Authentic Gilafi Seekh kabab Recipe ( chicken)

Gilafi chicken Seekh | how to make Gilafi Seekh Kebab(Murgh)

Serving garnished Seekh Kebab for chicken Gilafi Seekh Kebab recipe
Chicken Gilafi Seekh kabab

Seekh Kebab or kabab is the most popular kebab among all kababs or tikkas . If we heard about Seekh Kebab , we imagine a plate of juicy succulent kabab with mint leaves, Lachcha onion, lemon wedges and green chutney.

What is Seekh Kebab?

Seekh Kebab is made using minced or ground meat , marinated with spices and Shewered in an iron Shewer and cooked over charcoal either in barbeque or Ovalclay tandoor.

Seekh Kebab is generally made using either chicken pieces , Lamb or beef .

But there are some vegeterian version of the seekh kebab recipe as well which you can try and enjoy.

Paneer Seekh Kebab recipe

Veg Seekh Kebab recipe

What is chicken Gilafi Seekh Kebab?

🐔 Gilafi Seekh Kebab is defined as marinated chicken minced placed over a Shewer in cylindrical shape covering with chopped vegetables and cooked over charcoal.

Gilaf means cover and thus Gilafi means covering . So Gilafi Seekh Kebab means a  Seekh Kebab with a covering.

To gilaf we use chopped bell peppers, capsicum and onions. After shaping the Seekh Kebab, these chopped peppers are then  used to cover it .

Kebabs are generally considered as a healthy food as they are not deep fried, less amount of oil is used to make them . So a chicken Seekh Kebab is also considered as a healthy food . Because it is prepared using open fire and no oil or less amount of oil is used  .

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Which part of chicken are used to make Seekh kabab?

To make the Seekh Kebab we are going to use  leg boneless of chicken . Because leg boneless chicken pieces makes Seekh Kebab soft and juicy.

If you use chicken breast pieces then the Seekh Kebab will become hard and dry.

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Today we are going prepare authentic chicken Gilafi Seekh Kebab recipe.  The difference between chicken Seekh Kebab and chicken Gilafi Seekh Kebab is only the chopped vegetables that are used to cover .

Video for chicken Gilafi Seekh Kebab recipe

Chicken Gilafi Seekh Kebab recipe with photos and video :- 

Preparation time :- 15 minutes

Cooking time :- 8 - 10 minutes

Difficulty :- medium

Serves :- 2 serving

Ingredients for Seekh Kebab recipe ( chicken Gilafi Seekh Kebab) :-

(1)  200 gm chicken leg boneless

(2) 1 teaspoon ground cumin ( jeera powder)

(3) 1/2 teaspoon garam masala

(4) 1/4 teaspoon crushed black pepper powder

(5) 1/2 teaspoon lemon juice

(6)  8 - 9 garlic cloves

(7)  1 inch ginger

(9) 1-2 green chili ( or paste)

(10)  2 teaspoon fresh mint leaves

(11)  1 teaspoon Cilantro leafs ( Coriander leafs)

(12)  1/3 teaspoon chat masala

(14)  1/2 teaspoon pure ghee ( optional)

(15)  Salt as per taste

For the Gilafi :-

(1) 1 medium size red bell pepper

(2) 1 medium size yellow bell pepper

(3) 1 medium size capsicum

(4) 1 medium size onion ( optional)

Step by step method for chicken Gilafi Seekh Kebab recipe :-

Step 01
 First we will  mince the chicken pieces using a meat mincer.  You can buy a ready made chicken mince but it is always good to use a self minced chicken. A ready made chicken mince may contain lots of triming part of a chicken.

Step 02
 Roughly cut the chicken pieces and mix with garlic, ginger , green chili and mint leaves.

Step 03
 Now using a meat mincer make a mince of the chicken pieces. For chicken it is sufficient to make a single round mince.
For Lamb or beef , it is good to make two rounds of mincing.

Making chicken mince using a meat mincer for chicken Gilafi Seekh Kebab recipe
Mince making using a meat mincer

Chicken minced for chicken Gilafi Seekh Kebab recipe
Chicken minced
Step 04
Take the minced chicken in a mixing bowl and add the lemon juice,  cumin powder, garam masala, chat masala, black pepper , coriander leaves and salt. Mix everything very well by kneading the minced chicken.

Mixing ingredients with chicken minced for chicken Gilafi Seekh Kebab recipe
Mixing ingredients

Marinated chicken minced for chicken Gilafi Seekh Kebab recipe
Mixed chicken minced
Step 05
Keep it refrigerated to marinate for one hour. The longer you keep it marinated , the better result you will get from it.

Step 06 
Now chopped the bell peppers and capsicum finely. If using onion then chopped it as well.

Chopped bell peppers capsicum for chicken Gilafi Seekh Kebab recipe
Chopped bell peppers capsicum
Step 07
 After the marination time , bring the mince out of the fridge and keep in room temperature for 5 minutes.

Step 08
 Now divide the minced chicken into round shaped equal size balls with your wet hand.

Step 09
 After mincing , the chicken become sticky  So if we use wet hand , they won't stick to our hands.

Step 10
 Take a Shewer and shew the minced chicken ball length wise in a cylindrical shape around the Shewer.

Shewering Seekh Kebab for chicken Gilafi Seekh Kebab recipe
Seekh Kebab
Step 11
 Keep your hand wet while shewing or covering the Shewer . By doing these we can smoothly shew the Seekh Kebab and it will not get break down as well.

 Using wet hand while shewing the Seekh Kebab not only helps  not to get break down the Seekh Kebab but also help for a smooth shaping the Seekh Kebab.

Step 12
Now place the chopped bell peppers and capsicum over the Seekh Kebab.  They will get stick easily over the chicken. So just pressed lightly over the Seekh Kebab.

Seekh Kebab with chopped bell peppers capsicum for chicken Gilafi Seekh Kebab recipe
Seekh Kebab with bell peppers 
Step 13
 Now place the Shewer inside a tandoor or over a barbeque grill and cook for 7 - 8 minutes.
Cooking Seekh Kebab over charcoal Tandoor for chicken Gilafi Seekh Kebab recipe
Cooking in charcoal Tandoor

While cooking the Seekh Kebab rotate the Shewer at certain intervals to cook it properly from all sides. And bust some clarified butter over it.

 Clarified butter will help not to dry the Seekh Kebab while cooking.

 Don't worry for using the clarified butter as it will get burnt while cooking.

 This is the best thing when we cook food over a charcoal fire , the excess oil get burnt over the charcoal. So we don't have to worry for any health issues.

 After the said time you can notice that the Seekh Kebab become firm and brown. Juice start to run from the Shewer.

Step 14
 Now remove the Seekh Kebab from the Shewer and cut into pieces and serve.

Serving chicken Gilafi Seekh Kebab
Chicken Gilafi Seekh Kebab
Seekh Kebab recipe using stove top method using a pan :-

 Using stove top method you can make Seekh Kebab but you won't get that authentic taste as using over charcoal.

* You can use sate like sticks to Shewer the chicken mince and roast them over a non stick pan in slow flame.

* Or make a two inch bullet shape Seekh Kebab and stick the chopped bell peppers over them and roast or grill on a pan over slow flame .

Bullet shape Seekh Kebab for chicken Gilafi Seekh Kebab recipe on tawa or pan
Bullet shaped

Chopped bell peppers covered Seekh Kebab for chicken Gilafi Seekh Kebab recipe on tawa or pan
Bell pepper covered

Gilaf Seekh Kebab cooking on pan for chicken Gilafi Seekh Kebab recipe
Cooking on Non stick pan

* You need to cook them further two minutes in a micro wave oven .

  Nutritional value for chicken Seekh Kebab ( serving size 1= 66g)

* Calories :- 93. | Protein :- 12 g

* Fats :- 2 g   |  Carbohydrate :- 4 g

      Serving tips for Seekh Kebab

(1) Seekh Kebabs are generally served with Lachcha or ring onion , lemon wedges , green Chutney and  some fresh mint leaves.

(2) Breads like tandoori roti or naan are also good to serve with Seekh Kebabs.

     Recipe notes for Seekh Kebab

(1) You can use pure ghee while mixing all ingredients with the minced chicken. Ghee will make your Seekh Kebab more soft and juicy.

(2) While handling the Shewer use a kitchen towel to avoid getting burnt.

(3) If using chicken breast pieces for Seekh Kebab then mix  some fats to avoid dryness.

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