Hara bhara kabab a vegan Patty recipe

How to make A Vegan Patty recipe| 

Hara bhara kabab Recipe

Garnished vegan Patty Hara bhara kabab in serving plate
Vegan Patty Hara bhara kabab

Vegetable Patty or vegan Patty is generally a round shaped mix vegetables Patty which is either baked , shallow fried or deep fried. It is widely used as an appetizer.

In India it is also known as Veg Tikki or vegetable Tikki. There are numerous version of vegetable Patty available to explore for your taste. Vegetable Patty are a healthy option for a non vegetarian and it is very good in taste also.

The food recipe for vegan Patty or Tikki is very easy and you can make it right at your kitchen with very few ingredients which is generally present at your kitchen.

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Preparation time :- 15 minutes

Cooking time :- 5-6 minutes

Difficulty :- Easy

Yields :- 2 servings

Ingredients for Hara bhara kabab :

* 1 cup French Beans

* 1/3 portion of a Cauliflower

* 1 medium size Carrot

* 1 boiled Potato

* 1/2 cup Green peas

* 2-3 teaspoon Cashew nuts

* 2 teaspoon Fresh Cilantro leaves (chopped)

* 2-3 Green chillies(chopped)

* 1/2 teaspoon Cumin powder

* 3 -4 teaspoon Corn starch (flour)

* 2 teaspoon Bread Crumbs

* Salt as per taste

* 1/3 teaspoon Chat masala( optional)

* Oil for shallow fry or deep fry.

Carrot cauliflower French Beans green peas Potato for Vegan Patty Hara bhara kabab Recipe
Carrot beans cauliflower Potato

Cilantro leaves green chili bread crumbs Corn flour for vegan Patty Hara bhara kabab Recipe
Bread Crumbs Chilly cilantro

Cashew nuts Food Recipe
Cashew nuts

Step by step instructions to make vegan fatty :-

* First take all the vegetables and wash. Let it dry.

* Chopped all the vegetables one by one using a sharp knife. Try to chopped them finely. If your chopped vegetables are big in size then your Patty make get break while cooking them. So make them in very small while chopping.

Chopping vegetables with knife for vegan Patty Hara bhara kabab Recipe
Chopping vegetables with a knife

* If you have a Mincer then you can choose a different method.  You need to Fry all the vegetables till  cooked and make a mince (keema) using the Mincer machine.

* After chopping all the vegetables, take a non stick pan and sauteed the vegetables till it get cooked and dried.

* Transfer the vegetable mixture into a mixing bowl and let it cool down.

* Grate or mash the boiled Potato and mix with the vegetable mixture.

* Potato act as a binding agent here, you can avoid it if you don't like or eat Potato.

* In that scenario, you need to add more amount of corn starch to bind the mixture.
Corn starch or flour also act as a binding agent and also make the Patty crisp.

* Add all the ingredients one by one and mix well to give it a thick dough consistency.

Vegetables Corn flour bread crumbs chilly cilantro Potato in mixing bowl for Vegan Patty Hara bhara kabab Recipe
Mixing ingredients

Vegetable Dough for Vegan Patty Hara bhara kabab Recipe
Dough like mixture

*  Add the Cashew nuts to the mixture and mix. Adding cashew nuts gives an extra health benefits. It is optional to add.

Vegetable mixture with Cashew nuts for Vegan Patty Hara bhara kabab Recipe
Vegetables mixture with cashew

* Make equal size small round shape balls of the mixture.

Round shaped vegan Patty balls for Hara bhara kabab Recipe
Small round shape

* Take the ball between the palm of your hands and press slowly to give it a flat round shape Patty.

Flat round shape vegan Patty Hara bhara kabab
Flat Patty

* Repeat with all the remaining balls .

* For shallow frying , take a non stick pan and add little oil  and heat.

* Slowly add the Patty one by one to the pan and fry . Flip the Patty when one side is done and cook the other side as well.

Vegan Patty Hara bhara kabab on Non stick Pan

Shallow frying vegan Patty Hara bhara kabab
Shallow frying

* You can deep fry the Patty also. Don't heat the oil to hot . Cook the Patty in medium heat till it get cooked completely and Crisp.

Deep fried vegan Patty Hara bhara kebab on garnished plate
Deep fried vegan Patty Hara bhara kabab

* You can also bake them but best result come when you shallow fry them.

*  Arrange the Patty in a plate and garnish Serve hot with Mint sauce.

Vegan Patty Hara bhara i kebab in garnished plate
Vegan Patty

Serving tips for Hara bhara kabab :-

            SERVING TIPS

* Hara bhara kabab is generally served as a starter or appetizer with Cilantro mint sauce or green chutney , onion rings or slices and lemon wedges.


Calories :- 101 kcal.  | Fats :- 2 gm

Carbohydrate :- 16 g

Protein :- 5 g. | Fiber :- 3 g

Iron :- 6.9 g

                 RECIPE NOTES

* You can replace the potato with Paneer ( cottage cheese) in the recipe.

* To make it Jain Hara bhara kabab, avoid using potato and carrot. In place of potato, add Paneer .

* To give it a nice green colour, you can add spinach paste.
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