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 Pizza Recipe | how to make veg pizza recipe

Margherita pizza serving for pizza Recipe

Pizza is a Italian origin savory dish, consisting of a usually round, flattened base of leavened wheat based Dough. Topped with tomatoes, cheese and various other ingredients. It is baked in high temperature traditionally in a wood--fired oven.
Pizza serving in a wooden spoon pizza Recipe
Now a days there are varieties of oven available for cooking a pizza. And this is one dish that is so popular in very part of the world.
I have read plenty of pizza recipe while looking for more information about pizza recipe but nothing very informative is available while searching it .
Pizza recipe is one such recipe that you can make and use for many days ahead. So it required a perfect authentic recipe where I can make pizza bases in advance for use .
And the most important and necessary part for it is the sauce for pizza recipe as well.
The sauce for pizza should  also be an authentic one and also can be used later .
Well i know many chefs who work in some  branded hospitality industry and once I asked them for a perfect pizza recipe that I can easily make at home and also can store for few days .
And from them I have got these perfect pizza recipe with an authentic touch of classical pizza recipe.
You know the most popular and simple pizza recipe is Margherita pizza. I will share the recipe for Margherita pizza later on this post.
Pizza recipe can be divided into the following step
  • Dough for pizza recipe
  • Sauce for pizza recipe
  • Toppings for pizza recipe

Dough for pizza recipe 

This is the important part for a pizza recipe. If you have a perfect dough then you can make a perfect base for your pizza .
And with a perfect base , you can  make a perfect pizza with  crisp texture.
So it is very important to make a good authentic dough for pizza recipe. And for that you should have an idea for the ratio  of ingredients use while making a dough.
Depending upon the base , pizza can be a thin crust pizza or a thick crust pizza.
Some are flat bread crust pizza and other are authentic wood fired crust pizza available.

 Pizza recipe ( veg pizza recipe)

Serving pizza for pizza recipe veg pizza recipe

Pizza is a savory dish, consisting of a usually round, flattened base of leavened wheat based Dough. Topped with tomatoes, cheese and various other ingredients. It is baked in high temperature till crisp golden.
Prep time            cooking time      serving
2 hours                 10 min                       2
Author :- Mobasir hassan

   • 1/2 cup shredded mozzarella cheese

   • Olives ( black and green)

   • Tomato slice

   • Fresh basil leaves 

   • 1  Pizza base

   • 2 teaspoon authentic pizza sauce

   • 3 - 4 teaspoon mozzarella cheese

   • 5 - 6 fresh basil leaves

   • 7- 8 slices of tomato

   • 1/4 teaspoon oregano

   • 1/4 teaspoon Chilli flakes

   • 1/4 teaspoon olive oil

   How to make the pizza

1. Prepare and make a pizza base as shown above .  If brought ready made pizza base then bake it in oven till crisp.
2. Take a pan and heat olive oil and add the pizza sauce made using above method. Cook the sauce for 30 seconds to become hot.
3. Add the chilly flakes , oregano and basil leaves and mix well. Taste the seasoning if required add more salt and pepper.
4. Now take the pizza base and apply the pizza sauce over it smoothly .
5. Place the tomato slices over the sauce on the base of the pizza .
6. Now top the tomato slices with mozzarella cheese and bake for 6 -7 minutes till crisp golden in oven .
You can add extra Chilly flakes, Oregano and fresh Basil .
7. When all the cheese melted and brown in colour, take out the pizza and cut it using a pizza cutter.
8. Serve hot . It's taste amazing and crisp.

Pizza serving on a wooden spoon for pizza Recipe

Homemade pizza recipe without oven

 Well you can make a pizza recipe without oven at home and it will be nice and taste as well.
For that you can either use a ready made store brought pizza base.
 Or you can try something new while making a pizza without oven at home.
 Make a new dough using whole wheat flour or mix all purpose flour and whole wheat flour to make a dough for pizza .
• You can make a pizza  without yeast .  In place of yeast use baking soda and one teaspoon curd while making the dough.
• You can use a non stick pan or tawa. After rolling the dough into your desired size roast it in the pan on low flame.
• Cook it till crisp then flip to another side. Apply little olive oil and roast that side as well till crisp.
• If you are using a ready made pizza base then roast it first both side till crisp at low flame on a pan or tawa.
• Then apply the pizza sauce, choice of pizza toppings and then lots of cheese over the base.
• Cover it and let all the cheese melted on low flame.
• Remove and cut into pieces and serve homemade pizza using stove top on tawa or pan.
• You can also make a mini pizza at home with a mini pizza base . Rest of the methods are same as above.
Toppings for pizza recipe 
Toppings in a pizza is totally a self desired concept.
Whatever you like, you can top it on the pizza and make it according to your taste.
Below are the 10  toppings of pizza loved by every generation all over the world.
1. Pepperoni
2. Sausage
3. Mushroom
4. Bacon
5. Onion
6. Olive (black and green)
7. Tomato
8. Chicken
9. Cottage cheese
10. Bell pepper

Pizza toppings slice onions capsicum tomato, chicken sausage  for pizza Recipe
Pizza toppings

Pizza toppings olive jalapeno tomato for pizza Recipe
Pizza toppings

You just need to cut the toppings in different shapes and topped them on the base of pizza and baked
 I hope the toppings of a pizza is now clear for you.
• You can choose your choice of toppings for making the pizza , you can add more than one toppings for a pizza recipe.
• After choosing your desired toppings , you need to add lots of cheese over it.
• The most widely used cheese is Mozzarella cheese . Otherwise you can add any other cheese for pizza
Mozzarella is a traditionally Italian cheese, mostly used for pizza recipe.
Mozzarella cheese in bowl for pizza Recipe
Mozzarella cheese

Using different types of topping you can make different types of pizza. Like......
Make your own pizza" like Chicken Tikka pizza, Tandoori cottage cheese (paneer) pizza, grilled chicken pizza, mushroom pizza, pepperoni pizza.
  You can read the following recipe to make homemade chicken Tikka and paneer Tikka  to use in make your own pizza recipe
• You can use more than 3 - 4 topping to make your own pizza also. Like mushroom, olive, jalapeno and bell pepper.
Baked pizza base for Margherita pizza Recipe
Baked base

Pizza Sauce spread on pizza base for Margherita pizza Recipe
sauce spread
Slice tomatoes over sauce spread pizza  base for Margherita pizza Recipe

Mozzarella cheese topping over tomato on sauce spread pizza base for Margherita pizza Recipe
Cheese on top

Baked pizza for classic margherita pizza Recipe
Pizza Margherita

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