Top 5 Reasons For Having A Hotel Banquets

Banquets in country Inn & suites by Radisson, Navi Mumbai

Banquet is a place where we organize and celebrate some important events of our life and their memories remains through out our life .
Chair sitting arrange banquet

There are many types of Events we organize or involve in a Banquet . Some like a Grand Wedding Reception, A Birthday party,  A Press conference, Anniversaries,Family get together. So a Banquet is a very important thing to consider whenever an important occasion happen in our life.

There are some more reasons to have a Hotel weddings, see more about the benefits of hotel weddings below....

Some good reasons for a hotel wedding

There are many types of Banquets available in the town and choosing a perfect one is really difficult.

To organize such a important events of your life one should  be careful and gather a pre information regarding a Banquet.

You are investing lots of money for your Banquets events so everything should be good and perfect for you and your guests.

There are many factors that matter most to choose a perfect Banquet event.

Round table sitting in Hall Banquet

Here the Top 5 Reasons for Choosing A Hotel Banquets Events.....

1. Venue

This is the first and most important factor.

As I mentioned earlier that there are many Banquets  available in the town . Choosing the perfect one that fits your need is the main criteria.
Most Banquets in the town have limited venues and offer a single Hall for your event. You have to adjust the Stage,Guest sitting and Food buffet in that same Hall.

Whereas in a Hotel Banquets,every things manage in a proper way. Your are provided a Hall for your Stage and guest sitting.
Another for your dinner dinning ,your food buffet. Plus you get a Pre Function Area.
And the important thing is they don't charge you anything extra for that.

Stage set up with round table sitting banquet Hotels

Depending upon your no.of guest , a hotel can offer you different types of Hall for your Event.
You can choose a Grand Ballroom, an open sky Hall or a Poolside venue for your Banquets events.

Pool side sitting Banquets Hotels
Poolside venue

Now a days a Hotel Banquet don't charge you any extra money for a Hall . They only charge for Food and Beverage Menu that you choose.
But whereas other banquet charge you extra for a  Hall and for foods and beverage.

Buffet arrangements with sitting set up Hotels Banquets
Food buffet

2. Food and Beverage (Hotels Banquet)

When you book an event on a specific date, a Hotel Banquet offer you a pre food testing for your selected Menus before your shedule Events. That's way you can satisfy your doubt about the Foods that is going to serve you on your Event.These is not happen in other general Banquets.

In Hotel Banquet you have all the options to choose from Veg and Non Veg foods. Whereas some banquet don't allow you to choose a Non vegetarian menu in their Hall.

Food display buffet Hotels Banquets

In Hotel Banquet you can keep a  Global cusine for your Guests with some world famous dishes . Your Guests will love to have such kind of foods in their plates.
A Hotel Banquet offer you a world class superior Service for your Guests. All trained Staff with good manners are there to serve you anytime.
They also offer you differ types of Mocktails and Cocktails.

 For Best World Class Dining experiences

Mosaic restaurant Navi Mumbai

3. Parking 

Parking is one of most important factor because you are expecting more Guests in your Events. And if your Banquet does not offer you a free parking facility for your Guests, situation become quite embarrassing for you as  your guests will hesitate to come to your Event.
If they have to park their cars some one kilometer away from your Event,then they won't stay long in you Event also.
So before booking for your Event make  sure your Banquet Hall has a structural Parking facility.

Open sky sitting arrangements Hotels Banquets
Open sky venue

4. Rooms and Amusements

Always check if Room facility is available in the Banquet Hall where your Event is happening. Your are expecting around 200 plus Guests for the Wedding Reception and a Room for your family rest plus for the Bride or the Groom .
If you are inviting long distance relatives or friends for the occasion then Room facility is very important for your Event.
In a Hotel Banquet you have all the options open for you . You can book as many as Rooms for your family and friends in that single venue.
Does your banquet have some amusments for your guest is also important for your Event.?
Does it have a Coffee shop or a Spa or Kids zone? Make sure about everything before booking your final deal.

Restaurants sitting for dinning Hotels Banquets
Coffee shop

5. Offers and Complimentary

When you booked an event always check if there is an offer and complimentary with your package.
In a Hotel Banquets ,they always offer you complimentary with your package.
You may sometime get a Room free for your Bride or groom for that day of your event.
They also provide you a free Coupon for a Lunch or Dinner as a complimentary basis.
You can always make a negotiation with them and ask for discounts. You can even waive out GST to some extent for the event.
They also gives you a free Breakfast offer for your on room guests.
These all are possible if you organize your Event in a Hotel Banquets.

So it's always good and right decision to organize your Event in a Hotel Banquet.

It also offer to shoot some amazing photo shoot in their especially decor side for photo session.
Just click those memories for Instagram share.
Selfie section Hotels Banquets
Photo session
Photo shoot board selfie section Hotels Banquets
Photo session
You can get all these benefits of a banquet in Country Inn & Suites By Radisson Navi Mumbai.
They have some world class hospitality to serve and make your event a memorable.

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