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Pasta,baked vegetables in buffet dinner ideas food recipe

It's time to take a break , going for a lunch or dinner. But where to go? There are plenty of hotels and restaurants in the city to go and enjoy the meal with your family.

But it's really difficult to find a place where healthy and hygenic foods meets your guts.

Mosiac a multi cuisine restaurant is there to serve and help you as your needs.
It's a 24/7 coffee shop to serve  all global cuisine at your plates.

You have all the options to choose right from a family get-together to a corporate events.
you can either go with the buffet choice or a ala-carte menu choice.

Mosaic restaurant sitting set up for dining
Interior Mosiac

Lunch, Dinner and brunch buffet at Mosiac restaurant Navi Mumbai

Office Lunch

There is a corporate office lunch buffet every day.

 Monday to Friday.

 12-30 pm to 3-30 pm.

Brunch buffet :-

Saturday to Sunday

12-30 pm to 3-30 pm.

Dinner buffet :-

Regular all weekend.

7 pm to 11 pm.

There is a huge Breakfast buffet  every morning from 7am to 11am.

The rates are reasonable for having such a healthy and tasty food here.

Lunch buffet: :.

Adult :  549 +taxes
Kids.  :.  450 +taxes

Dinner buffet :

Adult : 750 + taxes
Kids.  : 450 +taxes

Breakfast buffet :

All  : 450 + taxes

Saturday and Sunday brunch :

800 + taxes

In lunch buffet :-

You get one veg and non veg starter.
One veg soup and one mocktail.

Main course....

2 Indian Veg

2 Indian Non Veg

2 Continental Veg

2 Oriental Veg

2 Rice preparations

2 Dal

Food gravy and briyani in buffet dinner ideas Mosiac restaurant Navi Mumbai

Fish lemon butter sauce and chicken Masala in buffet dinner ideas Mosiac restaurant Navi Mumbai

Along with 

* 2 Pastry desserts

* 4 types of cut Fruits

* One Indian dessert

Different types of pastry Dinner ideas Mosiac restaurant Navi Mumbai

There is a live cooking station also available everyday to serve you live your favorites

* Chats

* Appam

* Chole bature

* Hot Dog

* Tawa Subji

* Pasta

Chef in live cooking dinner ideas Mosiac restaurant Navi Mumbai
Live Cooking

Mosaic restaurant Navi Mumbai Dinner buffet details

In Dinner buffet :

You have a very large options to dine.

* Two soups

* Two Mocktails

* 2 + 2 Starters

* 5 Indian Veg Main course

* 2 Continental veg

* 3 Oriental Veg

* 2 Rice preparation

* 2 Dal

* 3 Indian Non Veg

* 2 Oriental Non Veg

* 1 Continental NonVeg

* 5 Desserts

Theres a huge salad bar to serve you

* 6 Veg preparation salads

* 3 Non veg preparation salads

Salad bar dinner ideas Mosiac restaurant Navi Mumbai
Salad Bar

All your favourite salad dressing is also there to enhance your salads according to your taste.

Salad and dressing Dinner ideas Mosiac restaurant Navi Mumbai
Salad Dressing
The most important things is that you can feel a homely atmosphere and every body is ready to serve you a world class hospitality to enjoy your meal.

Crab Schezwan Sauce in garnished plate dinner ideas
Crab in schezwan sauce

You can also place an ala carte order.

Pizza dinner ideas food recipe

You can enjoy the World famous dishes here at Mosaic restaurant.

* The Great Greek salad

 * The Ceasar salad

* The Pasta

* Pizzas

Along with our own Desi flavors 

 * Mutton Rogan Josh

* Kebabs and Briyanis also.

Greek salad dinner ideas for food recipe

* There is  festival buffet  on some great occasions held at Mosiac restaurant.

1. Happy Baisakhi  festival

One of the most important and popular festival of Punjab. 

At Mosiac restaurant there is  theme of baisakhi dinner buffet every year.
Baisakhi theme festival Hotels Restaurants
Baisakhi theme

Masiac Restaurant baisakhi theme
Dinner theme

Dinner baisakhi theme Mosiac restaurant
Dinner theme

For Booking and Reservation

Call +91 22 6159 4000

Mosaic Restaurants

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