Wheat parotta

 Wheat parotta recipe | Kerala style wheat parotta

Learn to make Wheat parotta with step by step photos and video instructions. Parotta is a favourite flatbread for everyone's. And wheat parotta is healthy, crisp flaky and  multi layered. This Kerala style wheat parotta is extremely easy to make at home. And the best part is, it is very healthy due to the use of whole wheat flour. If you have been looking for such a wheat parotta recipe, you have come to the right place. Here I bring you the step by step guide on how to make wheat parotta at home easily.Before we move forward for the recipe let us look into how healthy a wheat parotta is. This parotta is made using whole wheat flour which is high in fibre. And it can lower cholesterol levels. Good for diabetics patients as it will not shoot up blood sugar levels as parotta are low GI food. Rich in minerals such as phosphorus, magnesium, iron and zinc. And also low in calories.

Serving wheat parotta in a plate, dal and onion slices in background

What is wheat parotta ?

Wheat parotta, also known as whole wheat paratha or wheat layered flatbread, is a popular Indian unleavened flatbread made from whole wheat flour called as Atta..This parotta is known for its flaky, layered texture,which is achieved through a unique cooking technique. This technique involves folding and rolling the dough several times before cooking. Wheat parotta is a crisp flaky multi layered flatbread made using whole wheat flour ( gehu atta). This wheat parotta is very popular in Kerala and are eaten with curry and gravy like egg curry or beef curry. First the dough ball is rolled thinly and then greased with ghee or oil. It is then pleated and folded and stretched. Thereafter coiled into a round dough with many layers. It is then rolled and roast till crisp golden.

How to make this parotta vegan?

You can make this wheat parotta vegan,  just skip to grease them with ghee or butter. Use vegetable oil in place of ghee or butter. Do you want to know about Vegan then here is a article for you Vegan meaning in Hindi.

Can I freeze this parotta?

Yes you can freeze them easily in a ziplock for upto 30 days. Roasting them till light brown spot appears on both sides. Therefore remove and cool them completely. Keep a layer of parchment paper over each parotta and stack them over each other. Place the stack in a ziplock bag and freeze.

Wheat parotta calories

The calorie content of a wheat parotta can vary depending on its size and thickness, but on average, a 100-gram serving of wheat parotta contains approximately 160-200 calories. The addition of ghee or oil during cooking process of the parott can increase the calorie count.

Ingredients required

You only need three main ingredients to make a wheat parotta at home. And if you like to brush the parotta with butter or ghee which is optional.

Flour : whole wheat flour

Salt : as per taste

Oil : vegetable oil

Water : as required

What to serve with wheat parotta

Wheat parotta are best to serve with any gravy or dal. Home style chicken curry and egg curry are my favorite with parotta. For vegetarians chole and paneer butter masala are good choice to serve with it. Even you can serve some dry items like chicken manchurian and tandoori chicken as a side dish with parotta.

Serving wheat parotta with curry

Steps to make the recipe

1. Dough making for parotta

Take the whole wheat flour in a mixing bowl and add a small pinch of salt to taste.

Wheat flour for wheat parotta in a bowl

 Mix nicely and then pour water slowly to make the dough. Add water as required to make a soft non sticky dough. Now add one and half tablespoon cooking oil and knead further to make the dough smooth and non sticky. Apply the rest half tablespoon oil over the dough and cover. Keep the dough aside to set for 5 minutes.

Dough in a bowl for wheat parotta

If the dough become watery or sticky then add some more wheat flour and knead further. You can use lukewarm water to knead the dough. It would make the parotta soft.

2. Rolling the dough

When the dough is set, divide it into small equal parts and roll them between the palm of hands to make round shape dough balls. Let the dough balls to set for another 5 minutes.

Round shape dough balls

After that take one dough ball and dust with some flour and start to roll with a roller pin. Roll the dough into a circular shape as thin as possible by dusting more flour if required.

3. Folding and shaping 

After rolling the dough into a circular shape sheet brush generous amount of ghee or butter over the top of it.Then sprinkle some flour over the ghee or butter and spread around.

Circle shape rolled dough for wheat parotta

Now start to pleat the rolled dough sheet about half inch width. Continue pleating back and forth till the dough sheet ends.

Layered and folded dough sheet for wheat parotta

Now coil it into a round shape and seal the end tail on the back of the dough.

Folding and coiling dough sheet for making parotta dough ball

Similarly roll, pleat and coil the rest of the dough balls. Keep them aside for five more minutes to set.

Alternative method

You can even try another method to make  and fold such lachcha dough balls. After rolling the dough ball into circular shape cut into lengthwise about half inch width pieces as shown in below picture.

Cutting a rolled dough into pieces for making parotta dough ball

Therefore apply butter or ghee over them and sprinkle some flour. Now slowly and carefully collect and arrange all the pieces together.

Folding dough sheet to make layered dough balls

 And roll them into a coil shape and sealed.

Layered and folded dough balls for wheat parotta

3. Rolling and roasting

Heat a tawa or non stick pan over medium heat flame fire. When it become hot lower the flame to low. After that take one parotta dough and dust with some flour on both sides.  Then press gently with finger tips and star to roll with a roller pin into a round circular shape. 

Rolled wheat parotta dough in round shape

Roll the parotta gently and smoothly. Don't use force to expand the parotta. Keep the edges uniform and little bit thick compare to chapati. Now place the rolled parotta on the tawa  and roast over medium heat flame. When small tiny bubbles start to appear on the parotta flip it to another side and roast further. Flip the parotta again and brush with some oil or butter. Cook and roast it till both sides become golden.

Crisp flaky layered wheat parotta

 Remove and cook rest of the parotta like this way. Served them hot with some curry or gravy.

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Benefits of eating wheat parotta
  • Whole whaet parotta is a rich source of nutrients like fiber, vitamins and minerals.
  • The fiber in whaet parotta aid in digestion and help to maintaim regular bowel movments.
  • The fiber content and feeling of fulness from wheat parotta can help with weight management.
Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is whaet parotta a healthy choice?
Yes, whaet parotta can be a healthy choice when prepared with less oil or ghee. They are made from whole whaet flour which provides fiber and essential nutrients.
2. Can wheat parotta be included in a weight loss diets?
Yes, wheat parotta can be included in weight-loss diets due to their fiber content.
3. Can wheat parotta be gluten free?
No, wheat parotta are not gluten free as they contain whole whaet flour which contains gluten.

Tips to make best wheat parotta
  • Knead the dough until smooth and non sticky
  • After greasing butter or ghee, sprinkle some over the rolled dough sheet.
  • Fold and coil the dough uniformly.
  • Before rolling gently press and expand little bit.
  • Roast the parotta over low flame heat till crisp golden on both sides.

Wheat parotta

Serving wheat parotta, dal and onion sliced in background

Wheat parotta is a popular Kerala style crisp flaky layered flatbread made by using whole wheat flour ( atta).

Prep time 15 min Cook time 10 min Serve 5

Author Mobasir hassan


  • 150 gm whole wheat flour
  • 2 tablespoon cooking oil
  • Small pinch of salt to taste
  • Butter or ghee for brushing
  • Water as required
  1. Add the wheat flour and salt in a mixing bowl. Add water as required and start to knead. Make a soft and non sticky dough. 
  2. Apply some cooking oil over the dough and cover. Keep aside for 5 minutes to set.
  3. After that divide the dough into equal parts and roll them between the palm of your hand to make round shape balls.
  4.  Let the dough balls to set for another 5 minutes. Thereafter take one dough ball and start to to roll with a roller pin. Dust the dough ball with some flour before rolling.
  5. Make a round circular shape sheet and brush with some butter or ghee over the top of it.
  6. Sprinkle some dry flour over the ghee and spread around. 
  7. Now start to pleat the rolled dough sheet into half inch width. Continue pleating back and forth till the dough sheet ends.
  8. Stretch the pleated sheet a little bit and fold like a coil. Seal the end at the bottom of it. Apply little more ghee over the top.
  9. Make more parotta dough balls like this and keep to set for 5 minutes.
  10. After that heat a pan over medium heat flame gas and when the tawa become hot lower the flame to low.
  11. Take a parotta dough ball and dust with some flour on both sides. Start to roll it with a roller pin into a round circular shape. 
  12. Place it over the tawa and roast on both sides till golden applying butter or ghee.
  13. Make more parotta with the remaining dough balls and serve hot with curry.

Wheat parotta recipe video

                              Nutritional value
                        (serving size 1 no )
  • Calorie : 120
  • Fats : 4 g
  • Protein : 4 g
  • Carbohydrate : 21 g
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