best dinner ideas chicken Tangdi kebab food recipe

Chicken Tangdi ( drumsticks) kebab recipe best dinner ideas

Dinner ideas chicken Tangdi kebab serving on plate
Chicken Tangdi kebab

Kebab is not a unknown name and it's popular all over the world. People are always fond of some great tasty kebabs.  When it is prepared in a perfection and in a traditional way of cooking, you just can't wait to explore the taste of juicy tangdi kebab.

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Chicken Tangdi kebab , chicken drumsticks can be prepared in many different ways of preparation. Depending on the ingredients used to make a chicken Tangdi kebab, it can be classified into the following names.

       1. Chicken Tangdi kebab tandoori

These Tangdi kebab is red in colour and full of Indian Masalas. It is spicy and hot.

      2. Hariyali Tangdi kebab

These type of Tangdi kebab are made using a green paste of Mint leafs, Corriander leafs and spinach.

     3.  Reshmi Lasooni Tangdi kebab

 These type of tangdi kebab are  cream based and season with fried garlic.

There are more types of chicken Tangdi kebab available. Today I am going to share the recipe of Reshmi Tangdi kebab Lasooni.

Reshmi Tangdi kebab lasooni is mild , creamy and less spicy having full of aromas and a distinct flavors of garlic.

I personally love and recommend this Tangdi kebab for some especial occasions.

Preparation time :-  2 1/2 hr

Cooking time :- 10 -12 minutes

Difficulty :- medium

Yields :- 1 servings

How to make Chicken  Tangdi kebab recipe.

Ingredients :-

* 3 pieces of Chicken Legs( drumsticks)

* 1/2 cup hang Curd ( Greek yogurt)

* 2 tbs Ginger Garlic paste

* 1/2 tbs Green Chilly Paste

* 1 tbs Lemon juice

* 1 tbs chopped Garlic

* 2 tbs Turmeric powder

* 1)2 tbs Chat masala

* Salt as per taste

* 1/2 tbs Cumin powder

* 1/4 tbs Garam masala

*  1tbs Butter

* 2 tbs Mustard oil

* 4 tbs Cooking oil

* Chopped Corriander leafs for garnish

Dinner ideas chicken legs for tangdi kebab food recipe
Chicken legs(drumsticks)

Ginger garlic Chilly Paste,curd for tangdi kebab easy dinner recipe
Yogurt,ging Ginger garlic paste, green chili paste

Dinner ideas lemon turmeric powder salt, garlic for tangdi kebab
lemon,turmeric powder,salt ,fry garlic,chat masala

Cumin Garam masala dinner ideas for chicken Tangdi kebab
Cumin powder, Garam masala, mustard oil

Step by step instructions to make Chicken Tangdi kebab Recipe

Method of preparation :-

* Clean the chicken legs ( drumsticks) and dry it using a clean kitchen cloth.

* Make 3-4 incision on the legs length wise.

Incision marks on chicken legs for tangdi kebab food recipe
Incision on legs

* Make a first marination of the chicken legs using half tbs of lemon juice, salt ,Ginger garlic paste and cooking oil.

* Leave it for 30 minutes to marinate.

* Meantime prepare the second marination.

* Take a mixing bowl , add the yogurt, cumin powder, Garam masala, green chili paste, chat masala, salt and half of the turmeric powder and half of fried garlic.

Curd Chilly Ginger garlic paste dinner ideas for tangdi kebab

Mixed all ingredients for tangdi kebab food recipe

* Mix well and add the Mustard oil. Taste the seasoning and mix well. Keep it aside.

* To give it a nice yellowish color we need to prepare a mixture of oil and turmeric powder.

* Take a cooking Ladle , add cooking oil and turmeric powder in the ladle and heat it in fire for 1 minute.

Yellowish colour oil for chicken Tangdi kebab food recipe
Making yellowish color

* When the oil heat up, stir it a bit and transfer the mixture into a bowl.

* When cool down , mix it with the second marination mixture. You will get a nice yellowish color for the chicken Tangdi kebab.

Yellowish colour marination for chicken Tangdi kebab food recipe
Yellowish color mixture

* Take the chicken legs pieces and mix it with the second marination mixture and keep it refrigerated for 1-1/2 hours.

* To give it a authentic smokey flavors, we shall cook it in a traditional way of cooking in an Ovalclay Tandoor.

Chicken Tangdi kebab cooking in Tandoor best dinner ideas
Cooking in Ovalclay Tandoor

* Take a iron Shewer and shew the chicken legs keeping a minimum gaps in between them.

*  Cook it for 8-10 minutes in Tandoor busting some Butter over it.

* When it becomes tender and dark yellowish , remove it from the shewer and  plated with some garish.

Dinner ideas chicken Tangdi kebab serving plate Food Recipe
Chicken Tangdi kebab

* Serve hot sprinkling some chat masala, fried garlic and Corriander leafs over it.

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