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Tandoori mushroom |mushroom snacks | khumb Recipe

Tandoori Stuffed mushroom Recipe
Stuffed Mushrooms
Learn how to make tandoori stuffed mushroom recipe with step by step instructions. These stuffed mushroom are delicious and yummy and are served as an starter or appetizer.

Mushroom is  loved  almost by everyone and are familiar with it's miraculous beneficial power.

The health benefits of mushroom include weight loss, relief from high cholesterol levels and diabetes.

They are rich source of fiber,Selenium, Vitamin C and Vitamin D. And also increase immunosystem.

Mushroom is also known as khumb in India and used to prepare many dishes with it.
Some very popular recipe of Mushroom are

* Mushroom masala.

* Khumb Hara Pyaz

* Mushroom Baby corn masala.

In tandoori mushroom, they are filled with vegetables and cheese and coated with a creamy base marination and cooked or roast over fire charcoal.

They are also known as bharwan khumb or khumb da Bangla in Hindi.

You can use them as your appetizer in your small  family get-together.

Stuffed Mushrooms  using traditional way of cooking over charcoal Tandoor :-

Garnished Tandoori Stuffed mushroom Recipe
Tandoori stuffed mushrooms
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Preparation time ;- 10-15 minutes

Cooking time :- 5-6 minutes

Difficulty :- Easy

Yields :- 2 servings

The stuffed mushrooms recipe is divided into two parts.

1. Preparation of the stuffing

2. Preparation of coating Sauce or Masala

Ingredients :-

* 10-12 fresh button Mushrooms

* Small portion of Red, Yellow and Green bell peppers

* 1/3 teaspoon chopped Green Chilly

* 4 teaspoon processed Cheese ( grated)

* 2 teaspoon Cashew nut paste.

* 1/3 teaspoon Cumin powder.

* 1/4 teaspoon Green Cardamom powder.

* 2 teaspoon Fresh Cream

* 2 teaspoon Greek yogurt ( Hang Curd)

* 2 teaspoon Cooking oil

* Salt as per taste

Fresh mushrooms for Tandoori Stuffed mushroom Recipe

Red yellow green bell peppers
Bell peppers

Grated cheese, chopped green chillies salt for Tandoori Stuffed mushroom Recipe

Preparation of the Stuffing :- 

* Cut and chopped the green,red and yellow bell peppers.

* Take two wash and cleaned mushrooms and chopped them finely.

Chopped mushrooms and red yellow green bell peppers for Tandoori Stuffed mushroom Recipe
Chopped mushrooms and Bell pepper

* Take a Non stick Pan and heat little oil in it . When the oil heat, add all the chopped bell peppers, green chillies and chopped mushrooms. Add salt as required and sauteed for 2 minutes.

* Transfer the above mixture in a bowl and let it cool down. Add half of the grated cheese and mix well

Cheese mix with mushrooms and Bell peppers for Tandoori Stuffed mushroom Recipe

* Your stuffing is ready now . You can add some cilantro or parsley leaves if desired. Otherwise it's okay with the stuffing.

Preparation of the sauce or Masala for coating the stuffed mushrooms :-

* Take a mixing bowl add the Cashew paste,  Greek yogurt , remaining grated cheese and salt as per taste.

*  Mix well and add the cooking oil . Mix it very well till you get a thick consistency of the mixture.

* Keep the mixture aside for later use.

Now clean and wash the mushrooms and Pat dry them using a soft tissue paper or kitchen towels.

* Mushrooms are best to wash under running water .

* Now gently twist off or cut off the stems of all mushrooms for Stuffing.

* You can use a small teaspoon to make a large whole for adding more stuffing into the mushrooms.

Hallow mushrooms for Tandoori Stuffed mushroom Recipe
Stem twisted

* Now fill the mushrooms with the above prepared stuffing mixture using a spoon.

Filled mushrooms for Tandoori Stuffed mushroom Recipe
Fill with stuffing

* Join two mushrooms with each other by the filling side.

Joined mushrooms for Tandoori Stuffed mushroom Recipe
Joined mushrooms

* Dip the mushrooms in the prepared Sauce and Shewer them in a thin iron Shewer.

Stuff Mushrooms mix with white masala or sauce
Mixed with sauce

Mushrooms cooking in  Tandoor
Cooking in ovalclay tandoor

* Cook them for 5-6 minutes in an  Tandoor till golden in colour.

* Remove the mushrooms from the shewer and serve hot .

Serving tips for tandoori stuffed mushroom

* This delicious mushroom are served with green chutney (Cilantro mint sauce) .

* You can served Lachcha onion (onion rings) and lemon wedges along with them .

     Recipe notes

* In this recipe I have used creamy based masala to coat the mushroom. You can use any other masala or sauce to coat them.

* For spicy version of stuffed mushrooms, it is good to use tandoori red masala to coat them.

* You can even use achari masala to make tandoori achari  mushroom.

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