choose from a wide variety of menus for you LUNCH BOX.

They offer some of the best in class culinary dishes for your lunch box. There are continental lunch box menu, Indian lunch box menus, Indo continental menus. Chinese or Oriental food menus for your lunch box.

Lunch box at banquets in country inn and suites by Radisson Navi Mumbai
Lunch box


This wedding season book your wedding plan and marriage hall at reasonable price with best discount in market. 

You can mail for booking and fix a meeting for your upcoming events.

Email:- mobasirhassan@gmail.com

Frequently asked questions :-

1. Can I see rooms and hall before booking?

Yes you can see the rooms and all the hall before booking.  Even you can have a food tasting of  your choice dishes before you book a event  at country inn and suites by Radisson Navi Mumbai. There will be no charge for that . 

2. How many people can AC banquet hall accommodate? 

At country inn , different AC banquet hall has different amount of capacity to accommodate. Maximum 400- 450 people can accommodate in AC hall.

3. Can I bring my own decorations or banquet halls offer them?

They offer you their in house decorator to decorate your event , you don't need to bring any decorations.  The decorator have their charges according to the decorations you select for your events.

4. What are the rental charges for AC Banquet halls in Mumbai?

At country inn and suites, you don't have to pay any charges for the AC halls. They only change for the foods for your events.

5. Are there any parking services available?

Yes you can have a parking facilities here without any charges for you and your guests.

6. Do the banquet hall offers  catering services ?Can you have your own caterer?

At country inn and suites by Radisson,  you get top world class catering services from the best of hospitality industry. 

You don't to hire your own caterer for your events. They will take care everything for you.

7. Are there any bar or alcohol services provided?

Yes they offer you the best branded  alcohol and beverage services . You can even ask for in hall bar facility for your guests also. 

8. What is the prize range for the banquet halls?

You don't have to pay for the banquet halls just pay for your food and beverage. No extra hide cost . Only pay for you dinner or lunch.



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