Homemade yummy chicken curry recipe

How to make chicken curry | chicken curry recipe

Serving homemade chicken curry recipe
Chicken curry

Chicken curry recipe with step by step method and  video  how to make yummy delicious chicken curry recipe at home .

What is chicken curry ?

Chicken curry is a traditional Indian dish where chicken pieces are cooked in a aromatic tomato onion gravy ( Sauce). Varieties of spices are used to flavour it.

My mom always used to make delicious chicken curry at home and we really enjoyed that curry over a plate of plain steam rice. She take a special care while making a chicken curry at home.

Chicken curry and rice is a good healthy option. We get good carbohydrate from the rice and valuable amount of protein from the chicken. Herbs like garlic, ginger and Cilantro in chicken curry are also healthy Ingredients.

She will marinate the chicken pieces with salt , chilli powder and curd or lemon juice. This makes the chicken pieces soft, tender and succulent.

My mom usually made all the ground spices at home . She don't use the store brought masala at all.

I have made a change to her recipe, she would make green chili paste and used it in the gravy. Green Chilli can bring more flavours to a chicken curry and it can spicy chicken curry.

In place of green chilli, I used red chilli powder (less spicy) in this recipe.

Tips to make a best chicken curry recipe

(1) Use good quality chicken pieces while making chicken curry. You can use with bone chicken pieces as it sweeps juices into the curry.

(2)  Use  fresh ginger, garlic and Cilantro leafs. This herbs enhanced more taste

(3)  Whole spices like cardamom pod , bay leaf gives it an aromatic flavour.

(4)  Don't use any garam masala if using whole spices. You can use store brought chicken masala instead.

(5)  Cook the chicken curry in slow flame till done. It can release more flavours while cooking in slow flame.

(6)  Marination is important for a good tasty chicken curry . If you have time , marinate the chicken pieces.

You can make this chicken curry creamy. Add 3 teaspoon heavy cream just before removing the curry. Stir and mix well.

This chicken curry recipe is without coconut. It is north  Indian style chicken curry recipe.

Chicken curry recipe video :-

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Preparation time :-  40 minutes

Cooking time :- 25 minutes

Difficulty :- Easy

Yields :- 2 servings

Ingredients :-

For making the gravy

(1)  1 onion sliced

(2)  2 tomato sliced

(3)  1/2 teaspoon garlic paste

(4)  1/2 teaspoon ginger paste

(5)  1/2 teaspoon paprika ( red chilli powder)

For making the chicken curry :-

(1)  250 g bone in chicken pieces or boneless chicken breasts cubes

(2)  1 onion finely chopped

(3)  2 green cardamom ( choti elaichi)

(4)  1/2 inch cinnamon stick ( dalchini)

(5)  1 bay leaf ( tez patta)

(6)  1/2 garlic minced

(7) 1/2 teaspoon ginger minced

(8)  1/2 teaspoon ground Coriander ( dhaniya powder)

(9)  1/2 teaspoon paprika ( red chilli powder)

(10)  1/4 teaspoon turmeric powder (haldi)

(11)  1 teaspoon paprika ( red chilli powder)

(12)  2 teaspoon Greek yogurt ( curd)

(13)  1 clove

(14)  1/2 cup chopped Cilantro ( Corriander leafs)

(15)  Salt as per taste

(16)  2 teaspoon cooking oil

Method of preparation

Step 01
First marinate the chicken pieces with salt, half teaspoon red chilli and yogurt for 30 minutes.

Marinating chicken with yoghurt salt Chilli powder for chicken curry recipe
Marinating chicken

Making the gravy(sauce)

Step 02
Heat oil and add half teaspoon of ginger and garlic paste. Saute till the raw smell disappear. Add the sliced onion and saute further till translucent.

Step 03
Add half teaspoon paprika and saute for 15 seconds then add the sliced tomatoes. Saute till the tomatoes become soft. Switch off the flame and remove the onion tomato mixture and cool down.

Sauteed onion tomato for chicken curry recipe gravy
Sauteeing onion tomato

Step 04
When the mixture become cool, grind them into a fine puree or paste adding little water.

Onion tomato puree for chicken curry recipe

Making the chicken curry

Step 01
Heat 2 teaspoon cooking oil in a pan or deep vessel pan and fry the cardamom, cinnamon stick, bay leaf and clove.

Step 02
Add the chopped ginger , garlic and cumin seeds and saute for 1 minute. Then add the chopped onions and saute till light brown.

Step 03
Now add the coriander powder, remaining red chilli powder, tumeric powder and saute for 30 seconds.

Sauteeing chopped onion with dry masala powder for chicken curry recipe
Sauteeing onion with masala powder

Step 04

Pour little water and cook the mixture for another 30 seconds. Then pour the tomato onion puree and cook for 2 more minutes.

Pouring onion tomato puree into chopped onion Masala for chicken curry recipe
Pouring onion tomato puree

Step 05
Now add the marinated chicken pieces and half of the Cilantro leafs . Mix well and cook for 2-3 minutes.

Adding marinated chicken pieces into gravy for chicken curry recipe
Adding marinated chicken pieces

Step 06
Pour 1/2 cup water  into the chicken gravy and cook. When the gravy start to thicken add salt as per taste. Cook further till done.

Step 07
Remove and topped with remaining Cilantro leafs and julienne ginger. Serve hot.

Serving hot chicken curry recipe
Chicken curry

           Serving tips

(1)  Chicken curry is generally served with plain rice. You can served it with steam basmati rice and jeera rice .

(2)  Homemade chicken curry goes well with Indian flat bread also. Serve tandoori naan , roti and paratha with it.

(3)  Homemade chapati and phulka are excellent to enjoy with this curry.

         Nutritional value

Calories :- 417 kcal

Carbohydrate :- 10 g  |  Fats :- 26 g

Protein :- 33 g  |  Sugar :- 3 g

Iron :-  2.7 mg  |  Fiber :- 3 g

         Recipe notes

(1)  You can escape the marination process for the curry. But I strongly suggest to marinate before cooking it. It really increase and enhance the taste for the recipe. You can avoid to use yoghurt.

(2)  The whole spices add an additional aromatic flavour to the dish . If you don't have the whole spices then use chicken masala powder from the store. It can also improve and enhance the taste.

(3)  With bone chicken pieces makes the chicken curry more taste. You can use boneless pieces also . Boneless chicken breasts and leg pieces work fine .

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