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Chicken tikka recipe | chicken tikka kebab

Garnished chicken Tikka with onion rings lemon and green chutney for chicken Tikka recipe

Chicken Tikka is a boneless chunk or cubes of chicken meat marinated in a spiced yogurt mixture and thread in a Shewer and cooked in a traditional cooking  method by using charcoal Ovalclay Tandoor till crisp golden.

It is one of the most popular kebab not only in India but around the world. This chicken Tikka kebab is loved by people from all age group.
It is a dish from India and popular in Bangladesh and Pakistan. The word Tikka is a Turkish word and means bits or pieces. Chicken Tikka is also known as Murgh Tikka in these countries.

It is mild spicy and having a distinct red in color. Often known as red chicken tikka as well. Due to the uses of kashmiri chilly paste in the marination this tikka gets that red color appearance.

If you love chicken tikka then I am sure you would love the recipe of
Chicken Tikka is generally a boneless version of popular tandoori chicken and   served with Coriander mint chutney, onion rings and lemon wedges.

Crisp golden Chicken Tikka with onion rings lemon wedges

Using chicken tikka you can to prepare many well known dishes like.....
•  chicken Tikka masala ( chicken masala)
•  Butter chicken ( Murgh makhani)
•  Chicken Tikka briyani
•  Chicken Tikka salad.
•  Chicken Tikka pizza

Traditionally chicken Tikka is prepared using a charcoal Tandoor. But you can also use Oven and heavy iron skillet or a non stick pan or tawa to make chicken Tikka at home.
The only difference will be the smoky flavour of charcoal, which we get while cooking it in an Ovalclay Tandoor.
You can give a smoky flavour using a charcoal to your chicken Tikka while cooking in a pan or skillet or in an Oven .

Today we will share how to cook a chicken Tikka using the following methods( Chicken Tikka banane ki tarika).
  •  Chicken Tikka using  Tandoor
  • Chicken Tikka using a Non stick pan or heavy cast iron skillet
  • Chicken Tikka on tawa
  •  Chicken Tikka using an Oven
Tips to make best Chicken Tikka recipe
  • Use boneless chicken leg pieces
Chicken Tikka is prepared generally using boneless pieces of Chicken legs. The benefits of using leg boneless are that the chicken Tikka become more juicy and soft. They don't get dry quickly.
You can also use the chicken breast pieces to make chicken Tikka but it will not become as juicy and soft as leg boneless. And it will  become dry quickly.
 So I personally suggest to use chicken leg boneless to make chicken Tikka Tandoori.
  • Use a proper marination
For a juicy, soft and crisp chicken Tikka, you need a proper good MARINATION . And keep it for at least 4 - 24 hours to marinate completely. The more you keep it to marinate, the more flavours you get from it
  • Don't over cook them.
Chicken tikka generally get cooked within 10 minutes. So don't overcook them either they would become dry and hard. 

Steps to make chicken tikka kebab


boneless chicken cubes for chicken Tikka recipe

 Make sure the cubes of chicken pieces are nicely cleaned.  It is necessary to trim excess fats from the chicken pieces. Pat them dry using a kitchen towel or tissue paper.
 Next most important factor to make a perfect juicy chicken Tikka is the marination. For kebabs or Tikkas , it is very important to marinate them properly to get the best results.

Chicken tikka marinade recipe is easy and involve two step marination process.

 Chicken Tikka marinate can be divided into two parts.
1. First marination  2. Second marination.

                    FIRST MARINATION

 Take the chicken cubes in a mixing bowl, add half of the ginger garlic paste, red chilli powder ( cayenne powder) ,salt and lemon juice. Mix them properly and keep refrigerated for at least 1 hour.
First marinated chicken pieces for chicken Tikka recipe

It helps to make the chicken Tikka juicy and soft . Lemon juice play an important part to marinate the chicken pieces quickly.

                    SECOND MARINATION

In a mixing bowl, add the Greek yogurt or hung curd . It is important to use a thick curd for the marination to coat all the ingredients with the chicken pieces.

Add red chilly paste, remaining ginger garlic paste, chilli powder or cayenne powder, cumin powder, Garam masala, lemon juice , mustard oil , cooking oil and salt. Mix them properly  using a whisk to make a smooth thick paste .  These paste or mixture is known as Tandoori masala. You can read more in details about tandoori masala preparation in restaurants from
How to make Tandoori masala

Tandoori masala for chicken Tikka recipe

 Tandoori masala has a distinct red colour appearance due to the use of red chilly paste. For the best result use Kashmiri red chilly paste. If not available you can use paprika or Kashmiri red chilly powder.

Bring the 1 st marinated chicken pieces out of the refrigerator and mix with this  2nd  marination.  Keep it refrigerated for 4 to 24 hours.
Marinated chicken pieces in Tandoori masala for chicken Tikka

 Chicken pieces will absorb all the favour of the ingredients while in marination . The longer you keep , the more flavour you get from it.
After the marination period , bring the chicken pieces out of the fridge and keep in room temperature.

  Tandoori chicken tikka

Take a Shewer and thread the chicken pieces one by one in the Shewer. You don't need to use cubes of capsicum, onion as they will get burnt in tandoor while cooking as chicken has a long cooking period.

Marinated chicken pieces shew in Shewer for chicken Tikka

Now put the Shewer inside the preheated tandoor and cook for 8 - 10 minutes. While cooking, keep rotating the Shewer to cook the chicken pieces from all sides at a regular intervals.
Cooking chicken Tikka in Tandoor for chicken Tikka recipe

Cooking chicken cubes on Tandoor for chicken Tikka recipe

When the chicken pieces become crisp and golden , brush them with clarified butter and cook for more 2 minutes.

Now remove the chicken pieces out of the Shewer using a towel and serve hot topping with some chopped Cilantro leafs.

Garnished chicken Tikka for chicken Tikka recipe

 Using an Oven

Preheat the oven to 240 degree celcius for at least 15 minutes.  Prepare a baking tray with a foil lined over it and place a rack over it.

 Put the chicken pieces in a Shewer and place them over the prepared tray.
Grill the chicken Tikka for 20 - 25 minutes or till fully done. Check it after 15 minutes and brush some clarified butter over them.

For the last 3 - 4 minutes, move the chicken pieces over the top rack.  Remove and serve hot the chicken Tikka.

Chicken Tikka on Tawa ( or pan )

It is not possible for every one to have a tandoor to cook all the favorites kebabs and Tikkas at home. And in countries like India, Pakistan and Bangladesh, Oven is also not in every one's house.
But You can make  chicken Tikka using a Non stick pan or on a tawa. You can also use a heavy cast iron skillet to cook chicken Tikka.

Making Chicken tikka at home without Oven

Heat a non stick pan  in slow flame and grease it with few drops of oil . If using tawa then you should heat the oil in high flame to make it non stick. After bringing out the marinated chicken Tikka mixture from the fridge, remove the excess MARINATION  from it.

Now put the chicken cubes on pan or tawa and cook in slow flame for 8 - 10 minutes flipping both sides at a regular interval.
Cooking chicken pieces on Non stick pan or tawa for chicken Tikka

You can notice that the chicken pieces are becoming crisp and golden on both sides.  After 10 minutes switch off the flame of the gas and serve the chicken Tikka hot.
Crisp golden chicken Tikka on pan or tawa

Check if the chicken pieces are cooked or not by piercing a sharp knife or tooth pick inside the chicken Tikka pieces.

If you like to add some smoky flavours to the chicken tikka pieces then I would like to suggest to use a BBQ grill ( or a jali).

Grease the bbq grill with oil and place some chicken Tikka over it. Brush some butter to the chicken pieces and flip them.

Again apply some butter to other part of the pieces. Then place the bbq grill over a stove top and switch on the flame .
Cook both sides over the fire for one minute each till the masala dry and crisp . Remove the chicken pieces from the grill and serve.

Using heavy cast iron skillet

The process is same as using a non stick pan . Cook the chicken pieces in slow flame till Crisp golden.
Cooking chicken Tikka using heavy cast iron skillet

Crisp golden chicken Tikka on heavy cast iron skillet

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Serving chicken tikka in a plate for chicken tikka on tawa recipe

Chicken tikka is boneless chunks of chicken pieces marinated in a yogurt based marination and cooked over charcoal, oven and on Tawa till crisp golden. It is served with cilantro mint chutney, lemon wedges and onion slices.

Prep time         cooking time       serving
15 min               10 min                        2
Author :- Mobasir hassan
  •    200 gm boneless chicken( leg /breast)
  •    1/2 teaspoon ginger garlic paste.
  •    1/2 teaspoon red chilli paste or paprika
  •    1/4 cup greek yogurt or hung curd .
  •    1/2 teaspoon red chilli powder or cayenne
  •    1/3 teaspoon Cumin powder.
  •    1/4 teaspoon Garam masala powder.
  •    1/4 teaspoon chat masala ( optional)
  •    1/2 teaspoon lemon juice.
  •    1 teaspoon mustard oil(cooking oil)
  •    1/2 teaspoon oil
  •    1 teaspoon clarified butter.
  •    Chopped Cilantro leafs
  •    Salt as per taste.
   How to make the recipe
  1. Cut the chicken pieces into bite size cubes. Trimmed and wash them.
  2. Pat them dry completely using a tissue or kitchen towel.
  3. First marination :-  mix half of the red  chilli powder, ginger garlic paste, salt and lemon juice with the chicken  pieces and keep them marinated for a hour.d
  4. Second marination :-  take the yogurt  in a mixing bowl and mix with the remaining ginger garlic paste, red chilli powder, lemon juice, red chilly paste, cumin powder, garam masala, chat masala, salt and cooking oil.
  5. Whisk everything well to make a thick masala known as tandoori masala.x
  6. Mix the 1st marinated chicken pieces with this tandoori masala and keep refrigerated for 3 - 4 hours.
   Making chicken tikka
  1. On a Tawa :- heat a Tawa with one teaspoon cooking oil in high flame for one minute.
  2. Slow the flame to low and carefully place the chicken pieces on the Tawa. after discarding excess marination from them.
  3. Roast them for two minutes and after that flip them to other side and roast for another 2 minutes.
  4. Chicken pieces are now become tender  and crisp. Cook then like this for 8 - 10 minutes flipping from one side to another till crisp golden and the masala become dry.
  5. Remove and serve them hot with green mint chutney, lemon wedges and onion slices. Sprinkle chat masala and chopped coriander leaves over them.
   Chicken Tikka using Oven
  1.  If using wooden sticks or shewer then soak them in water for 30 minutes.
  2. Preheat the Oven at 240° C for at least 15 minutes. Line aluminum foil in a baking tray and place a rack over it.
  3. Start to thread the chicken pieces in a Shewer one after another keeping a minimum gap between them.
  4. Place the shewer on baking tray and place inside the oven and grill for 20 minutes or till done. Check them after 15 minutes and brush some butter over them.
  5. For the last 3 to 4 minutes move the chicken shewer on top rack.  Remove and serve hot.

   Chicken tikka on tawa video

                         NUTRITIONAL VALUE
  • Calories :- 389 kcal | fats :- 25 gm
  • Protein :- 26 gm | calcium :- 12.5%
  • Iron :- 10.3% | Cholesterol :- 95 mg
                          Serving tips
  • Chicken Tikka is served as an appetizer or snacks or as a starter.  Green Chutney, onion rings and lemon wedges are served along with it.  Coriander mint sauce Or Chutney is known as Green chutney.
  •  A butter Naan or tandoori garlic butter is best to serve with a chicken Tikka when you take it as an appetizer.
  • You can also serve it as a side dish along with main course, Dal, Rice.
                           Recipe notes
  •  Yogurt or curd should be thick . You can hung yogurt or curd overnight to remove excess water from it.
  •  Kashmiri chilly paste is important to give it the distinct red colour appearance. Red Chilli powder will not give you the same result as Kashmiri chilly paste. It also help with curd to make a thick layer on the chicken pieces.
  • If using red chilli powder or cayenne to give it red colour then heat it in cooking oil before applying.  You can get a good colour .
  • You can use cashew and cheese paste along with cayenne to give it a nice masaledar layer.
  • If you don't have a chilly paste then it is best to use the cheese cashew paste with cayenne to give the chicken pieces a good coating.
  • First marination is important so don't avoid it .
  • While using ovalclay tandoor make sure to use a kitchen towel while handling the Shewer.
  • When you shew the chicken pieces in Shewer one by one , keep a short distance in between them. Don't overlap while shewing the chicken. Otherwise overlap part won't get cooked completely
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