Simple way to make Naan Food Recipe

Naan recipe how to make simple naan 

Two pieces of naan bread Food Recipe

There are many types of recipe available for Naan. Each recipe has a new twist and a method for preparing a Naan bread.

But what I am sharing here about the Naan recipe is a simple and easy method which does not require to add any additional ingredients like yeasts, baking powder and baking soda.

If you search for a Naan recipe , you get recipes using Yeast , another one  using Baking soda , Baking powder etc. And even you get that Curd or Yogurt is used with baking powder to make a Naan bread.

I don't say that these are not a real recipe but does these ingredients really matter for a simple Naan recipe .

Nowadays most people don't like the taste of Yeast or baking soda to their foods. They have a different taste which I personally don't like at all.

Simple instructions for Naan bread

Preparation time :- 30-35 minutes

Cooking time :-  2-5 minutes

Difficulty :- Easy

Ingredients :-

* 250 gm All purpose Flour (Maids)

* 2 tbs Cooking oil

* Salt to taste

* Water as required

Oil All purpose flour and salt Food Recipe

Method of preparation:-

* In a mixing bowl mix the flour with salt and water as required. Best is to add water slowly when kneading the flour mixture.

* Knead the mixture properly to make the dough a non sticky in hands.

* You can add more flour if the dough become little sticky. And knead well.

* Add the oil to the dough and knead well for few minutes to give it a soft texture.

* Keep the aside for 10 minutes covering it with your choice of  measure. Either you can clean wrap it or can rap with a wet kitchen towels or muslin cloth.

* After 10 minutes , make equal size round shape ball ( also called pede) from the dough mixture. Dust them with the all purpose flour . Keep aside it for more 10 to 15 minutes.

 Round shape Naan dough Food Recipe
Round shaped Dough ball

* After 15 minutes you can see that your round shaped dough balls become flatted.

* These is the perfect time or stage  to make your Naan .

Flattened naan bread dough Food Recipe
Flatted dough

* You can either roll with a roller pin to flatted the dough or can use your Palm with finger to flatted the dough.

 Large flattened nann dough Food Recipe

* Give it a Oval shape size and further flatted in length size.

* Cook it in an Ovalclay Tandoor using a bread pillow or baked in an oven.

Cooking naan bread in a Preheated tandoor Food Recipe
In Ovalclay Tandoor

* You can also cook it on a pan or cast iron skillet over medium to high flame.

Home style Naan preparation

* Place the Naan right on the hot skillet and toast until large bubble appear on the visible side. Take a peek underneath to see if the Naan is deeply goldren. Adjust the heat either slowing or raising.

* You can flip the Naan and cook more 2-3 minutes.

* Brush the Naan with Ghee or Butter and serve hot .

Cooking Naan bread over flame Food Recipe
Directly over flame

* You can also make more variety of Naan using the single dough above like  Garlic naan, cheese naan , cheese chilly naan and kulcha naan.

* For Garlic naan , you need few chopped garlic. When flatting the dough ball just place the chopped garlic on the top of the dough and flatted it further either with a roller pin or with hands.

Garlic Naan bread Food Recipe
Garlic Naan

* For Cheese Naan , grate some cheese and stuffed it inside the dough and roll it .

These is the simple version of Naan recipe which is served in most reputated Restaurants in town.

Two pieces of Naan bread Food Recipe

To make the Naan soft depends on your cooking technique not with adding some extra ingredients. A thin and crispy Naan is always the best combination with your choice of gravy or snacks.

Naan Bread Calories and Nutrition per Serving (1 Serving=1 Naan/160g) :-

* Calories :- 538

* Protein :- 14.2

* Carbohydrate :- 80.2

* Fat :- 20

* Fiber :- 3

Below are some best choice to have Naan with them :-

* Naan with

Crisp Goldren Tandoori chicken

* Naan with

Healthy Jeera Methi Palak

* Naan with

Prawns in butter garlic sauce

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