Homemade chicken satay recipe

chicken satay recipe with peanut dip

Homestyle chicken satay in garnished plate chicken satay recipe
Chicken satay

Chicken satay is a very popular and sought after chicken dish. It is a dish from Indonesia and  popular in Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand. There are many types of chicken satay, you can try . But the best and healthy one is Thai chicken satay.

Chicken satay are basically diced or sliced chicken pieces shewered in bamboo or wooden Shewer and grilled or barbequed in charcoal fire . Then served with a beautiful peanut butter sauce.

Thai recipes are very healthy due to the inclusion of many healthy ingredients in a dish. They are popular through out the world.

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You can find the uses of fresh basil leaves, Thai Ginger, lemongrass, coconut milk and many more in Thai recipes.

Chicken satay is served with peanut butter sauce or dip.

Peanuts butter is favorite in adults and children as well. It has lots of health benefits as well.

Below you can read how to make chicken satay sauce after this recipe

health benefits of peanut butter 
  •  It  can boost a person's heart health.
  •  Can improve blood sugar levels.
  •  Provide good amount of protein.
  •  Rich in essential Vitamins (niacin and vitamin B 6
  •  And minerals like Magnesium, Phosphorus and Zinc.
              Chicken satay recipe 

Serving Chicken satay for Thai chicken satay recipe

Chicken satay are made by shewering narinated chicken slice pieces in wooden sticks or bamboo sticks and roast or grilled over charcoal fire till become crisp golden. Serve with a beautiful peanut butter sauce

Preparation time :- 15 minutes

Cooking time :- 10 minutes

Total time :- 25 minutes

Serve :- 2 servings

 Author :- Mobasir hassan 


• 2 Chicken breast ( 6 chicken supreme pieces)

• 6 wooden sticks ( satay stick)

• 1 teaspoon thai red curry paste.

• 4-5 fresh basil leaves chopped

• 1/3 teaspoon fine chopped thai ginger (paste)

• 1/4 teaspoon fine chopped lemongrass (paste)

• 3 teaspoon coconut milk powder

• 1/4 teaspoon white pepper powder

• 1/2 teaspoon ginger garlic paste ( optional)

• Salt as per taste

• 1/2 teaspoon oil

How to make the recipe


1. Slice both chicken breast into 4 - 5 inch  long and 1 inch in wide.

2. Take a mixing bowl and add Thai red curry paste, coconut milk powder, Thai ginger, lemon grass, basil leaves, white pepper powder, salt and ginger garlic paste.

3. Mix them nicely to make a smooth thick batter without adding any water.

4. Now mix the chicken breast slices with this batter and coat them from all sides.

5. Let them marinate for 2 hours to absorb all the flavours.

6. Soak the sticks in water for 30 minutes.

Making the chicken satay

1. Thread the marinated chicken slice pieces into the sticks one by one.

2. Heat a non stick pan and grease with little oil.

3. Place the chicken sticks on the pan and grill on medium flame 2 minutes.

4. Flip them to another sides and cook further till both sides become crisp golden.

5. You can deep fry them as well till crisp golden or bake in Oven.

6. Serve them hot with peanut butter sauce.

                            Nutritional value
                            (Serving size 1 stick =10g)
  • Calories :- 24
  • Carbohydrate :- 2 g  |  Protein :- 2 g
  • Fats :- 1 g  
                           Serving tips

What to serve with chicken satay?

 Chicken satay is generally served as a starter or appetizer but can be served as a side dish with many other main courses.

• Peanut butter sauce is served with it in a bowl or  spread over them over the satay while serving.

• You can serve them with steamed Jasmine rice or Coconut rice.

• It can also be served along with Thai fried rice and with stir fry Thai basil noodles

                            Recipe notes

• You can even use chicken leg boneless pieces to make it

* If using homemade Thai curry paste then add one teaspoon fish sauce and sugar each in the marination.

* Commercial peanut butter has sugar and other additives so less water is required to achieve the right consistency.

How to make chicken satay sauce or chicken satay dip


• 2 - 3 teaspoon peanut butter ( store brought)

• White pepper powder ( small pinch)

• Sugar as per taste.

• Chilly flakes (or green chili paste) as per taste.

• Corn flour (optional) to make the sauce thick.

• Water as required


• Heat a  pan on slow flame and add the peanut butter.

• Add white pepper, sugar, chilly flakes and stir. Add 3 - 4 teaspoon water and let  to boil.

• Taste the seasoning and thickness of the sauce.

• If the sauce is not thick then mix 1/2 teaspoon of corn flour with 3 teaspoon water and pour into the sauce and heat to boil.

• Transfer the sauce in a bowl to serve. Or spread directly over the  satay pieces and serve.

Peanut butter sauce for Chicken satay recipe
Peanut butter sauce

Below you can read the step by step method with photos for the recipe for a better understanding...

Chicken breast pieces for chicken satay recipe
Chicken breast

Chicken supreme pieces for chicken satay recipe
Chicken supreme pieces

Bamboo or wooden stick for chicken satay recipe
Wooden stick

Basil leaves, Thai ginger, lemongrass, chopped Garlic and ginger for chicken satay recipe
Basil leaves, Thai Ginger, lemongrass, chopped ginger and garlic

Thai Red curry paste, coconut milk powder, white pepper powder, salt for chicken satay recipe
Thai Red curry paste, coconut milk powder, salt, white pepper powder

1. Slice the chicken breast pieces into length wise 4-5 inch long and about 1 inch wide.

2. Take a mixing bowl and add all the ingredients one by one to make a medium thick paste.

Paste for chicken satay recipe
Thick paste

 Don't add any water to the mixture while making the batter.

 If you find it hard to  chopped the lemongrass and Thai ginger then make a paste of them.

3. Now take the sliced chicken pieces and coat them with the above mixture and keep  to marinate.

Coated slice chicken pieces for chicken satay recipe
Coated and marinated chicken pieces

4. Shewer the chicken slice pieces into the wooden stick one by one. You can soak the satay stick in water for 30 minutes prior to cook. This will prevent the sticks from getting burnt.

Shewer chicken pieces in wooden stick for chicken satay recipe
Shewered in wooden stick

Cook them using any of the following methods

1. Using a non stick pan or tawa

2. Deep fried them

3. Bake in Oven
5. Heat a non stick pan on  medium flame and grease with little oil.

6. Place the chicken sticks on the pan and grill them on medium flame.

Cooking chicken pieces on Non stick pan for chicken satay recipe
On Non stick pan

7. When one side of the chicken pieces become crisp and flip them to another side and roast.

Crisp and roasted chicken pieces on pan for chicken satay recipe
Golden roasted chicken pieces

8. Remove them from the pan and arrange in a platter and serve with peanut butter sauce.Or you can spread the peanut butter sauce over the chicken pieces and serve.

Peanut butter sauce spread over chicken satay
Peanut butter sauce over chicken satay
For deep frying

1. Heat oil in a deep vessel pan or kadai in medium flame.

2. When the oil become hot add the presoaked satay sticks into the oil. Cook them for 5-6 minutes in slow flame till crisp golden.

3. Remove them in kitchen paper to absorb excess oil.  Now tossed them in peanut butter sauce in a pan and serve.

4. You can baked the chicken satay pieces in an oven . They taste really good.

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