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Chicken lollipop crisp golden chicken lollipop recipe
Chicken lollipop

Chicken lollipop is a fusion recipe of Indo-Chinese Cuisine. According to Wikipedia, it is essentially a frenched chicken winglet, wherein the meat is cut loose from the bone end and pushed down creating a lollipop appearance. It is usually served hot with schezwan sauce.

Chicken lollipop is one of the most popular dish not only in Indian subcontinent but through out the world.

It is loved by all section of the society . The young, kids and the elder also.

Here you will get a complete details with all the basic informations to make chicken lollipop.

So before we start let's learn some more in depth details about it with step by step....

Different version of chicken lollipops

1. Chicken lollipop dry

These is the basic version of chicken lollipop. Where batter marinated chicken wings is deep fried in oil. It is generally used as an appetizer. Chicken lollipop dry is crisp from outside, soft and juicy from inside.

2. Masala chicken lollipop

In these version , fried chicken lollipops are stir fry with onion, ginger and garlic then seasoned with chilly sauce, Soya sauce and schezwan sauce . It is semi gravy , can be used both as an appetizer and main side dish.

3. Chicken lollipop gravy

 You can further give it another version with gravy , more of sauce . This is called chicken lollipop gravy. Dry chicken lollipops are seasoned with ginger, garlic , chilly sauce, tomato sauce, Soya sauce and schezwan sauce. Corn starch slurry  is used to thicken the gravy or sauce.

It is used as a main  course dish and served with fried rice and noodles.

Which part of chicken is used to make chicken lollipop ?

Chicken lollipop is made from the Drumettes part  and Wingettes part of the wings. You can find only two wings in a whole chicken. And from two wings, you can make four chicken lollipop. Two from Drumettes  parts and two from Wingettes parts.

The lollipop made using Drumettes part is big in size whereas that from Wingettes part is small in size.

You can read the recipe of Fried chicken wings using with Drumettes.

Difference between chicken drumsticks and lollipop

Chicken drumsticks and lollipop has a huge difference. Both are from different part of a whole chicken.

Chicken drumsticks is a part of chicken leg. Which itself can be divided into two parts. The drumsticks is the lower calf part of the leg and the upper Top part is called thigh.

Whereas lollipop is made from the wings part of a chicken.

Chicken lollipop have skin with the meat  but drumsticks have only meat no skin.

Chicken drumsticks is big in size and more in weight as compare to chicken lollipop.

Chicken drumsticks is not use to make chicken lollipop , it is often used in kebabs preparation like chicken tangdi kebab.

Chicken drumsticks  to make difference with lollpop
Chicken drumsticks

Chicken lollipops are marinated in a batter based mixture and deep fried in oil till crisp golden. Lollipops are crisp from outside and soft and juicy from inside.

They are spicy and little bit hot, generally served with schezwan sauce or sweet Chilly sauce.

 Depending upon your choice, you can can baked them in an Oven or cook  in a charcoal oval tandoor or deep fry in oil as well.

Today we will prepare the all the three version of chicken lollipop .
  • Chicken lollipop dry recipe
  • Masala chicken lollipop recipe.
  • Chicken  lollipop gravy recipe.

How to make chicken lollipop recipe at home 

Prep time.    Cook Time.    Serving
15 min            15 min.                 2
Author :- Mobasir hassan

Ingredients :-

    For chicken lollipop dry
  •  6-8 pieces of chicken wings.
  •  1/2 teaspoon red chilly sauce.
  •  1/2 teaspoon schezwan sauce.
  •  1/2 teaspoon red chilly paste
  •  1/2 teaspoon chopped garlic
  •  1/2 teaspoon chopped ginger
  •  1 teaspoon chopped celery
  •  1/2 teaspoon green chilly paste
  •  1/2 cup corn flour
  •  1/4 cup Maida
  •  1 egg beaten
  •  1/2 teaspoon salt
  •  1/2 teaspoon white pepper powder
  •  1/2 teaspoon lemon juice
   For masala chicken lollipop
  •  1/2 teaspoon red chilly paste
  •  1/3 teaspoon schezwan sauce
  •  1/2 teaspoon chopped garlic 
  •  1/2 teaspoon ginger chopped
  •  1/3 cup chopped onions.
  •  Small handful chopped spring onions.
  •  1 teaspoon cooking oil
  •   Salt as per taste
  •   2 teaspoon corn flour slurry
   For chicken lollipop gravy
  •   1 cup water
  •   1/3 teaspoon dark soya sauce
  •   1/4 teaspoon red chilly sauce
  •   1/3 teaspoon red chilly paste
  •   1/4 teaspoon tomato soup
  •   1/4 teaspoon schezwan sauce
  •   1/3 teaspoon green chilli paste
  •   1/3 teaspoon white pepper powder
  •   small pinch of sugar
  •   3 teaspoon corn flour slurry
  •   salt as per taste
   How to make the recipe

    Make lollipop batter
  1. Take corn flour and all purpose flour in a mixing bowl and mix the chopped  ginger, chopped garlic, red chilly paste, red chilly sauce, schezwan sauce, green chilli paste and chopped celery.
  2. Then add salt, white pepper powder,   lemon juice and beaten egg.
  3. Give everything a fine mix to make a  smooth batter. If required add little amount of water.
   Make chicken lollipop dry
  1. Wash and clean the lollipop pieces and pat them dry completely.
  2. Mix these lollipops with the batter  evenly so that all parts are covered with the batter.
  3. Let them marinate for 2 to 4 hours or overnight.
  4. Heat oil in a deep vessel pan or kadai in medium flame.
  5. Bring the marinated lollipops and remove excess marinate from them.
  6. Pour then into the oil one by one  carefully. Keep the heat flame to low.
  7. Fry the lollipops for 7 to 8 minutes in slow flame till crisp golden.
  8. Remove them in an absorbent paper to  absorb any excess oil from them.
  9. Garnish a plate and serve the chicken  lollipop dry with schezwan sauce.
   Make masala chicken lollipop
  1. Heat half teaspoon oil in a wok or deep  vessel pan in high flame.
  2. Add half teaspoon of ginger and garlic  and saute.Then add half of the chopped onions and fry them in high flame.
  3. When onions become translucent lower the heat and add red chilly paste and schezwan sauce. Mix and pour little water. Stir everything well.w
  4. Now add the fried chicken lollipops and mix well. Add 1/3 teaspoon white  pepper powder and salt as per taste.
  5. Then pour  corn flour slurry into the above mixture and continue to stir.
  6. When the mixture become little dry and the masala coated the lollipops evenly switch off the flame and remove them in a serving plate. Garnish with chopped spring onions and serve.

   Make chicken lollipop gravy

  1. Heat 1/2 teaspoon oil in a wok in high flame and add the chopped ginger, garlic and onion. Fry them till onions become translucent in high flame.r
  2. Lower the flame and add 1/3 teaspoon  red chilly paste, 1/4 teaspoon red chilly sauce, 1/4 teaspoon tomato ketchup and schezwan sauce. Mix everything.
  3. Add 1 cup water into the above mixture and simmer for a while.
  4. Then add salt as per taste, 1/4 teaspoon white pepper powder, 1/3 teaspoon green chili paste and a small pinch of sugar.
  5. Further add 1/3 teaspoon dark soya sauce into the mixture.
  6. Now pour the corn flour slurry, mix and summer for one minute. The gravy will start to become thick and glossy.
  7. Add the fried chicken lollipops and further simmer for a minute. Sprinkle chipped spring onions into the gravy.
  8. Check the seasoning and thickness of the gravy and remove to serve with fried rice and noodles.
    Chicken lollipop gravy video

        Nutritional value(estimated only)

The nutritional value for chicken lollipop ( dry)
  •     Calories:- 322 kcal
  •      Carbohydrate :- 14 g| protein :- 15 g
  •     fats :- 22 g | Saturated fats :- 3 g
  •     Cholesterol :- 77mg
  •     Iron:-. 2.9%       |  Fiber :- 6.8%
                         SERVING TIPS

You can serve schezwan sauce with chicken lollipop dry. Schezwan sauce is one of most loved sauce not only in India but other southeast Asia regions.

You can serve sweet chilly sauce as well with chicken lollipop.

With masala chicken lollipop, Hakka noodle and fried rice goes well. You can serve tandoori Naan or Roti also.  As it has masala coated with it, you can served homemade chapati or phulka as well.

                      RECIPE NOTES

• You can marinate the chicken lollipops in the batter for 24 hour for the best results.

• While frying the lollipops in oil , keep the flame low to cook it from inside properly.

• You can avoid using green chili paste. It is used to give the chicken lollipops a bit more spicy flavours.

• Before frying the lollipops, remove excess batter from the lollipops by pressing them . Either lollipops with have a thick batter coating .

• You can marinate them in butter milk also before applying the batter also. A pre marinated meat always become juicy and soft.

Below you can read all the step by step method with photos for better understanding

Pieces of chicken wings for chicken lollipop recipe
Chicken Wings

 Preparation :-

Lollipop chicken

 The most important thing in preparing  chicken lollipop is the process of making the wing into a lollipop shape.

• You can buy a ready-made chicken wings with lollipop shape from supermarket store. Or you can make it yourself with chicken wings at home.

• To make the wings into a lollipop shape is not a tough process. You need  a close look and practice, the rest is simple.

• Here we will discuss how you can make it yourself at home with some clear photos .

Lollipop shape making process from wings

How do you cut chicken lollipop wings ?

 A Chicken whole wings has three parts. Top one is called Drumettes, the middle one is called Wingettes and the last one is its tips.

 Drumettes and Wingettes parts are used to make lollipops.

 1. You need to hold the full chicken wing in you hands .

 First we use with the Drumettes part.  You need to hold the Drumettes and Wingettes part and bend in the join. Push upwards the bone and a single bone come out piercing the skin.

2. Cut the joint part of Drumettes and Wingettes. Now hold the Drumettes part and push the meat downwards to give it a lollipop shape.

 3. Secondly we have now the Wingette and tip part of the wing.

 Hold the wing with both hands and bend the joint pushing upwards the Wingette part.
Holding and pressing chicken wings by hands
Holding and pressing

 There will be two small bone come out from the joint. Keep it aside.

Two bones come out from the chicken wings
Two bones 

 Repeat the procedure with the remaining wings.

4. Now remove the thin bone from it. And cut the tips part of the wings.

5. Press the meat downwards to the tip of the remaining bone to give it lollipop shape.

 This is the simple process to make lollipop from the wings. You can do it with little practice.
Fresh Pieces of lollipops for chicken lollipop recipe

Now we have the lollipops and we need to prepare the batter for it.

How to make chicken lollipop batter :-

 1. Take a mixing bowl, add the corn starch and all purpose flour.
 Corn starch will make it more crisp from outside.

2.Add chopped Garlic, Ginger, Red Chilly Paste, green chili paste, red Chilly sauce, schezwan sauce and the chopped Celery.

 3.Add salt, white pepper powder, lemon juice and egg and mix all of the ingredients together to form a smooth medium thick batter.
Batter for chicken lollipop recipe

 If required add little water . You lollipop batter is now ready to go.

✓ How to make chicken lollipop dry :-

  1. Mix the lollipops into the batter properly. Note all part of the lollipop should covered with the batter.
Lollipops marinated with batter for chicken lollipop recipe
Marinated in batter mixture

 Let it to marinate for 1 to 2 hours to absorb all the flavors. You can leave it for overnight to marinate. The long you keep it to marinate, the more soft juicy it will be from inside.

 2. Before frying the lollipops remove the excess batter from it.

3. Now heat oil in a deep vessel wok or kadai in slow flame and fry the chicken lollipops. Keep the fire in slow flame to cook it completely from inside.

It will take around 6-8 minutes to cook the lollipops crisp golden.

Deep fried lollipops in oil for chicken lollipop recipe
Deep fried

 4. Remove them from oil and keep on tissue paper to absorb excess oil.

5. Garnish a serving plate and serve it with schezwan sauce or sweet Chilly sauce. Sprinkle some chopped spring onions over the lollipops and serve it.

 This is  chicken lollipop  dry version recipe and also known as dry lollipop.

Lollipops served with schezwan sauce for Chicken lollipop recipe
Chicken lollipop dry

Different types of cooking method for chicken lollipop

Chicken lollipop can be cooked using three different types of cooking method.

1. Baking 

 You can baked the lollipops in Oven also. Place the lollipops in a  greased  baking tray after removing the excess batter from it. Preheat the oven to 240 degree celcius and place the tray with chicken lollipops inside it.

Cook for 15 minutes, flipping all sides and busting oil or clarified butter over it in an certain intervals.

2. Over charcoal Tandoor

For cooking in Ovalclay charcoal Tandoor, which is also known as Tandoori chicken lollipop or Punjabi style chicken lollipop check the below link for more details :-

Chicken lollipop in ovalclay tandoor

Tandoori chicken lollipop
Tandoori chicken lollipop

For more Tandoori appetizer please check the following links

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3. Deep frying

You can deep fry the chicken lollipops in cooking oil over slow flame till crisp golden.
The above chicken lollipop dry version is deep fried.

✓  Masala chicken lollipop recipe ( masala chicken lollipop dry) 

How to make masala chicken lollipop

 For masala chicken lollipop, you need chopped onions, chopped ginger,garlic schezwan sauce and red chilly paste.

Also you need to mix 1/2 teaspoon of Corn starch with 3 teaspoon  of water to make a dilute mixture(slurry) in a cup or bowl.

 1. Take a pan or wok , add 1 teaspoon of cooking oil and heat in high flame.

  2. Add the chopped ginger, garlic and onions and sauteed for 1 minute. Slow the flame.

 3. Add  schezwan sauce and  red chilly paste to it . Stir them gently. Add the above fried pieces of lollipops into the mixture and stir slowly in slow flame.

4. Add 1/3 teaspoon of white pepper powder and salt.

5. Add the above made Corn starch water mixture and continue to stir . Check the seasoning and add salt pepper if required.

Preparing masala for masala chicken lollipop recipe
Masala in wok

6. Stir till all the masala covered the lollipops properly and become little dry.

 Adding corn starch water mixture help to bind all the masala ingredients with the lollipops properly.

 7. Switch off the flame and remove them in a plate and serve hot topping with some fresh chopped spring onions . Masala lollipop is ready to serve.

 Masala chicken lollipop is used as a side dish with fried rice and noodles. You can  take it with roti , chapati and naan bread also.
Garnished lollipops for masala chicken lollipop recipe
Masala chicken lollipop

✓How to make Chicken lollipop gravy  

Serving chicken lollipop gravy
Chicken lollipop gravy


 All the ingredients mentioned above are same for chicken lollipop gravy recipe.

1. Take a Non stick pan or wok and heat 2 teaspoon of oil in high flame. Add chopped ginger, chopped garlic, chopped onion and green chili  saute for 30 -40 second in high flame till onions become translucent.

2. Add 1/ 3 teaspoon of red chily paste, 1/4 teaspoon of red chilli sauce and little tomato ketchup and schezwan sauce and  further saute for a while.

 3. Now pour 1/2 cup of  water and simmer. Add white pepper powder, pinch of sugar and salt as per taste and  cook the mixture in medium flame.

 4. Further add 1/3 teaspoon of green chili paste and mix well the mixture and continue stirring. Green chilli paste will make the gravy spicy. You can avoid to use it.

5. Again add 1/4 teaspoon of dark soya sauce to the mixture and continue stirring.

 6. Mix 1 teaspoon corn flour with  water and pour over the above sauce  and let it simmer for 1 minute.
 The sauce will start to become thick and glossy.

 7. Add  the chicken lollipop pieces into the mixture and cook further 1 minute.
 Let all the sauce mix with the lollipop . Check the thickness of the sauce and if required add little water corn starch mixture.

8. Add some fresh chopped Cilantro and Spring onions.

Check the seasoning and remove the gravy in a serving bowl and serve hot topping with some fresh chopped spring onions over the lollipop gravy.

Serve chicken lollipop gravy with fried rice or noodles. This gravy can also be served with Cauliflower Manchurian fried rice recipe.

You can read more gravy recipe like this  Chilli chicken gravy  recipe as well

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