Best Tandoori prawns (spicy shrimps) recipe

How to make Tandoori Prawns (shrimps) recipe

Crisp Goldren Tandoori prawns(shrimps) with Mint Chutney recipe
Tandoori prawns (shrimps)
Tandoori prawns are marinated in a spiced yoghurt marination and cooked over tandoor till crisp golden.

Prawns are also known as jhinga in India can be prepared using tandoor , tawa and oven . Tandoori prawns jhinga recipe is very popular and goes perfectly well with your drinks as well.

Prawns is one of the healthiest seafood loved by all over the world. Prawns is also known as shrimps but they have few differences. Like their size, prawns are big compare to shrimps. And they are little sweet in taste than shrimps.

There are many health benefits of prawns if you include it in your diet. They are the main source of high quality protein includes all nine essential amino acids in the right portion for the body to function.

Prawns are rich source of Vitamins B-6 ,     B-12  and Niacin, which helps build muscle, give energy to body and replenish red blood cells.

Eating prawns helps build strong bone as they contains phosphorus, copper and magnesium. They are also rich in Iron.

Prawns have low cholesterol levels. And they are rich source of Selenium, which is one of most effective antioxidants.

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There are hundreds of recipes out there for prawns that you can try.  Today we are going to try it with a traditional way of cooking method over charcoal Tandoor.

Cooking over charcoal Tandoor is one of the healthy and hygenic method . Because there is very less amount of oil is used and the food is cooked in it's it' juice over slow flames. Also it gives you a smoky flavours.

Preparation time :- 90 minutes

Cooking time :- 7-8 minutes

Difficulty :- Easy

Yields :- 2 servings

Prawns (shrimps) recipe using tandoor and tawa.

Ingredients :-

* 6-7 pieces of medium size Prawns.

* 2 teaspoon Greek yogurt ( preferably overnight hung).

* 1 teaspoon ginger garlic paste.

*  1/2 teaspoon red chilly paste.

* 1/2 teaspoon chilli powder.

* 1/2 teaspoon Cumin powder.

* 1/4 teaspoon Turmeric powder.

* 1 teaspoon lemon juice.

* 1/4 teaspoon Garam masala.

* 1/4 teaspoon carom seeds ( ajwain).

* 1/4 teaspoon chat masala ( optional)

* 1 teaspoon Cooking oil.

* 1/3 teaspoon clarified butter ( optional)

* Salt as per taste.

Fresh pieces of prawns (shrimps) for Tandoori prawns Recipe

Red chilli powder Cumin powder, garam masala salt for Tandoori prawns
Red chilli powder Cumin powder Garam masala salt

Greek yogurt,red chilly paste ginger garlic paste for Tandoori prawns
Greek yogurt, ginger garlic paste and Red Chilly Paste

Step by step instructions to make spicy shrimps

* First we need to peel and devein the prawns. To peel the prawns, remove the head and legs. Peel the shell from the prawns. Squeeze the tail to remove it from the body if desired.

Peeled prawns (shrimps) for Tandoori prawns Recipe
Peeled prawns

* To devein prawns use a small sharp knife. Make a slit along the middle of the back to expose the black vein . Pull out the vein

Deveined prawns for Tandoori prawns Recipe
deveined prawns

* Wash and clean them using running cold water. Let them pad dry using a kitchen towel or tissue napkins.

* Marinate them using half of the lemon juice, chilli powder and salt. If you want spicy shrimps then increase the amount of chilli powder (cayenne pepper) for the recipe.
Marinated prawns with red chilli powder salt lemon juice for Tandoori prawns Recipe
First marination

* Take a mixing bowl, add the yogurt, red chilly paste, ginger garlic paste, cumin powder, turmeric powder,carom seeds, garam masala,chat masala and salt . Mix them very well using a Whisk. Add the remaining oil and lemon juice and mix.

* These mixture is known as Tandoori masala which is used to marinate and cook the prawns.

To know more about how to make tandoori red masala check the below link :-

How to make Tandoori masala

* Mix the first marinated prawns with this tandoori masala and let it refrigerated for 60 minutes to marinate and absorb all the flavours. You can keep them marinated for overnight as well for the best results.

Prawns mix with tandoori masala for Tandoori prawns Recipe
Mix with tandoori masala

* Take iron Shewer and shew them into the Shewer leaving small  gaps between them.

Shewered prawns for Tandoori prawns Recipe
In Shewer

* Now place the Shewer inside a preheated tandoor and cooked for about 7 minutes. Apply some butter while cooking the jhinga at a regular intervals to keep them moist if necessary. When the prawns become crisp golden from all sides remove them from the shewer and serve .

Cooking prawns over charcoal Tandoor for Tandoori prawns Recipe
Cooking over charcoal Tandoor

* Serve them hot squeezing some lemon juice and chat masala over them. They goes best with green mint chutney.

* Prawns are generally cooked in short time.

* You can  cook them using preheated Oven also. Brush your baking tray with some oil or butter and place the prawns and cook them for 15 minutes.

Tandoori prawns using tawa :- 

* Alternatively you can cook tandoori prawns on a tawa or non stick pan easily at your home.

* Before cooking the prawns on tawa , remove and discard the excess marinate from the prawns.

*  Heat 1 teaspoon of oil  on the  tawa in high flame to make it  non sticky for about half a minute.

* Now slow the flame and place the marinated prawns or jhinga  one by one on the tawa and cook for 1 minute.

* After 1 minute flip the prawns to another side and cook for 1 minute .

* When the prawns become crisp golden on both sides remove them and start to cook next batches of prawns.

         Serving tips :-

* You can serve green chutney ( cilantro mint sauce) with tandoori prawns or shrimp.  Lachcha onion and lemon wedges are also served along with it.

* Though it is served as an appetizer or snacks, you can served it along with your main course as a side dish also.  It goes well with fish curry and steam rice as a side dish.

* Tandoori garlic naan or butter naan are often served along with it.

          Nutritional value :- ( amount per serving) 

Calories :-  163 kcal

Fats :-  5g | saturated fats :-  3 g

Carbohydrate :- 3 g | protein :- 25 g

Fiber :- 1 g

          Recipe notes :-

* While cooking the prawns using oven or tawa or pan , discard the excess marination.

* It is good to use a kitchen towel while handling the Shewer.

* Kashmiri chilly paste is used give it the desired colour. It is not hot and spicy.

* It is recommended to use carom seeds while cooking seafoods . Carom seeds are good digestive agents.


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