Pomfret fish tawa fry recipe restaurant style

Pomfret masala tawa fry | Pomfret fish tawa fry Mangalorian style

Serving pomfret fish tawa fry recipe
Pomfret fish tawa fry

Pomfret Tawa fry recipe Mangalorian style with step by step photos and video.

Pomfret fish is one of the most popular fish that you can try for dinner. And with tawa fry masala it taste delicious and yummy. This restaurant style fish tawa fry recipe is so easy to make at home with very less ingredients.

We are using white Pomfret for the recipe, you can use any fish of your choice to make  fish Tawa fry recipe.

This fish Tawa fry recipe is very popular in  places like Maharashtra, Mangalore and most of South Indian states.

Prawns , king fish(Seer) are also good choice of fish to make this recipe. You can use either boneless or with bone fish for this

Curry leaves is very important for Tawa fry recipe as it gives an aromatic flavour.

Pomfret fish tawa fry is a recipe where pieces of pomfret are cooked in Tawa fry masala till done. Tamarind pulp is used to flavour the masala while cooking the fish with masala.

If you love the recipe of Pomfret fish tawa fry recipe then I am sure you would love the recipe of 

Tawa fry masala is a very useful masala and can be used for multiple dishes. Fish, chicken and Lamb can be cooked with this masala to make fish Tawa fry, chicken tawa fry and Lamb ( mutton) tawa fry.

This masala can even be used for mushroom and paneer to make mushroom tawa fry and paneer tawa fry for vegetarians.

So you just need to make this Tawa fry masala and cook anything you want in it to get those amazing flavour of tawa fry.

  Make tawa fry masala 

Tawa fry masala for pomfret fish tawa fry recipe
Tawa fry masala

If you want to make fish tawa fry like the one that served at restaurant then the most important things  to make is the masala.

This traditional tawa fry masala is popular in most of South India regions like Mangalore and

You can use this tawa fry masala to make dishes like chicken  tawa fry, prawns tawa fry , Surmai  tawa fry and Pomfret tawa fry.

Even this masala can be store in deep freezer for more than 30 days.

       Pomfret Tawa fry recipe

Serving Pomfret fish pieces for Pomfret fish tawa fry recipe

Pomfret Tawa fry is a famous dish from southern part of India. This Mangalorian style Pomfret Tawa fry recipe is made by cooking the fish in a Tawa fry masala. Which is made using betki and kashmiri chilly with curry leaves and other spices.

Preparation time :- 15 minutes

Cooking time :- 10 minutes

Total time :- 25 minutes

Difficulty :- Easy

Yeilds :- 2 servings

Author :-  Mobasir hassan


   • 1 cup  Betki chilly whole

   • 1/2 cup Kashmiri chilly whole

   • 2 teaspoon coriander seeds

   • 1 teaspoon cumin seeds

   • 1/2 teaspoon turmeric powder ( optional)

   • 7 - 8 garlic cloves

   • 1 inch ginger root

   • 10 - 12 Curry leaves

   • 1 teaspoon tamarind pulp

   • Chopped corriander leaves for garnish

   How to make the recipe


   1. Remove the stems from the chilly and
       roast both betki and kashmiri chilly in a
       pan over medium flame for 2 minutes.

   2. Switch off the flame, remove and cool
       down completely.

   3. Mix cumin seeds, corriander seeds,
       curry leaves, garlic cloves, ginger and
       grated coconut with the chilly.

   4. Grind them into a fine paste using little
       water. This is the Tawa fry masala.

   Making pomfret Tawa fry

   1. Remove fins and tails from the pomfret
       and cut it into 5 - 6 pieces.

   2. Wash and remove all dirt from it.

   3. Heat oil in a pan and fry curry leaves.
       Then pour the Tawa fry masala and
       cook for 2 minutes.

   4. Pour half cup water and mix with the

   5. Now add the pomfret pieces into the
       masala and cook.

   6. Add 1/2 teaspoon salt and the tamarind
       pulp and cook till the masala become
       dry and we'll coated with the pieces.

   7. Switch off the flame and remove them.

   8. Serve them hot sprinkling corriander


Pomfret fish tawa fry recipe video


                    Nutritional value

• Calories :- 230 cal
• Carbohydrate :- 0
• Fats :- 15 g
• Protein :- 24g

                    Recipe notes

• Soak the tamarind in light warm water for 15 minutes and stain to use in the recipe.

• Use very little amount of grated coconut while making the tawa fry masala.

• Curry leaves is essential for this recipe so use it while making the Tawa masala and while cooking the fish .

Heath benefits of Pomfret fish

• Pomfret fish are high in Omega 3 fatty acids, which are for healthy heart.

• Pomfret are rich source of protein.

• It also contains various minerals such as iron, zinc and calcium.

•  It contains high quality amino acids .

• Pomfret are high in vitamin D.

Below you can read the step by step method with photos for pomfret Tawa fry recipe for a better understanding.....      


1. Roast both the betki and Kashmiri chilly in a pan over medium flame fire . Remove and cool down.

Roasting Betki and Kashmiri chilly for Tawa fry masala
Roasting Betki and Kashmiri chilly

2. Mix coriander seeds, cumin seeds, curry leaves, garlic cloves , ginger and grated coconut with the above roasted chillies.

Mixing all ingredients with Kashmiri and betki chilly for Tawa fry masala recipe
Mixing ingredients

3. Grind everything into a fine paste using little water.

This is the masala used to make tawa fry recipe.

4. Cut the pomfret into pieces and wash them properly to remove all the dirt.

Pomfret fish cut into pieces for Pomfret fish tawa fry recipe
Pomfret fish cut into pieces

5. Heat oil in a pan in medium flame and pour the tawa fry masala with few curry leaves. Cook the masala for 2 minutes.

Frying tawa fry masala with curry leaves on a pan for Pomfret fish tawa fry recipe
Cooking tawa fry masala with curry leaves

6. Pour half cup of water into the masala and give a good mix. Then add the pieces of pomfret and cook.

Cooking Pomfret fish in Tawa fry masala for Pomfret fish tawa fry recipe
Cooking Pomfret in Tawa fry masala

7. Add 1/2 teaspoon of salt or as per required and tamarind pulp into the mixture and cook further. The masala slowly become dry and start to coat the fish pieces nicely.

Cooked Pomfret with tawa fry masala for Pomfret fish tawa fry recipe
Pomfret cooked and masala dried

8. Remove the Pomfret pieces and arrange in a serving plate and garnish with coriander leaves and serve.

Arranged and serving Pomfret fish tawa fry
Pomfret fish tawa fry

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